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AZERTY Pre3 back on sale in Europe 51

by Derek Kessler Thu, 08 Sep 2011 12:54 pm EDT

Right now if you want an HP Pre3, your options are limited. If you want QWERTY, you’re pretty much limited to getting one on contract from Carphone Warehouse in the UK. But if you’re not so concerned with your keyboard layout (or you’re French), then the Palm Eurostore might have the option you’ve been looking for: the AZERTY Pre3 is back in stock.

We don’t think that HP is actually actively manufacturing Pre3 smartphones anymore than they are TouchPads – this is just an effort to clear out their remaining stock, which apparently was meant for France. The unlocked 8GB Pre3 will run you £169.99 and is currently listed as in stock and shipping in 1-2 days.

Knowing that they can target more than just France with the phone, the store notes in the description that the phone can be set to English, German, and Spanish languges (and of course French), but that doesn’t do much to change the keyboard layout. And no, they don't ship to the United States. Sorry.

Source: Palm Eurostore; Thanks to Mark and jrywmk for the tips!



Could you metadoctor a qwerty layout on it?

that's funny

The OS doesn't care what is painted on top of the keys, but their definately could be something that makes it not work.

Yes, you could. That's one of the first things metadoctor was used for.

Could that pre3 be activated on AT&T?

there's a patch for that!


Yea I had to restort to eBay - for $680 shipped I got mine sent to me out in California - around the same price as a brand new iPhone 4 from the Apple Store - a high price, but not crazy when you consider that this is a limited run of hardware that usually costs that much without a contract.

that's a worthwhile investment and I'm planning the same (CA also). Can you tell me if this is CDMA? It is supposed to be a World Phone, right? Which means it should have muliple radios build in.

Also, I take it that you bought the UK version (QWERTY keyboard).

Please share how it has worked for you.

- Greg

This is GSM only. The "world phone" relates to the frequencies available for GSM traffic - different sets of frequencies are used in the US vs. the rest of the world. It'll work in the US but not on a CDMA network.

Got mine for 79 € from MediaMarkt Germany. They're also selling the Veer for 59 € at the moment. But you can't get them at every MediaMarkt.
Since it's to big I will sell it!
How can i sell here on the forum as newby? Is it possible?

Hi! You all right?

Well, can you send a mail to robsonporto # gmail com, ok? ;-)
Thanks in advanced.

Best Regards... B)

Wäre ebenfalls interessiert, in Hannover und Umgebung gabs nix mehr. Falls das Angebot noch besteht, bin unter volker dot zota at gmail dot com erreichbar.


you can email me @
I'll take it off your hands.

Hi Mactron, I'd be happy to buy it off you. I live in Poland & Sweden so it's not so far off :) just shoot me an email at thomas(a)

So I can get this, wait for Meta Doctor to update, and see if there are any sellers that will sell the keyboard overlay and swap it back on.

Sounds like a plan...

If they don't send to US, then this info no good at all!

I'm tired of **** HP! why they not release Pre 3 at US?

Maybe US people too much hate WebOS then other countries.

Dude, it's not all about the US. Cut your losses and move on. Just saying...

Exactly! I'm tired of all these people crying because a damn phone isn't in the U.S! I'm on Sprint and obviously in America and I'm not crying about it! For people who can't let things go, IT'S JUST A PHONE! There are more important things to focus on than a 4 inch piece of hardware. Jeez some of you people act like you treat your pres with more love than your wife or husband.

*Edit* Go ahead and minus me all you want but it's true that people cry about not getting a phone. And I'm not only talking about webOS whiners either.

Maybe US people too much hate WebOS then other countries.

Well, we NEVER has NO ONE webOS device selled here, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil! Never!

So, I can believe that all you hate us, too? :-/

Best Regards... B)

By "SIM free", sounds like this one is GSM. Has anyone seen a CDMA version in the wild (e.g. which would work with Verizon)? Do any European carriers use CDMA these days?


no, and no.

if I'm not mistaken, the Pre supports both CDMA and GSM

Got mine.

Please share how you got yours. I would love to get one. I'm US based but got extended family in France.

... forgot to mention that I would prefer CDMA of course, but I kinda doubt this one's a CDMA version.

This place will let you use thier address in the UK and they will forward the package here in the US.

just sell webos to someone else hp you suck; im so glad I didnt hold off on getting a different phone when i had my upgrade, i'd be pissed if i was still sittin on sprint with my pre - and the battery that died every 5 hours.

Does the European Pre 3 support North American 3G frequencies?

2 questions

1. Have anyone seen a CDMA Pre 3?
2. Anyone use the UK mail receiving/forwarding servicing?

Yes, I am drooling over the Pre 3........…


Very tempted to buy this phone, regardless of keyboard layout though I have a couple of questions.
Firstly, does setting the language to english affect the mapping of the keys in anyway?
Also, is it difficult to 'relearn' typing on one of these keyboards when transitioning from QWERTY?
I have one in my basket right now... so tempted!

language has no effect on the keyboard mapping (just got my AZERTY pre3 this morning)

I'm getting another pre3 as a backup though I think that one is QWERTY. I wasn't paying attention when I bought this one I thought it was QWERTY until it arrived.

