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Astraware Casino comes to TouchPad - it's Vegas on your tablet 8

by Derek Kessler Thu, 22 Mar 2012 7:48 pm EDT

Astraware Casino comes to TouchPad - it's Vegas on your tablet

We here at webOS Nation associate Las Vegas with one thing: the agony and ecstasy of CES. The rest of the world associated Vegas with blackjack, slot machines, craps, and roulette (plus a different layer of sundry activities not mentionable on this blog). It's the world's gambling capital that Astraware has brought to the TouchPad with the release of Astraware Casino.

$2.99 buys you an HD version of the popular Astraware game, complete with ten popular Vegas games: derby, keno, slots, video poker, 3 card poker, blackjack, Texas hold 'em, baccarat, and roulette. For the uninitiated, the first launch of any of the sub-games offers an explanation of how the game works (you might want to consider buying Astraware Casino before a first trip to Sin City for a how-these-work orientation), and then dumps you right into the game. The games themselves are surprisingly old-school computer gaming in appearance, but with gambling it isn't about how nice it looks (I mean, have you ever really looked at Vegas?), but about the rush of winning big when the odds aren't in your favor. For three bucks, Astraware Casino is a cheap way to get that thrill.

The release of Casino follows the capping of Astraware's TouchPad Totalizer sales tracker. Casino was the highest mark on the sales barometer, needing total sales of the games that came before to crest 5000 for Astraware to justify porting the game to the TouchPad. Given that the release comes just two days after hitting that mark, we're guessing that getting Astraware Casino was one of the easier ports in PDK history (or Astraware started early, knowing that the 5000 mark was going to be cracked eventually). The release of Casino also jumps over Astraware's popular OddBlob game, which has proven to be a little more complicated of a job.


Hoo-ray for our side!

I might just have to buy this to see if the video poker's got any interesting features.

I love it! 10 games is a great value for 3 bucks. Placing craps bets is way easier on the big screen. This is a must-have for the plane trip to ve
PROTIP: The slot machine seems to have a positive expectation, so play that to build up cash.

Great value, although the games have an"unfinished" appearance, not quite as polished as other games.

I'd like to see Tradewinds 2, it's already on the Pre, shouldn't be hard to do.

Not that simple, these aren't ports of the phone sized games, these are ports of iPad games.

+1 to making a Tradewinds 2...

Yay Astraware! Thank you again for giving webOS (in this case, the TouchPad) some more love!

I have the Trandewinds 2 game on my Pre+ and it plays pretty well. I tried the trial version on my PalmOS device (Tapwave Zodiac 2), as well as the original tradewinds...enjoyed both, enjoy 2 now. The graphics aren't super detailed though, I wonder what it would look like on the larger TP screen. I don't think it would benefit from the larger screen. I don't think there is an iPad version of this game to port anyway.

What I would love to see (they have it on iPad) is Weird Worlds In Infinite Space. I have the demo of that on my laptop and it's always fun to play. Would be great on a TouchPad. It's just a beautiful game and a 10" screen would be nice. Wouldn't be very good on a phone though.