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Archive Manager updated to open ZIP files directly from your email or browser 4

by Adam Marks Tue, 19 Jun 2012 8:09 pm EDT

Open zip file from emailArchive Manager by pcworldSoftware was the first application in the app catalog that gave the regular webOS user the ability to create or extract archive files (e.g. zip, rar, tar, etc), while also providing a rather fully featured file manager app, all for $1.99. This added some much needed functionality that has been missing is webOS, but to extract a file you needed to have it on your device already. That meant that if you received an email with a .zip file or wanted to open a .zip file from the web, you first needed to download the file to your device, load up Archive Manager, and then find the file to extract. That is, until its latest update to version 1.1.0.

With its latest update, pcworldSoftware added in the ability to open up an archive file directly from an email message or the browser and immediately extract it anywhere on your device. This is accomplished by registering Archive Manager as the default application for all archive file types, so whenever you tap on an email attachment archive or an archive file in the browser, it directly launches Archive Manager. You still need to extract the zipped file to your device to gain access to any of the compress files inside it, but at least it saves you a few steps in process.

Be aware that if you have a TouchPad, there are a few extra steps that you need to follow in order to register Archive Manager as the default file type due to some security restrictions in webOS 3.0. The developer makes this process extremely simple in the help section of the app, but you will need to have Preware installed on your device to accomplish this.



My next app in basket!! Loading USUnlocked now... :-)

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I'll support! Buying now. If I buy it for my phone, will I have to buy it a 2nd time for my TouchPad?

Ok never mind, bought it for my Frankenpre 2 and then it showed up as free in the app store on my Touchpad right after. Great buy thanks :-D I'm happy to support!

Just bought it! :)

Def show some love to the devs that are continuing to developed and support webOS.