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Attach a picture to a Quick Post 3

by Adam Marks Mon, 23 Apr 2012 4:57 pm EDT

Add photo to Quick Post messageQuick Post, by Hedami, is a great way to take advantage of Quick Actions in webOS by posting to your Twitter or Facebook accounts directly from Just Type. Without even loading up an app, it's extremely easy to write up a post and even select which accounts you want to post them to. But what if you wanted to attach a photo to the posting as well? While this is clearly available as an option if you were to open up the app first before writing up your post, there is also a little shortcut that you can use in a Just Type Quick Action post to prompt you to select a photo prior to posting.  All you need to do is start your message with "-i" before choosing to "Quick Post". This will then load up the Quick Post app with your message pre-populated and then automatically bring you to the photo picker. Once you select your photo, Quick Post will return you to your message and you can then choose to Send or Send & Exit the app.

If Quick Post is not showing as an option in Just Type, don't forget that you may need to add it as an available Just Type Quick Action

Quick Post is available in the webOS App Catalog for $1.50 and is compatible with all webOS devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher. However, the Just Type Quick Actions feature is only available on devices running webOS 2.0 or higher.

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Related to this tip, there are other prefixes you can attach to your Quick Post quick actions posts.  When you set up accounts, you can assign a shortcut prefix to that account.  So let's say you have the following accounts set up:
- Personal Twitter account (shortcut prefix = tp)
- Work Twitter account (shortcut prefix = tw)
- Facebook account (shortcut prefix = f)
Then if you want to post "I had the best time at the concert last night" to your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, you'd start typing (via Just Type) the following:
tp,f I had the best time at the concert last night
And if you wanted to post it to all your accounts, you'd type the following:
z I had the best time at the concert last night
And remember you can assign one or multiple accounts to be "default" accounts that don't require a shortcut prefix.  So if your personal Twitter account is set as "default", you would just type to send it to that account:
I had the best time at the concert last night
Plus there's one more hidden prefix you can attach to your Quick Post quick actions.  It's related to a hidden easter egg / feature within the app.  Check out the app's FAQ (on the Help screen) for a hint on how to find it!

When I had my Palm Pre 2, this was one of my most used applications. It is definitely worth the money if you use your Facebook and Twitter a lot and want to update them simultaneously like I do.

And speaking of other platforms, it is available on Android too.  Of course the Android version doesn't have the cool webOS Just Type features, but it does have a few extra features on Android to make up for it.