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Attention Sprint Pre and Pixi owners: your 3G speeds will improve, eventually 23

by Derek Kessler Tue, 11 Sep 2012 10:20 pm EDT

Attention Sprint Pre and Pixi owners: your 3G speeds will improve, eventually

Sprint is just starting to roll out their LTE network, but if you're a webOS user that's really not of much concern to you. No LTE network really is. What concerns you is 3G, be it EVDO on Sprint and Verizon or HSPA+ on AT&T. If you're the owner of a Sprint Palm Pre or Sprint Palm Pixi, you're both a diehard for sticking with such aged hardware (even if you've Frankened to a Pre 2) and for dealing all these years with Sprint's last place 3G speeds.

But we've got good news! Sprint's 3G speeds are going to improve over the next several months as part of their Network Vision rollout. The overhaul of Sprint's network includes putting down some big thick fiber pipes to handle all of the data that will be streaming over their LTE network (which is notably faster than their barely-4G WiMAX network). Those new light-speed pipes will have the added benefit of boosting the capabilities of Sprint's already-present 3G network. And that's not including the upgrades that Sprint plans to implement for their 3G network; they know full well that it will be years before they have comprehensive LTE coverage in the US, and they've got a long way to go to catch up with AT&T, let alone Verizon (sorry, T-Mobile).

Sprint actually expects their Network Vision plan to be "largely completed by the end of 2013", so it could be a while before Sprint's upgrades have an impact on your 3G speeds. Here's hoping you don't have to hold out for another fifteen months before your Pre sees faster speeds, not that it'd be able to do much with them…

Source: Sprint; Via: Android Central



I dropped sprint recently for tmobile and couldn't be happier. Sprint network is total crap. I m on the island of Barbados for vacation right now and was able to get a sim card to stay connected and their hspa+ service is fast. On sprint I got 0.2 Mbps if lucky, on hspa on this island I get 4 mbps. On tmobile I get 15mbps on pay half the price I paid on the sprint family plan.

which is notably faster than their barely-4G WiMAX networkI'm sorry Derek, but I'm sick of your bullshit. Show me one god damned source that says WiMAX is any less 4G than LTE (which, btw, the ITU-R specifies 4G "a set of requirements for 4G standards, named the International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT-Advanced) specification, setting peak speed requirements for 4G service at 100 megabits per second (Mbit/s) for high mobility communication (such as from trains and cars) and 1 gigabit per second (Gbit/s) for low mobility communication (such as pedestrians and stationary users)" which not "4G" network attains*1).

WiMAX just happened to be the first adopted pre-4G standard that was marketed as 4G. LTE sure as shit isn't 4G by the ITU-R's definition, but it's closer than, say, AT&T's HSPA "4G" system, but so is WiMAX. Don't try and say one piece of tech is slower than another just because its adoption rate was slower. If we all listened to that logic, we'd all believe that USB has always been faster than firewire (hint, never has been, fw400 is a constant 400 vs USB 2 at burst of 480...just sayin. Doubt, me? Look it up).

Just because something becomes popular, doesn't make it faster, so stop acting like that's the case.


Sprint WiMAX is significantly slower than AT&T LTE, Verizon LTE, T-Mobile HSPA+ 21, and even Sprint LTE. There's a reason they're switching:,2817,2405675,00.asp

And when LTE rolled out, WiMAX whipped its ass. When you have 10 people developing one tech and one person developing the competing tech, odds are the 10 are going to win out. It is slower now, but it wasn't always, and it wouldn't have ended up being so if more had invested in it, but LTE is the cheaper tech to develop.

Also incorrect. Verizon LTE has whooped Sprint WiMAX since day one:

WiMAX as a standard is technically inferior to LTE. It simply cannot run as fast as LTE in theoretical, lab testing, and real world use. It is an indisputable and undeniable fact: LTE is, always has been, and will continue to be signifcantly faster than WiMAX. Period.

