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by solarus Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:45 pm EST
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An update to my Battlestar Galactica theme.

New for v2.6.1: Themed lockscreen clock. Fixed Active call sprite - image should load at normal speed now.

New for v2.5: Calculator Notes Tasks Messaging Phone Screenlock Boot screen (Higher quality) Patch for Top Bar color New system UI graphics.

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Thank you for this absolutely gorgeous theme. I'm a huge BSG fan and I really love all the attention to detail in this theme such as the custom unlock button and the custom send sms message button. Great work!

I don't theme, but that's one of prettiest ones I've seen. Good job. I love BSG.

im having problems loading some themes

Love all of it!

Sweet theme. I really want to know what battery patch that is, though--I can't find it!

this is sweeeet! I've just added it to my Pre AND my Touchpad!

Can´t dowload the theme :-( Bug?