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AT&T to Launch Two webOS Devices in First Half of 2010! 69

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 06 Jan 2010 4:34 pm EST


Over at the AT&T Developer summit, Engadget reports that CEO Ralph de la Vega just anounced that AT&T will be launching two, TWO, webOS devices in the first half of 2010.  Looks like that Pre running on AT&T spotted at the Sprint Developer's conference last October wasn't a fluke.

More details as we get them, but it looks like it won't be all-Verizon at tomorrow Palm event. We'll be there live, so stop on by, hey?

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Great phones on a crappy network wonderful.

Hopefully AT&T will make Palm fix the 1.3.5 bug that has prevented me from connecting with EAS and thus not having email or contacts on my smart phone.

hopefully palm will fix this long before at&t get these phones

I thought this was fixed with the patch. didn't fix my EAS issues, other than the Calendar issue for the 2010 roll over.

I have no issues with EAS...Are you sure it's a Palm problem???

What issues are you having?
I sync with EAS and am pleased. solved the calander view issue. Other than that blip, it has worked very well. Email, contacts, calander, tasks, all sync within 1 - 2 seconds (the pc bings, followed w/i a second by the palm). I can download and view attachments. Setup was simple, entering the webmail site url, user-id and password. Even entries in the global contact list are accessable.

do an update and download

You're certain this is a Palm problem not an I.T./you problem? I haven't heard of continued problems outside of this, perhaps you would visit your IT department.


He didn't say NEW WebOS phone

That's okay, don't need a new device.
Now you can talk and browse at the same time on ATT.

BTW , you have an opportunity to bring ATT network down too :).

So, June? ;)


Hopefully AT&T and Verizon and the competition will make Palm fix the Horrible Build Quality ?(TM) of the Palm Pre.


Not a fan of AT&T here but its good news for Palm, hopefully it will move some units.

Same here. I actually like Sprint, and was glad they had the Pre from the start. Sprint fans might be ticked off that other webOS devices will make it's way to other carriers, but it's more of a bittersweet thing. More and more people will own the phone, which is always great.

I've been on Sprint for a long time and no phone would ever make me switch. So I was very happy when the Pre came to them (and me). Now I just hope that they don't forget us and still come up with a new phone when the launch day buyers are ready for an upgrade in June.

Definitely, I'm extremely happy with the Pre and Sprint, but this is excellent news for the future of Palm! Giddy-up!

Wonder if the GSM pre vs CDMA pre has any differences other than the GSM/CDMA radio differences.

If it's just like Euro Pre then no, it's the same. But by the sound of things they are getting Pre Plus like Verizon is, so I would assume those two would be the same with the exception of the radio.

If anything, the GSM Pre from Mexico (O8F-CASG) is strangely not tested or certified for use on AT&T's 850/1900 at FCC. It's certified only the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios, so it doesn't sound like that unit is the one AT&T is getting.

This is very good news for Palm. The biggest thing is that a GSM Palm device will be present. This will also help speed up updates for the WebOS users in Europe.

In addition this will allow Palm to compete with android better, and will no longer force people to switch to a specific carrier. I am glad I own Palm stock at the moment. I think things will turn around for them.

Me too!! I wanna see it go beyond 20! We'll prove em' all wrong!

So the era of picking your carrier first, and then picking your phone looks like it will be flipped. The US will finally follow the rest of the world. Now all we need to make that truly happen is Quad-band phones so you can truly cross-over from GSM based networks like AT&T/T-Mobile and CDMA based networks like Sprint/Verizon using the same phone.

If only the carriers would lower their plan rates for folks who join them with previously purchased unlocked phones (since they don

T-Mobile actually gives a discounted rate plan if you have an unlocked phone. I wished it would have gone to T-Mobile instead of ATT. I can't stand ATT.

It better be a NEW WebOS phone or why would Palm re-release a 7 month phone? With the same crappy hardware?

Almost 100% going to be the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

Can't wait to see how they are upgraded. Slightly newer designs?!

Now, that's what I am talking about....

Gooooooo PALM ! (ignoring next Jim Cramer comment)

very good news for palm. With them going to verizon and At&t it will allow palm to gain more ground on the competitors, as well as up their revenue. I think At&t, and Verizon will get the current palm pre, and pixi models, then I believe if they announce it or not at CES will release a new model for sprint this summer.

More than likely, everyone will be getting the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, with a new "superphone" device announcement later this year.


Yeah, Sprint has awesome data, but if a tree falls....

I love Sprint but this is great for Palm. More carriers will just help Palm get revenue and in return they will be able to give us a better product. Choose your carrier wisely!!

good for palm! I like sprint much better. I had att and had a lot of dropped calls in Chicago. Anyone have a better experience with att?

Man I would LOVE to move my Pre over to AT&T. Sprint service on my Pre sucks so bad!!!!

AT&T Sucks but this is only a good thing to palm.

Hey Palm, some advice as I know you prob read every comment.

RENAME YOUR PHONES! Believe it or not crappy names like the pre, pixi, russel and romo negatively effect sales. I can only imagine how bad they will be on AT&T If differant).

If I understand correctly, Russell and Romo were not Palm names. Those were Verizon code-names, designed to not allow early knowledge that they were getting Palm phones.

I do agree that Pixi was not the best choice of names, especially since Palm/Sprint have NOT marketed this phone towards the teen-age girl market, but as the "Pre Jr." I much preferred Eos, but hey, it's not my company! :)

This is good for palm and having a phone on all or most of the major networks shows which network it really better @ performance.. Go Palm!!

