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Arthur Thornton heading to an HP internship… again 12

by Derek Kessler Wed, 20 Jun 2012 7:29 pm EDT

Arthur Thornton heading to an HP internship… againOur man Arthur Thornton is popular guy in the webOS circles. Not only does he write for us here at webOS Nation, but he also is an active developer, notably of the popular TouchPad Twitter app Sparrow. See, right about this time last year, Arthur was in the midst of a ten-week summer internship with HP's Developer Relations team, an experience where he learned plenty and similarly helped improve the developer relations process.

They must have liked him over at HP, because he got offered a second internship this summer, again at Developer Relations (even if they're on the third head of Developer Relations since that time). And he'll be leaving soon - Monday the 25th, in fact, is his start date out in sunny California. We'll give Arthur some space to do a little talking here, as he said on the announcement post on his personal blog:

"Being on the inside again will enable me to help any webOS or Enyo developer further than I've been able to on the outside. I should be doing much of what I did last summer - developer portal and community stuff, such as tutorials - along with many more things."

While Arthur hasn't been with webOS Nation for a long time, we'll still miss having him around. He's been an invaluable asset, and we're sure he will be when HP returns him to us in six months. That's assuming they don't just want to keep him - we wouldn't blame them; he's good.

Arthur's not the only one interning for the HP webOS team this summer - Jason Robitaiile is already in California and working with the Enyo team, while webOS app developers Patrick Roberts and Joshua Cole will also be pitching in.



Bring PSN Gamer friends to Touchpad and Pre 3!!! I've been waiting since the devices came out. Loved it on my Pre- and got a response from Arthur saying they're in the works. PLEASE say you didn't pull the plug Arthur!!!

They did get delayed and I do hope to be able to work on them during the internship, however the two biggest things holding it back are:

1. time to work on them, given that I'll be working daily to help developers (and if I can, end users) while spending much of my spare time on (a few online courses in) college and Sparrow; and
2. Sony continues to change their website so being able to do a successful log-on (to get the friends' online status) is difficult and requires an ever-changing API on my part

I do have some (if I say so myself) great plans for Gamer Friends should I get around to working on it.. though I don't want to get into too many details :)

I'm just glad to hear they are still a possibility "in the coming weeks", ha had to :-) Thanks for responding Arthur, I'll be sure to buy it as soon as it comes out. Good luck at HP!

I wonder why they decided to give him a second internship and not just hire him already. Are they really hurting that bad for money that they don't want to give him a full-time position with benefits?

It is a paid internship with some benefits and I'm just glad I got the offer and was hired, to be honest. Six months with that team is more than enough of a benefit to me anyhow.

And if I'm lucky they'll give me a job at the end; if I'm not that lucky I should still be lucky enough to come back here and write about Open webOS/Enyo come January.

Besides, Arthur is best in small doses!  :)  I kid, I kid.  We're glad to have Arthur back for the summer!

This is true too, Roy ;)

Such a Negative Nancy! I was looking at the flood of summer interns this year as a good thing. There are two things wrong with your conclusion that Arthur wasn't hired as a full time employee because money is tight. The first is that Arthur is still a student and this is a summer internship. The second is that HP is looking to hire some senior JavaScript developers to help out on the Enyo team right now.

Congratulations Arthur!, have fun and take care of webOS. Make things better :)

Thanks for enabling virtual keyboard for us!

Best of luck from Honduras!
P.S.: If some of those "some benefits" gets to be a Brand new Pre³, would you be interest to negotiate your old one with me?... I kid! I kid!... But would you?
Never mind Arthur Sir Arthur, just bought another Pre³ with 3 touchstones and extra battery with my AuctionMate app. ;-)

Congrats man!