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Bell pushing the Palm Pre with a new promotion 28

by Jason Robitaille Tue, 01 Jun 2010 3:25 pm EDT

Bell Promotion

Bell's history with the Palm Pre hasn't exactly been a perfect one, but it looks like their new Palm Pre promotion may be a winner. There's been low sales, very little promotion, and much higher profile launches, especially on their new HSPA network. However, it seems the Pre is back on the front page of Bell's smartphone section, with this very nice new promotion.

Under the promotion, and a 3-year contract agreement, you get a Palm Pre for $0 (like before), and better yet, there's now $15 off your monthly bill! That's a total savings of $180 yearly, plus $300 for the device itself. Oh, and they're tossing in $75 worth of accessories too.

If that sounds intriguing with you, and the 3-year contract isn't deterring, then you'll want to look at the different smartphone plans Bell offers. The lowest is the Smartphone 50 plan, which offers the very basics (with only 500MB allowed monthly), usually for $50/month, but under the promotion, ends up at $35/month.  And don't forget, Bell allows tethering. Awesome, eh. Prices increase from there, up to the Smartphone 100 plan, so there's flexibility is what you want out of your device.

Whether this is an attempt at Bell to get rid of lingering inventory, or a renewed interest in Palm now that HP came to the rescue, will remain a mystery. But at these kinds of savings, it doesn't really matter too much. No details on how long the promotion will last, so if this is what you've been waiting for, you may want to act fast.

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All this Bell talk reminds me of Southern Bell.

Hopefully, this will get more units into circulation.

Go Palm!!

I wonder if HP has anything to do with bell's sudden support of pre?


Bell has been practically giving Pre's away for a little while now.

ok...." Low sales, very little promotion" had me wondering if they had given up on palm.... And now that hp is behind them, they are stepping up efforrts.
thanks for info. How long is a little while?

Hopefully this helps them move inventory.
But a 3 year contract, I mean I can't even sit through my 2 year contract. Guess I'm not moving to Canada!

Now if only Sprint would do something about their pricing... I need to get another phone for our work account... I currently have 5 Pres, but I can't justify $150 for a phone that's been out for almost a year now... and to top things off, has better versions available on other carriers for less money!

Yeah, no kidding. One would think that if Palm wanted to move through inventory to clear up space for a new handset (as rumors have it), Sprint would be the place to do it. Though I guess Sprint might already be moving through their inventory fast enough and VZW or AT&T is the real problem?

I got a launch Pre from Bell and love it, but damn I wish I had this deal!!

No kidding. I finally have less than a year left in my 3-year contract (I bought a contractless Pre second-hand), and I'd love to finagle a way into this deal without enslaving myself to Bell a second time.

The Pre is great & all, but... that's nut, to sign a 3-year contract on a 1-year old phone. That would be like using a 700P today. Ugh.

Put it this way... the Pre is free and you are getting the $15 discount for the entire duration of the 3 years. It's more for the discount rather than the Pre.

You can always just buy a SIM card and upgrade to a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus later on, or whichever phone comes on HSPA, and still have the cheap plan. They don't say you can't switch hardware throughout, but you can.

i cant wait to get rid of my verizon pre!

I posted this in the forums like three days ago, tipped you guys the same time I tipped MobileSyrup but everyone ignored me...

Anyhow, you also get a $75 accessory credit, which means you can get the Touchstone kit for free. Alternatively, if you go to Future Shop to buy it, in place of the credit you get a $100 gift card.

i got mine on launch day also got a plan that is worth its weight in gold.. student plan,, unlimited data,text,,etc.. fab 10 which means i get 10 numbers that i can change for free calling and receiving calls from.. plus 350 mins a month.. free weekends and evenings.. really nice.. i dumped my home phone in fav of this.. it works out well for me.. cost is 75 per month..oh includes things like caller id and voice mail.. on a three year plan.. im hoping that they come out with the palm pre plus.. gsm up here.. that would be worth upgrading cost alone..

Nice ad worlds best phone just got better!

To bad it doesn't run on Bell's new 3G network. That is a huge problem for them. Why anyone would buy a 2G/Edge connection phone on a 3 year contract is beyond me.

