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Battlestar Galactica 9

by solarus Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:43 pm EST
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Basic Battlestar Galactica theme. Cut-off paper with palm icons melded in. Backdrops for apps too.

v2.1.1: Phone app is compatible with WebOS 1.3.5. Lots of New 3rd Party app icons and new graphics in header bar. Added subdued color back into the icons also.

I'm happy to add more icons - please submit requests for new icons in the theme's thread. I will add them into new releases. I will need a original PNG icon and the destination of the icon.

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Love BSG. Theme doesn't work though. Kept crashing quickinstall and Pre.

Noktomezo, I cannot get the error. Are you getting a specific error message or does QI just quit responding?

Installed it with preware. Worked like a charm. Only now need for you to skin more icons. Most of the usual are done but some that were in the beta like the Today show app still are not skinned yet. Otherwise I'm a rockin.

Keep up the good work.

Could you make a version of this that has the messaging style/colors from "More Blue"?

This is a great theme. Lots of work into the details and a large number of icons. Many themes only have a handful of icons while this one has customized icons for all the core apps and even some of the most popular ones.

Looks sharp!

I've had no issues with it causing my Pre to reboot.

Dude this theme is badass. Love the centurion loading screen. Icons are really detailed and nice. Good job all around. Installed with Preware and no problems at all.

Keep up the good work!

i love, love, love this theme. i was changing them every few days or so. i have had this one installed from day one. its awesome. especially with the wallpapers you provided. is there anyway to get the icons for luna manager, translator, my loaned items, accuradio, where, teal shopper, gift jammer, facebook, and precorder? i have no idea any of the files or destinations. You Rock!!!!!!

just installed the latest version of this off of preware. I've only been theming since today, but this is by far the MOST polished and put together theme in regards to icons. very well thought out details. im thinking there must be a standardized way the pre handles icons as i have ~23 icons not backdropped, but i do have one backdropped i would think is obscure (BJCP style guidlines). a theme similar to this but with textured white, cut cornered icons would lend a slick and professional appearance to those that needed it. as it is i think i will just move the unskinned apps to a distant page :).

im loged in.... wheres the download button it keeps saying Please Register or Login to download this file!