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Apple Talking to Verizon: Heading the Pre off at the Pass? 20

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 27 Apr 2009 11:56 pm EDT

David sends in a tip and our friends at TiPb also report on a article at Business Week that claims that (can you believe this?) Apple and Verizon are in talks that could result in Apple releasing an 'iPhone Lite' and a 'Media Pad.'  The Palm Pre angle?  Business Week speculates that Apple might use their relationship with Verizon to keep the network from taking on the Palm Pre:

Apple could also use the prospect of an iPhone-esque device as leverage to prevent Verizon Wireless from introducing the Palm Pre, or at least delay the introduction of the smartphone on Verizon's network.

Given Verizon's well-known rejection of the iPhone, the fact that the two are talking to each other is relatively big news in and of itself.  The possibility that it might keep the Pre off the biggest CDMA network in the US is a serious bummer.  Verizon and Palm haven't had the greatest of relationships recently, the carrier has apparently declined to carry Palm's most recent Treo products -- the 800w and the Treo Pro -- so it's not a stretch to believe that Apple could talk the company into taking a pass on the Pre as well.

There's further discussion in our Palm Pre forums on this topic, where jc_unwired notes this NY Times Blog:

Verizon probably does have a significant interest in dragging negotiations on as long as possible. Not only does that have the potential to frustrate AT&T, but it also gives Verizon the most opportunity to assess the appeal in the market of the Palm Pre

Here's to hoping that the big V will get the Pre on their network once Sprint's exclusivity on the device runs out.



Go to bed Dieter ;)

blah blah blah, release the phone

Enough about the other carriers and what they want to do, we are all waiting for the release of the Pre! And what's up with no Sprint digital lounge? No Picture Mail? I guess Sprint really doesnt want this to be a popular phone after all!

UGGGH, why do people getting beating a dead horse?

You dont need that crap anymore! Read the details, and stay informed.

You won't need the Sprint digital lounge since it will have its own app store. You won't need Picture mail since it will have real MMS. Problem solved.

Not getting the Pre would be a very dumb move for Verizon. Given that, it's most likely exactly what they will do.

What exactly that they will do? carry pre or not?

I think the NYT blog is probably an accurate assessment. But I wouldnt know. My hope though is the Verizon wouldnt be dumb enough to allow themselves tied down to something like the i-phone.

And We have talked about FLAGSHIP devices here in previous threads, and I just couldnt see Verizon picking up any of these phones. they have the storm.... why would they pick up extra?

Oh yeah, and any comment wouldnt be complete without:


thats cuz they should know that the storm is the biggest pile of crap in a blackberry so they need something to back it up since ppl r leaving cuz their storm wont work right

Verizon will drop sells if they ignore Pre.
So its up their choice...

Maybe not the Pre, but their own WebOS phone, palm can make a differen webOS phone for every carrier.

I dont think verizon will pick up the PRE. IMO the Storm is their current flagship.

And we all know the Storm in an excellent phone for Verizon to use as their flagship model. You sense the sarcasm here? Can you imagine how many people will be pissed off when the second gen is released without that annoying click screen? Blackberry rushed this phone to the market and it is not succeeding very well at all.

I don't know why everyone is discussing the releases of the Pre on other networks when it seems as though the first carrier of the Pre, Sprint, has to continue to drag this on. The should have released the phone already to give a few months of ramp up time against the third gen iPhone and the 3.0 software. A new phone, Pre, will not sell well against the new iPhone/software. They need to establish their market now.

Im a nurse, and EVERYONE at my hospital it seems has some sort of smart phone or the other. I have played with all of them to an extent.

I can vouch that the storms' click-screen is akward at best. But the biggest thing about the storm, is that they crapped out a buggy OS that is sloooooooow. The have upgraded the OS and its a bit faster now. Its actually not that-bad ( please dont beat me father ). In fact the camera, screen resolution, and functionality is fairly decent. Its no wonder its Verizon's flagship phone. Whether its actually succeeding or not i bet would depend on after this year ends when we see the fiscal results.

Either way, The PRE really doesnt compare to any of these. It really is kinda like a new 'idea'. Referring to the multi-tasking and cloud computing. The only thing working for APPLE atm is the fact that the ipod (the first one lol ) allowed them to dump tons of money into marketing. And lets be honest, the iphone is kinda cool. But for most of us; we see through the thick cloud of 'fad', and are able to read the technical specifications.

Remember, "Follow the money." That is why Verizon, Sprint, AT&T exist. They will do what makes the most money. If fads make money, they will do fads. If enterprise solutions, i.e. Blackberry, make money, they will do Blackberry. If the new WebOS is a money maker for Sprint. Everyone will jump on board. That is the way of any corporation that owes its existance to shareholders. All other consideration are secondary. Bottom Line!

Ouch, big time ouch. Pre will NOT succeed without Verizon. Sprint is headed one way, and the Pre will delay their death...but Palm will not survive with only Sprint. This is very bad news indeed. But who knows, maybe it's just pre-litigation talk!

For the record, Verizon IS NOT GETTING THE PRE. A few months back a Palm official hinted why Palm chose Sprint. Basically, Palm wanted to release the Pre on a carrier that would allow open access, would not limit the device, and reasonable plans. There is no way in hell Verizon would allow, Amazon, open GPS (Not that crappy VZ navigator) etc. Also, Palm said the second release of the Pre will be the GSM World-ready device, "released in regions not served by Sprint." The version after that will be in Canada.

The Palm Pre will do very well on Sprint, Sprint has the largest and fastest mobile broadband network, and the least expensive plans.

Then I hope they figure out how to get the Storm right. And I hope you're wrong. The second hope is the best one!

I agree with you Informed. I am with sprint and considered moving to Verizon or AT&T and I can't find anything close to the "everything data" plan I currently have at the same rate. I'm excited about the pre but really would like to know release date!

I feel in love with the Pre the first time I say it, and have put off buying a new phone even though I desperately need one. I would jump at the chance at getting one tomorrow but would rather wait until they have it right.