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Apple's new iPhone debuts later today, be sure to check out iMore for all the news 19

by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Sep 2012 9:25 am EDT

Apple's new iPhone debuts later today, be sure to check out iMore for all the ne

Earlier this month we saw the debut of new devices from Nokia, Motorola, and Amazon. Well, Sony was in there too, but they failed to impress enough to warrant a mention. Today brings the event they were all hoping to precede, lest they fall short by going afterwards: Apple's iPhone 5 announcement.

Honestly, it really doesn't matter how impressive Apple's new iPhone is, it's sure to outsell by a wide margin all of the devices announced earlier this week. That said, this new iPhone does look to be a significant upgrade over the previous model, with a taller 4-inch screen, a thinner unibody metal shell, a new smaller dock connector, new earbuds (whoo), LTE, and the much-improved iOS 6. Plus whatever else the gang in Cupertino pulls out of their hats on stage in San Francisco.

It all goes down starting at 1PM EDT (10AM PDT), so just go ahead and point your browser to our everything-i sister site iMore for live coverage of the event. You know you're at least slightly interested, just if so you can tell your friends how much it still sucks, right?


So bad ... We don't want this kind of news, but hey! ... Better than "forever alone"...

Who gives a flying crap. Only the idiot Apple sheet. Apple sucks. Most overrated piece of crap on the planet

the iphone crowd I hang with already made up there mind before even seeing it

been trying to unload there 4s current handset love as long as they have the most current toy coming out of apple

when I franked my pre2 I felt bad for my minus and handled it with care.

some iphone nuts could care less who or what gets hold of there old wares :'(

So now Samsung is going to sue Apple for releasing an LTE device

If i wanted news on the new iPhone i'd go to an iPhone blog.. take this garbage down please!

Great, more Apple marketing for what they define as unibody, and probably machined Aluminum. Yet they will justify their machining process as the best way to do it (despite it being wasteful, inefficient, and obscenely costly) and everyone will by it because they use the terms "unibody," "machining" and "CNC" to make it sound industrial and therefore awesome. Yet the iPhone will still be nothing more than a piece of junk that you need buy tons of apps and jailbreak to make it remotely useful (only Apply would not give you a USB drive mode function straight from the factory and then only allow it via iTunes through apps). All I know is, I'm sticking with my Pre3 for the long haul until it's dead. Then I might be SOL.

LOVE my Pre 3 too, I'll use it as long as possible. Hopefully by the time it dies I can put Open webOS on a newer phone, without a piece of fruit on the back :-P

Same here. 100% agree

So much hate.

I have, and love, my Pre 3, but I couldn't sit here and bash an iPhone, calling it garbage. I've never understood it; if you don't like what I like, you're a sheep.

It'll be a great phone. It'd be nice to have hardware like that for webOS.

welcome to precentral. people act like babies all the time. If anyone mentions apple or iphone everyone is going to freak out. They are like a woman that bitches everytime they are in public with their man cause every other woman on the planet they view as a threat. Precentral lovers and phone people in general are amazingly insecure and many validate themselves by their phone. it's weird. it's just a fricken phone. like what you like. I'm not threatened that other people like have something different from me. And i never go around discussing my phone with people in the real world.

The problem is what makes it great? Only Apple would think that a glass back would be a great idea for something that people routinely drop. Only Apple would think that using 30+ CNC mills to make a case instead of a single die and press would be efficient and cost effective. I for one would never want that junk running webOS. Now, if webOS phones had Nokia hardware with goodies like USB-to-Go, an FM receiver/transmitter, expandable memory, etc. (all stuff that Apple thinks is useless to a consumer), I would be heaven. However, I won't be envious about over-priced hardware that fails to function as a phone but instead is designed from a design-only perspective.

Not sure that this new design is entirely to my taste, but I'm curious to see what is announced anyway.

I just dont understand it. It is a box rectangle, a block in sorts. All these phones coming out. All the same. Lack of innovation, lack of creativity.
Now I will give the new Samsung S3 some credit. They did "curve" the ..... BOX RECTANGLE!

Sad day... My better half and myself will continue to Rock on the Pre 3's

I want a Pre3 so badly, but sadly I have to stay on Sprint...

Wow! Apple did it again! They invented a 4 inch screen AND 4g!

i5 was announced. I so want webOS running on some new hardware. Any hardware. Refrigerator, iron, toaster. Anything, pleeeeeease.

well time has come and apple could not get ahead of the competition

new phone running ancient operating system

As opposed to a discontinued phone running a system that was never updated?