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Ari Jaaksi lands at Palm to run webOS 7

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 12:59 pm EST


Although Jon Rubinstein actually gave us our first public confirmation last week that former Nokia / Meego Exec Ari Jaaksi was coming to Palm, we didn't know when he would be showing up at Palm HQ in Sunnyvale.  Wonder no more - his LinkedIn profile has his listed as an "Senior Vice President at Hewlett-Packard."

Unfortunately, Jaaksi isn't here at webOS developer day, but after the massive brain-drain that happened in the Palm executive team in the past few months, it's great to see they're filling the ranks again. Plus, after seeing Nokia snap up so many Palm employees, it's gratifying to see one of theirs come to Palm.

Source: LinkedIn; via Engadget and All About Phones



Looks like the spelling is Jaaksi

This guy looks like Jack Bauer!! I hope he talks like him too. "WHERE ARE THE NEW DEVICES! TELL ME NOW!"

+100! I LOL'd!

lol that was funny

no. He looks like the guy named Grant from Jurassic Park-part 1.

All well and good getting in new people but are these guys better and/or equally as smart/creative as the talent Palm has lost so far?

I mean Nokia/Google/Apple hired Palm's talent isn't that because their existing teams weren't cutting it one way or another?

not to be paranoid or anything, but hoe do they know we the reviewers were doing all that?

so basically he was saying that because webos multitasks, the reviewers tried to mulitask too much.

i didnt run into this, then again when i set up mine i did it over a pre-.