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Astraware tops 1000 downloads for Mahjong HD, kicks off work on Sudoku HD 17

by Derek Kessler Tue, 20 Dec 2011 7:33 pm EST

When Astraware started up the TouchPad Totalizer to track their sales incentives towards developing further games for the webOS tablet, they weren't kidding around with their threshold. Today they passed the thousand download mark for Mahjong HD (1074, to be specific), which was enough to justify them to start work on the TouchPad version of Astraware Sudoku HD. Mahjong is a popular enough game, but it hit its craze peak about a decade ago. Sudoku's peak is far more recent, and its popularity has endured quite a bit more, so getting it on the TouchPad will only serve to further the accumulation of sales towards the next marker - Astraware Solitaire HD at 2000 sales.

Source: Astraware (Twitter); Thanks to tonymus and Joel for the tips!



Quite surprising for this "dead" platform. Keep 'em coming!

Board Games please? :)

Huzzah! Like the Mahjong app a lot -- need the Sudoku app to keep me busy!

Great stuff, I'm happy about this and this is from someone that does not even like the games they are making, just a good thing for webOS in general this little experiment is working out. I'll probably get each game they make as a donation to the cause.

Also, Namco just released Flight Control...woo hoo!

If all these games continue to be released, haters are going to have one less thing to hate on.

I am glad I bought my copy today and contributed to the cause. I want to see so many of their titles but my top picks are Sudoku, Board Games, Bejeweled, Solitaire, Insaniquarium, and my kids favorite Mars Needs Cows.

Yeah it is a shame that the only Astraware game that interests me (board games) is not on their list. Maybe if it maxes out and they do okay with Casino.

In the initial story about this, Astraware commented that as they see how things develop additional games could be added/plans could change/etc. (I'm paraphrasing obviously, but it was something along those lines.)

Astraware, Now that you have achieved your target, any plans to reduce the price of the game for Christmas ? I am sure you will achieve your target in 1 day :)

Spoiled mind here with all .99 cents sale lately :)

There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!
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1000 sales isn't that much. What is this, a $3 game? Give up a third to the App Catalog and you have $2,000 in revenue. That's not even enough to support the cost of hiring a single developer unless they release a game every week or two.

Agreed, but remember that they aren't actually writing the game from scratch. Thanks to the good development tools available, porting an application from another platform is relatively simple.

I don't think companies will make zillions porting games over to the TP, but the goodwill it generates helps; plus, if a software engineer is an employee, it's a good way to fill in his/her downtime...

Sure, but you can say the same thing about any time-filling activity. My point is that people are making the claim that there are a miillion TPs out there and that that should prompt people to want to get into webOS app development. This seems to be a pretty decent game which is priced to sell but has only 1000 sales worldwide thus far? That doesn't say much for the market for webOS apps.

Maybe, but as this article states Sudoku is quite a bit more popular then Mahjong, so I guess that will be a better gauge of the market.

And hey, Mahjong has not been out that long, a few more months and maybe a period of time at a sales price it might make the whole thing worthwhile. I think in the other thread the CEO said it would have to sell 1500 to draw even, and it's likely to do that, so it could workout profitable for them as a whole.

Seasons Greetings webOS folks. Apologies for the radio silence here, but I've (Alison) been on vacation for a week. Hopefully you've been keeping an eye on the Totalizer. We're already halfway to Astraware Solitaire. Hopefully we'll be ready to submit Astraware Sudoku to the App Catalog in the next week, and by then we may be ready to start on Astraware Solitaire too.

For those of you asking about Astraware Board Games. We don't currently have a complete set of graphics in the Touchpad resolution, so that's why we didn't initially add it to the list, but if we're able to complete all the games that are on the Totalizer now, it's possible there are others we could add!

It definitely looks like a Happy webOS New Year!

Cool thanks for letter us know :)