No, WiMAX is faster in theory. Due to the fact that WiMAX, like WiFi is an adaptive technology, it is/was close to constantly advancing. You can claim that LTE is period faster, but if you look at the actual standards, you'd be wrong.

Source: - look at the chart. WiMax, 365 Mbits/s; LTE, 300 Mbits/s (I'm not too concerned about stationary devices, considering we're talking cellular devices which obviously are mobile)

Now that being said, you are correct, when LTE rolled out (years after WiMAX), WiMAX was slower. I apologize for my previous incorrect statement. But that doesn't make up for the fact that, A. We have no 4G technology on the market today, B. WiMAX continues to evolve based upon open standards while LTE evolves based upon what the manufacturers decide is the case (Side note, see below), and the current WiMAX standard actually can accomplish faster speeds in theory.

Side note: Using WiMAX means a cheaper tech and a much lower barrier to entry. Additionally, being that it's based off of an open standard (I'm taking some slight liberties with my assumptions here) I would assume it is significantly easier to develop an open source system for use. Therefore, in my understanding, WiMAX would have been easier to develop OpenwebOS for, and therefore, we all lose out.

WiMAX is faster in theory.
WiMAX is faster in theory.
WiMAX is faster in theory.

I love how Derek is putting out souces OTHER than wikipedia. WiMax has always been crap in the bay area.

Chill out.
How on earth WiMAX will continue to evolve when every carrier is moving towards LTE.

i've always found it amazing that some people get really really mad about phone network speeds and standards. like the person you're responding to. Boy someone peed in his kool-aid.

WiMAX is a joke. Walk two steps and you lostt he signal plus it can barely penetrate walls. It is no surprise that they canned it. Sprint got too expensive for such terrible service. You can't leave wiimax on at all times or your battery would be dead.

Jeez, ya no reason to attack aitikin. Little excessive man. From my experience Sprints WiMAX has always been about maybe 4mbps? While AT&T and Verizon's LTE avg around 10-12.

I think it varies due to location and network traffic. I was in NYC for a couple of weeks this summer and I was getting a good 12 mbps the majority of the time. On Sprint's WiMAX, that is.

yeah i live near the ocean in a nice but very low key area and data speeds suck if you get near or on the beach. in fact on the beach there's no anything but voice i think but definitely no data. Now if you go one town over, which has lots of bars and tourist stuff, and d-bag hangouts, and attracts a lot more people well you get full bars of data all the way into the ocean. I don't know why but i'd suspect that area simply has a better or better placed tower. So i think it's all about the location like you say.

In the same vain, a couple years ago, every town around me got upgraded Time Warner cable for HD before my town. luckily we got fios cable laid first though.

its good news to me. I decided that my pre2 is good enough for a while so little extra speed will help with the youtube and maps. Maybe

Or you could have a Sprint 4G phone, live in the coverage area, and get no 4g signal, like me!

That $10 premium data add on sure comes in handy.

You could complain to Sprint and complain about not getting the coverage they promised and you paid for.
You'd be surprised what a diplomatic, friendly tone and proof of their failure to provide the service you're paying for will get you.

That's why they changed the premium and said it was for all smartphones. I paid 150 a month for 2 lines with sprint before taxes and discount. On tmobile I pay 80.

I'm shopping around. I use less than 1GB of data per month (haven't gone over 2 gigs in the 8 years I've had Sprint) and there is still the "premium" add-on.

I may get on the Verizon shared plan, it looks like a better deal, the more people you have.

Great! My FrankenPre 2 on Sprint will benefit from this faster 3G speed...hope it comes to my area sooner than later.

Woohoo, can't wait to be rockin' faster speeds on my Pre2. Maybe I'll be on my 3rd one by then...

I finally complained to Sprint about dropped calls in my area and they sent me one of those personal cell phone towers...for free! Now I don't get dropped my apt at least. :D

The pre & pixi wont benefit from the upgrade, it's primarily for devices using sprint's 800mhz cdma