The Bell Pre isn't a 2G/Edge phone . . . . Bell don't have an Edge network at all, the old Bell network is CDMA EVDO Rev A just like Sprint and Verizon. A smartphone at $35 a month sounds like one hell of a deal to me, yes it's an old phone but for someone coming from a dumbphone this could be great. A deal like this is absolutely necessary for Bell to move any CDMA Pres cause it would be stupid to lock into a 3 year contract to get a "free" $150 year old phone.

I hope this means an HSPA+ Plus is on the horizon. I love my Pre but I'm seriously thinking of ditching it for something I can unlock ( protip: Bell will sell you an unlock code ) and use on my trips to the US.

I wish my Bell Pre was on the new network. The network is not fast enough even in the GTA.

Speed wasn't the issue for me, coverage and building penetration was the issue. I used to be able to get signal with my Nokia on Fido in my basement parking lot, my Pre gets nothing there.

on 2-year contract agreement you get a Palm Pre for $0 too. Just checked. No need to sign up for 3 years, not sure how long this promotion lasts

Sort of related...I mean, it's marketing...I just saw a top of the page ad on the Drudgereport for the Pre! I know the Drudgereport gets a lot of hits, so good for Palm...I hit the ad for good measure!

Please people....don't be blind here:

Bell bought a bunch of Pre's because they took Rubenstein's bait just like everyone else did.

Now they're stuck with them and can't even give them away. This promo is just bait. They need to liquidate their inventory and this is a sneaky way to get you back on a contract.

This has nothing to do with Palm and/or the HP merger. This is just about Bell trying to liquidate the phones they've already purchased.

If you can't tell - I'm bitter on Palm. I used to be a huge webOS fan, but Palm sorta duped to the world to make a solid effort to get bought. Now that they have deep pockets, they'll actually be able to do what they intended to do in the first place. But sorry to all of us that early-adopted...we didn't really get the "fast evolution of an OS" we were promised by Daddy Rubenstein. Instead, we're all patching the hell out of our phones to get the features that should be there. The only saving grace to webOS right now is the HomeBrew Dev's.

Anyway....I'm getting on the google-train (I know the "good riddens comments will come flying) this Friday when I get the Evo. I gotta go with the company that is innovating the OS the fastest and that's google. Hardware comes and always has and always will. Android is evolving while the others are struggling to keep up.....or attempting to get bought.

Rant over.

Bye! We'll mis......*cough* BYE!! :) best wishes

I am sorry, but I haven't used the EVO, but having seen the vids on 2.2, I can't say that Android has much on WebOS as yet. WebOS is still in my opinion by far the best Mobile OS out there. Too bad it is not being used to it's full potential. If nothing happens I suppose i would be having to make a switch as well. That sucks, because I really wish to be using WebOS for as long as possible.

Err, it's posts like these that misinform many people.

Android is very matured and has more features out of the box in comparison to the Iphone or WebOS.
Things such as HIGHLY customizable widgets, different choices in keyboard, speech to text (that includes text messaging, searching, etc)... and many other things.

Not saying the Pre is a bad phone. I might be sticking with it for another year because of my ineligibility to upgrade (I'm 2nd line), but you cannot say the Android OS is not a heavy competitor.

I just wish the Pre came with lots of features... I feel like Rubenstein took too many pages out of Apple's book.
Not having video rec. out of the box? Games before improving core apps?

As an early-adopter to the Pre I feel BELL is ripping us off. I guess I should have waited a little longer before making the move from my old TREO.... That is the chance you take when you but early with Bell, all I can say is thank God for HomeBrew apps and the flexibility this phone has or I would have returned it. Love my PRE, just wish Palm would have done a better job with apps and marketing partners for the phone.

For some of the Americans - 3 yr contracts are the norm up here. I picked up my Pre on Bell for $299.99 NO contract, so if the idea of a contract is really offputting you can simply pick it up for $300 off the regular price. Either way, good deal for a great phone. And I don't know what people are saying about the network being slow - I am downloading on the old network at 6 Mbps. Hell I streamed the olympic mens gold medal game without a single hiccup. That's hardly slow.