Sorry that so many think ATT is a crappy network, but MANY of us are very happy, especially those of us who have received nothing but great customer service. This is VERY exciting for those of us who DON'T WANT AN iPHONE, but DO WANT A GREAT SMARTPHONE, and who want Palm to survive, and then, thrive! I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!

You know, I've always wondered if all the iPhone connectivity problems were actually iPhone problems, as opposed to AT&T problems.

I realize that this is just one location, but I can tell you that AT&T blackberries work just fine at my house, while iPhones will not work at all. Not a scientific study, but curious nonetheless.

The device certainly can make a difference. My Pre doesn't get signal nearly as well as my GF's Sprint Tour when we are sitting right next to each other.

Pre's 3G radio is not that strong. When I had my Touch Pro, the reception of EVDO is decent, now that I have the Pre, reception at my work has gotten worse at the exact same location.

I had the exact opposite experience. My touch diamond was terrible at work. With the pre I stream radio and podcasts while I work.

I'd also like to suggest we cut the skepticism when new offerings are "leaked" to us here...

We doubted whatever that game is.. Doubted AT&T... ummm... Let's choose not to be defeatists and really throw our positivity behind Palm. It is most certainly the most advanced UI I've used.

Finally found something to top the SPH-I330 from abck in the day.


"To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions. Both dispense with the need for thought."

- Henry Pointcare 1854-1912


AT&T customers get even more choices with 5 new Android phones coming to them as well. Competition is spreading. I wonder how long until Apple makes the move to at least Verizon?

Ain't happen'n any time soon in 2010. Maybe end of 2011...

This is great news. I am a die hard Sprint backer, but this will defiantly help Palm. I was wondering why the stock has been going up today.

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I don't think Palm can really slow there progress anymore. The pre and pixi have to be upgraded for AT&T and Verizon for it to compete with all the new phones coming out. If it doesn't have at least video capture, more memory, faster processor, voice control, auto focus and possibly a better camera and a glass screen, its going to be left behind in the dust. People want whats best now as far as hardware, you can wait for updates and apps.

I've already seen a few AT&T devices (running 1.3.8) using Swap & Drop, Altho they are just the Palm App Review staff. I havent yet run across any Verizon usage yet.

Any SD card slots, more memory or faster processor..?

that information isnt available or recorded

I just hope PALM will sell it unlocked so I can buy it directly from them... then I'll be a happy PRE user...

Atleast they can really multi-task by talking on the phone & surf the internet at the same time. AT&T been really promoting that feature alot lately. The only way we can do that is via wifi.

I'm surprised that Sprint and Verizon which both have wi-fi phones have not countered the AT&T surf-the-net and simultaneously on a call ads with the wi-fi argument.

I'm on AT&T but had been waiting for GSM Pre for so long I was going to make the switch to Sprint... but I kinda kept holding out because I would MISS the ability to be on a call and surf net at same time... because I have done that quite often on my AT&T Palm Centro... especially when on a roadtrip... helps to be on phone and using mapquest at the same time (of course this is before I started using GPS :D).

If a Sprint Palm Pre, can truly surf net while on a call that's even more reason for me to kiss AT&T goodbye and come to Sprint since their plans are so much cheaper.

The ATT nerwork and cs are NOT crappy where I live Cant say the same for Sprint and VZN well they bought Alltel and fired my son in law and they get no $$$ from me regardless of the what their network and cs is.

Well,let see what Palm has to offer tomorrow. With Palm releasing webOS on all major carrier,that a big plus. More webOS devices will generate more revenue for Plam,& will open more SoftWare updates,& produce more solid HardWare in the future. Tomorrow, will be an interesting day for Palm,all eyes are open. Well, i'm not too crazy for Android OS.Their phones is well built,but i'm not to crazy about that Google thing.WebOS is the future!

Accept all Typos please!!

too bad...... another 2 phones to get a bad reputation because of the iPhone network traffic and AT&T's impulse to run 5 million ads to prove themselves to Verizon users instead of upgrading their 3G capacity. Although, there is nothing wrong with AT&T's voice coverage, quality, and strength........

I do not see this as great news for Palm. If I was Palm I would not release the Pre on ATT. I would wait until I had a phone where the hardware was not so craptastic.

Palm has not even shown themselves able to handle more then one carrier nor were they able to properly rollout the App Store correctly.

Palm also has cleary show they do not know how to manage the software process for the phone. Every version of WebOS breaks existing functionality.

Where is the Testing I ask? People always claim Palm is slow to get releases out to fix bugs due to testing. When every release of the WebOs is full of new bugs.

No Palm needs to step back and get what they have working not add to the mess they created.

No mention of AT&T by Palm today . . . . what do you suppose that means?

I bet it means that the AT&T devices will have features as good or better than Verizon's, and that Verizon and Palm didn't want to cut into Verizon sales by saying so. That would mean Verizon's exclusivity will last about 6 months. (Maybe Verizon reduced its order to 200k Pre's when it learned of the AT&T deal.)

I'm very hopeful about AT&T's phones having more new hardware features because I live in one of the many countries were there is no official carrier for Pre, but I will probably be able to import the AT&T Pre and run it on the GSM carriers here.

I was going to import from Germany, but I think I can wait up to 6 months for at least 16GB storage.