First time posting; been visiting the site for a couple of years.

I just bought one of the unlocked Pre 2's you can find. I've wanted a webOS device for a long time but was just waiting for good hardware, and would have switched carriers for the right device.

When I found out the Pre 3 wasn't coming out, with all of HP's shenanigans, I eventually remembered there were some Pre 2's out there, which I hadn't considered before because I am still on T-mobile but then I realized that there was an unlocked version that would work on T-mobile at least partially- and given the webOS GBU basically going under and being split up, they are now pretty cheap without a contract- this was my best option to get a phone with the OS that I have been admiring for so long, even if it was a dead end in a way- I at least wanted to have one phone with webOS which I have been admiring from the sidelines, waiting for HP to get it right. And with the unlocked version I don't even have to switch carriers, and I got a free touchstone.

So in a weird way, this whole HP abandoning devices fiasco has allowed me to get my first webOS device (I wasn't able to get a Touchpad) which I am actually REALLY excited about.

Congrats on missing out on the pain that was the Pre- and welcome to the party!

Where are the Pre 3s that were going to be released in the US? You can't tell me they manufactured AND released the device in Europe without manufacturing them for the US. They have to be stockpiled somewhere?!

You've got a good point.

We WebOS Desperados (read as desperate) will leave no stone unturned. If there are Pre3 and Touchpad parts in some factory or abandoned warehouse out there, we will find them... :-)

Perhaps they learned from the mistake Palm did with the original Pre, making the CDMA version first, that resulted in stockpiles of Pre phones that couldn't be sold in the rest of the world, as it would be the case with GSM versions.

The GSM barely sold at all in the countries they were released in. If they had, Palm would still be in business. It would appear Palm made too many of all versions. Nobody got truly excited about WebOS phones, until there were killed off. Case in point, I've never seen a Pre2 in the wild, and the unlock came out nearly a year ago.

@PreDogs All the countries?

Sadly Palm made a deal with Telefónica O2 that meant that the Pre would only launch in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany and that 3 months later than the CDMA hit the US without upgrades in the non network related hardware.

If you were living in another country wanting the GSM Pre you couldn't, even if you bought the 'unlocked' German version, be sure it would work with the carriers you wanted in your country. The last was the reason I as a otherwise strong supporter newer bought the original Pre.
The Pre2 newer looked interesting, as the Pre3 had already been announced when I heard about it and hat was probably the case for many others.

Strangely enough though I found myself wanting to try living with WebOS enough that I bought one yesterday. Now I just hope WebOS lives up to my high expectations of a 3rd generation touchscreen OS(first being the flash based on LGs Prada, second iOS and Android). Especially I like to find out if multitasking on a smartphone is a good idea, or the iOS guys are right about it only being a distraction.

Multitasking being a "distraction"? huh, very funny :). Probably, that's why they are enabling more & more of it, slowly?

the 3 looks nice but the 2 is fine and the right size 4 me.

more importantly they have extra batteries for sale on there too.

Wow - get on the GSM train - T-Mobile and AT&T are great providers - there is not going to be a CDMA Pre 3 - by world phone it is a world phone because 99 percent of the world uses GSM! :) - SIM cards make it easy to jump from phone to phone without talking to a carrier about it

I'm no GSM expert, but I'm pretty sure the world GSM phone lacks H+ and the US 3G bands, so what shows up here, could be pretty damn pokey.

I bought 2 of them. Having it shipped to a friend in Germany, then to me in the States. Just hope all goes through properly.

Doesn't matter....all gone! Missed out again. :-(
"temporarily out of stock"


Ordered my Pre 3 with Azerty keyboard. Can't go too wrong at that price. I can finally ditch my old Pre- which is looking battered and very tired.To be recycled and going to gadgetry heaven (or **** .

...It is quite puzzling, why all of a sudden that price was £100 higher than OFFICIAL firesale price - around £60????

"HP - a mess like nothing else!"

HP, you are such a mess...

There was an update yesterday, now the site says

Update : Sat 10th Sept 19:00
We will offer more of these units for sale on Monday 12th - time of day still be be confirmed. Due to high demand we are imposing a limit of 1 unit per person. We will cancel any orders that are received in violation of this rule.
We have worked through today to process and validate all those orders received on Thursday evening - so if your order did not already ship on Friday then it will have shipped by close of day Monday and should be with you within 24 to 48 hours depending on your country.

Note: The language (operating system ) of this unit can be set to English, German, French or Spanish - however the physical keyboard layout is that of French AZERTY.

So still a small chance to get a AZERTY Pre3, if you missed them so far.

today I received my Pre3 azerty from uk palm store,... very very nice