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App submission process gets an update; Send your apps to East-Asia and Australia 11

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 25 Aug 2011 3:03 pm EDT

The Developer Relations Team at webOS GBU (Global Business Unit) has announced a few updates today that should be good for app developers. In the first bit of news, HP has finally made it possible for developers to make their apps available in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore through the app submission process. In the same way that you've already been selecting countries like France, Germany, United States, Canada and others, you can now send your apps to two more continents to be used on the HP TouchPad (and any future webOS devices).

Second, developers can now put both TouchPad and phone versions of their apps into one package through a separate update to the developer portal. This will allow apps like FlashCards and FlashCards HD to be sold once, and then available for download on any webOS device afterward (for example: someone who buys the smartphone version of the app for the Veer will also get the larger version of the app for the TouchPad). For developers that have been faced with the problem of not wanting to charge TouchPad owners with a second purchase to bring the app to the bigger screen, just follow the steps in the developer portal and you'll never have to lose sleep over that again.


good to hear!
nice to see everything hasn't gone to **** once HP did us dirty

About time.

Did anyone in Australia or East-Asia actually get a Touchpad while they were still available?

And, App Devs, please....

If you want your Apps becoming successful, get them internationalized. You don't have to do this yourself, really.

Instead, go to the forum and ask for help. I'm sure there are some people out here who are willing to help.

And please, stop using google translator or things like that. "All your base are belong to us" is really no fun anymore and I've seen such things in German translations, recently.

For great justice! :-)

I'm hoping some devs do take advantage of the phone/touchpad combo app submission system. When I got my TouchPad I was looking forward to re-playing some games in the full glory of the larger screen, only to find I'd have to buy the same game all over again.

At first I presumed it was just greed on the part of the app developer, but then realized HP probably didn't provide a mechanism for two different installation packages for the same app, and/or no way to say "if app X has been purchased, then app Y is free (or discounted)".

It's nice to see HP is correcting this situation.

Now the devs may see this as just giving away the TouchPad version of the game that they presumably did have to put some additional dev work into, but it has to be looked at the other way too: if I find a paid app (be it a game or some other app) that I'm interested in, I probably want it on both my Pre+ and my TouchPad but will be a lot less likely to buy EITHER version knowing I'll either have to pay twice or have only one version. Give me both for one fair price, and now I'm sold.

and Czech Republic? I hate warez.

Agreed...Developers should be smart and make their apps international.

also agreed that HP / Palm F*..up...when they did their catalog- they should have just internationalized it in the beginning and saved devs the hassle.

big Q ; so now if I create a profile say in Singapore/ Malaysia- I would be able to purchase?? with a local CC?
They should just enable a paypal payment gateway..and this would help.

Need more Devs to get their paid apps available in Australia etc., and not just the US/Europe. I want to fill up my Touchpad and give you guys some money, but the number of paid apps that appeared today is pretty scant....

yes pls get ur apps into the Australian app store. We're hungry for them!!

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