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AT&T Branded Palm Pixi Spotted in the Wild 41

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 10 Dec 2009 1:30 pm EST

Ah Caltrain: how we love you. You gave us an early look an early, in-the-wild look at the Palm Pre and even the iPhone back in the day. Now we have heard from a very reliable source that an AT&T-branded Palm Pixi has been spotted out there on San Francisco mass transit. Unfortunately a photo wasn't possible, so you'll have to trust us on this one (and yes, that's a photoshop above).

We've previously seen the Pre in the wild on AT&T and has GSM versions of the Pixi out east (way east). But this particular combination is new. Note too: it's not like devices get carrier branding early in the process, so there's a better-than-even chance we are looking at a matter of a few months.



Wow, who in the right mind would want a phone thats available on Sprint and Verizon on AT&T???

Some people like AT&T. A friend of mine was in the market for a new phone. She was deciding between the iPhone and a new BB. I suggested taking a look at the Pre. Her response was that she couldn't consider the Pre because it is not available on AT&T.

So I think it's a good thing if the Pixi shows up there. I really hate this "if you want phone X, you must use carrier Y" crap. I say sell the thing on all carriers to everyone.

Here we go AGAIN!!!

What an arrogant statement to make. Obviously, you are smarter than I, because you are on something other than ATT. Realize there are over 6 Billion people on this planet, and we all have different motivations for the choices we make. I have several friends and relatives who have been on Sprint and Verizon and will NEVER go back, for one reason or another, but that doesn't mean I have to belittle the people who are still on those networks in order to make myself feel smart.

Also realize this: ATT sold about a million Palm Centros and Treos a couple of years ago. Those users are now ready to move into something better. The Pixi will fit most of those customers perfectly.

Whoa dude, lighten up;)

Well the fact that you can use data and voice simultaneously almost has me wanting to jump ship to a GSM carrier. With nearly EVERY program coming out for WebOS being only useful online, that CDMA restriction is killer.

Maybe it won't be so bad if we get more programs that access and can use the loaded storage.

There are rumors that the restriction may be coming to an end, but I frankly hate this about all CDMA tech (Sprint and Verizon).


What? No I dont want unlimited calling to every single cell phone in america... I've got all these saved minutes from ATT that i'm grossly overpaying for and must use or i'll feel like I wasted money! I'd much rather pay more to keep access to the 8000 minutes that I need - since I call landlines all the time and all...

LOL. I think I just peed myself.

haha ohhh I have the feeling that a majority of the people of this site are Sprint users. What a surprise right? A website for a phone that started on Sprint would have mostly Sprint users??

I myself started on Sprint and I've loved it ever since but taharka is right. Phones branded to only one service provider get very annoying. It will be better for Palm and Palm device users as it spreads to other networks.

AT&T's network will do no justice for the Pre or Pixi.

Was it a young asian woman in a miniskirt or two teenagers? If they really wanted to keep it a secret, couldn't they have put black electrical tape on the logo?

The EV in the corner is not going to work for GSM

ooh. good point!

Maybe that's part of the ATT/Verizon settlement. ATT will pay VZ to roam on VZ's EVDO, and ATT will get to have a few happy smartphone customers and still claim to have a competitive 3G network (maybe even the best).

Looks like they're going to choke the bandwidth hogs at ATT soon. Should be interesting.

Unless this new Pixi has a dual GSM/CDMA chipset (which would be AWESOME), that isn't possible.


If AT&T pays VZ to let the Pixi roam, who needs GSM? It will just slow the user down? I think the device is ready, Dieter posted a picture of it.

But AT&T uses different technology than Verizon.

AT&T uses GSM(Global System for Mobile communications: originally from Groupe Sp

Sigh, I'll spell this out.

AT&T could sell CDMA devices and contract the service side. Therefore, the Pixi would not further tax the crippled GSM 3G and the Pixi users would enjoy EVDO's strengths, especially in large cities where ATT GSM is ghastly.

Further spelling (can't post a JPG for a painted picture) I know ATT is GSM, I was their customer for 14 years and quit them for poor service and CS.

