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by dd7293 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:40 pm EST
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CHANGED: Per Request, I have changed the standard lock screen lock from yellow/gold to a clear/black lock (from JaimeMex).

The Beauty of the Female Form... Changed backgrounds for home, phone, photos, & boot screens. Have 5 Icons. 1 for the launcher, as well as four others that I just generally assigned. I can reassign the icons to other apps if there is interest. Or I can just make more. Please let me know. Thanks

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Beautiful, simplistic and in good taste.

nice...god i miss doing my photography

Finally ... porn that I can tell my GF isn't porn.

Hahahah. Win.

Looks good, any chance to get the "Drag to unlock" button to be done in black?

Added that lock for you. & it does look better. Thanks

Thanks for all the comments! I can change the "drag to unluck" to black. I'm also going to possible refine the icons a bit. Open to any other ideas & suggestions.

Just DLed this theme. I'm really enjoying it, although I'm personally not a fan of how the icons for the quick launcher change for: the phone, email, messages, contact, and launcher. I originally switch my "contacts" icon with the "web" icon on the quick launcher and so the globe was out of place with the theme of the phone. I think it would be better to not mess with the icon pictures for the quick launch; that way people aren't secluded to keep the original quick launch icons and it helps people pull up apps quickly. Another option is to create more themed icons for the original apps, but I still prefer leaving them alone. Thanks a bunch and once again props to you!

Would you make a version without changes to standard icons? Thanks

This is a great theme! Sexy yet classy. I would love to see some diversity in the women, and more icons. I love it though!

Should come with virtual kleenex.

my favorite of the it 5 stars

is there's anyway I can get a the main photo switched with the girl sitting on her feet. That would make it even better. Please let me know I wud really love it.

best of the themes giving it 5 stars

is it possible for me to get a version where the main page is the girl sitting on her feet and using standard icons?

that would be so awesome

please let me know

Great Job. "The only difference between Porn and Art is the Lighting"..

Please make a version with standard buttons. Thank you. Also more pictures like that would be awesome.

Please make a version with standard buttons. Thank you. Also more pictures like that would be awesome.

More icons!

I love the theme, but my only comment would be to add more photo's and have all the icons consistent. Currently my web and calendar are normal, making them look out of place. A glass effect with different photos beneath may be a nice effect....just my opinion. Great job so far though!!

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