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Main screen
by gerjomarty
Dec 26, 2013
This is the calendar that appears in Persona 4, for the HP Touchpad's Exhibition mode. Tap the screen to get more information on the week's weather, like high/low temperatures and a...
Welcome Scene
by Garfonso
Apr 24, 2012
Update Oct 11 2013 Development of the SyncML synergy connector is currently halted. SyncML support on the server side seems to fade out... the new big thing seems to be caldav. So, I put all my...
BirthdayList main
by ahsirg
Apr 14, 2012
BirthdayList v.1.0.3   New in v.1.0.3: - HP pre3 support New in v.1.0.2: - contact the person by tapping on his name/photo   The application shows all your on-device contact's birthdays (...
by jessyjones
Jun 16, 2010
_________STILL IN FRENCH, ENGLISH VERSION WILL FOLLOW ASAP________ __________________________ STILL ON BETA _____________________________ In a few words, this app retrieves events from your calendar...
by ccdoss
May 10, 2010
This program adds several features to the email application, including: Flagged emails: quickly view emails from flagged addresses Auto Bcc: automatically send a blind carbon copy of all emails you...
by d00heden
Nov 29, 2009
Quick Event speeds up the calender process by letting you generate calender entries from phrases like "Lunch 11am-12:15pm next Wednesday at Hotel Astoria". Examples: Meeting 12-115p 8/11 at Bill's...
by haeffb
Oct 25, 2009
Agenda reads all calendars on your device and displays a scrollable Agenda listing by day for a user-defined number of days (default is 14 days). It provides a convenient way to see what's coming up...
by d00heden
Sep 27, 2009
A simple application that list your contacts, their birthdays and the number of days to the event.
by Nick1472
Sep 11, 2009
As of Oct 17th Sports Calendar is available in the Palm App Catalog!! Please get the application from there. Sports Calendar: This is an application that will let you download the schedules for...