Your spelling it out still doesn't make sense to me. (I am not attacking, just noting).

If I understand you: Your solution would be to have a totally CDMA device on a GSM network.

AT&T would have to pay for a roaming agreement with Verizon every time anyone uses the Pixi? I don't see this as good business monetarily or contractually as Verizon could alter their rates; the terms for the roaming agreement or their service structure causing AT&T customers to have "changed" service.

Verizon recently changed their service in DC which affected the way Sprint roamed on the service. Sprint customers (me included) noted a change in the way our text messages were sent (or not sent) while roaming.

That is why I think there would need to be a dual chipset device that would allow for service on both carriers for a roaming agreement such as this to work.

Hard not to see this on ATT. Time for them to move on beyond the iphone.

Check the second sentence of the post, Dieter VonGrammarstein.

I'm all for the Pr?, Pixi, or any other webOS-enabled phone to be available on any and all carriers.

If the iPhone was on Sprint, I would've had one years ago.
But the chances of me being able to leave Sprint are very slim--I have 5 lines with three different renewall dates.

It takes some planning (or money) to switch carriers. Maybe even months of using a broken phone.

If someone is stuck with AT&T or Verizon, let them have webOS. Let them support Palm.

If THREE different carriers are supporting ONE app catalog, the developers will develop.

cool, a crippled phone on a crippled network. without wifi and hardly any 3g access on att, this is gonna rock!

I'm all for a GSM version... this way when people ask me about phones I can recommend some WebOS phone...

(I do dissuade people who want on iphone from other networks... I can't recommend at&t...)
BUT I want my WebOS phone!! =/

I'll agree that having WebOS phones on other carriers definitely bodes well for developers. I just have this sneaky feeling that it won't be long until all three major contenders (WebOS, iPhone, Android) are on all three major carriers. That's when the the real war starts.

So with the Pixi on GSM, wil that mean that Apple will have to stop the whole "only we can talk and do data at the same time" ads?

That isn't Apple. That's a network restriction. I am pretty sure (Webgods will flog me if I am wrong) that the ad you are referencing was an AT&T add, not Apple.

But it is a heckuva up over CDMA IMHO.


You're wrong, it's apple. Go look it up.

And I saw your other post about this being a big deal. Give me ONE instance (3 for bonus points) where being able to talk and go on the internet is mission critical. Seriously. It just doesn't happen. If someone wants a yelp review, you tell them to go look it up their own damn self. Not only that, but why would you waste your minutes diddling around on the internet when you can just say "I'll call you back when I find out"?
That's not a feature, it's a trick, a pretty lame trick at that. But by all means, jump to AT&T-- they love people willing to spend $40 a month more on equivalent plans and you sound like you'd be really happy there.

Sprint Navigation requires a data connection. Trying to get someplace with the GPS while people keep calling you will drive you bonkers. Especially when you're already running late. Especially when they're calling from an iphone and AT&T keeps dropping the call and they keep calling back.

You are travelling and have dialed in to the conference call from he11 and you actually want to get some work done like send some email and do a couple of searches - anything to make the meeting go a little faster.

My wife was driving somewhere but couldn't find the address. She doesn't have a smartphone.

I had to hang up, look up the address with Google Maps, then call her back. I almost spent more time hanging up and calling her back than it took to find the address with Google Maps on my phone.

If I had misheard her, I would have had to hang up again, look up the new address, and then call her back again.

It's not mission critical. But it sure would be nice.

Think of it as falling into the same class of features as a remote control for a TV. Certainly not mission critical, but would you buy a TV that didn't have a remote control? (Assuming of course that the TV had all the controls on its face.)

Thanks to all the other posters who answered that for me, but if you use your phone for business (downloading a critical file for review) or pleasure (Facebooking on a conference call),or simple utility (Using your navigation program while talking to the person who you are meeting with) this capability is definitely a plus.

Even if YOU don't NEED it, it is important to those of us who use the phone for more than just talking.

And there is no need to attack. My needs may be different than yours. Or perhaps you need to learn how to use your phone for all that it is worth


Also, I did look it up. The ad I was mentioning was an AT&T ad, not Apple, as it is a GSM feature. Not an Apple feature.

I'm sorry to tell you that you are wrong. There are MANY commercials, all of which are AT&T, for the "internet while in call" feature. What they don't tell you is that you can only use the internet and be on a call when in 3G coverage. So I cannot use this feature on my iPhone 3Gs or my Blackberry Bold 9700. You sound like someone who would have a 1080p HD TV and use it with a VCR... get your head out of your butt and realize that there are more of us that use our phones to make our lives easy than there are people like you. I had to sign up for this forum just to let you know how much of an ass clown you are, I don't even have a palm. People actually read this before joining you know that right? So people are getting false information from people that don't take any time to read before they post. You are the reason these forums need a moderator, you should go ahead and delete this post so people who want to read factual and intelligent information may do so.

I hope it's the Pre too. All you haters from Sprint don't realize that CDMA/EVDO coverage doesn't rock everywhere. I have ATT with full bars at work and at home and everywhere between. Sprint has no service at either place unless I go outside. This past year has been pure hell waiting for a GSM Pre. Exclusivity agreements suck!

I'm going to pit this at March, alongside webOS 1.5.

Another advantage of GSM (assuming it's unlocked): You can bring your phone outside the US, insert a new SIM card, and use *YOUR PHONE* in Europe or Asia.

Note: This is not an advantage of the iPhone, as those are locked. As a co-worker of mine just recently rudely discovered. If she wants to use her phone in India, she's locked into the AT&T roaming agreement rates, which are very high. And that's if and when they actually have roaming agreements with carriers in that area. Or, she has the alternative of using another phone, together with whatever contract requirements that phone has.

While I don't have problems with Sprint inside the US, it's a royal pain to have to have an old GSM phone around (that of course does not have an up-to-date list of phone numbers in it) so I have a phone to use in Europe.

Or just rent a whole GSM phone when you spend those few days in Europe with the hundreds or thousands of dollars you saved by being a Sprint customer back home. That way, you don't have to put up with GSM echo, dropped calls or congested GSM 3G data for 360 days a year, just to save half the price of telecom rental when you travel five days.

Yeah, I have rented phones, but then I didn't have access to MY phone (as the other poster noted) and I can't access my applications.

I travel alot. And at times I may need to go to several different countries (with several different cell phone carrier markets) indefinitely. Renting a phone would be costly and logistically prohibitive (how would I send the phone back when I am crossing a border in SouthEast Asia?).

I ended up buying a little unlocked GSM phone, but really missed not being able to use the wifi and other functions (Skype, IM, Calendar, etc) on my phone (it was an HTC WinMo phone at the time).

I frankly would love to have all my phone be dual chipset, but well...we can't always get what we want.


While I am not a fan of AT&T at all with their over-priced plans and overall horrible network reliability in the SF Bay Area, I am pleased to hear this! WebOS expanding to other carriers will considerably open up the potential of new users to the OS, driving app development and the like. So, hurrah! Glad to see Palm making a comeback! :D

personally I think this is a great thing for WebOS. The more carriers the merrier. As for differences in coverage, I went from ATT , to Verizon, then to Sprint (just to get the Pre). I switched from ATT about 3 yrs ago because they didn't have 3G coverage in my area. Now they have surpassed Sprint. Verizon's 3g coverage is bigger than both. It all ends up a regional game with who has the best for you and where you are. I find myself using the Wifi mostly for inet on my Pre because my house and the town I work in are 1x. The missed calls thing is aggrivating too. It usually happens when my phone is laying idle. Probably email or something syncing on 1x. If the Pre went to ATT I might accually consider switching... More money each month would be worth the funcionality.

well I am on ATT and I dont want to be on either Sprint or VZN. While I think that the pixi is too narrow I like how then it is The wifi that VZN seems to be getting with it would be nice if the AT version had it. I just am not sure about narrowness of the pixi. It's what turns me off about the pure as well.

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