Best Buy caves, will sell remaining TouchPad stock at steep discounts [Update: all gone] | webOS Nation

Best Buy caves, will sell remaining TouchPad stock at steep discounts [Update: all gone] 264

by Derek Kessler Sat, 20 Aug 2011 10:21 pm EDT

First Best Buy wanted nothing to do with the TouchPad, so much so that they'd even give you your money back. Tonight, they've changed their tune. Whether by customer demand or begging from HP, Best Buy is now planning to sell the TouchPad at massive discounts: 16GB for $99.99 or 32GB for $149.99, with the caveat of only one model per customer.

The pricing is effective immediately at both physical stores and (with limited inventory), though as of this writing a search for the SKUs and TouchPad in general did not return positive results. This is a welcome move for those looking for discounted TouchPads, as it seems most of the retailers that have offered the steep discounts have sold out almost immediately. But if HP has more than 200,000 of these lying around, they might not sell out so quickly. Additionally, Best Buy has reinstated their price match policy and will refund the price difference to those that really do want to keep their TouchPads.

The real irony of this firesale is that HP has finally managed to make the TouchPad at least somewhat popular and has greatly expanded the size of the webOS user base. Funny how now that HP wants nothing to do with webOS hardware, it's finally selling like hotcakes. Of course, the insanely low pricing has a lot to do with that.

Update: That didn't take long.

8:14pm CST 08/21/11: We are sold out of the HP TouchPad both in store and online and will not be receiving more inventory.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!



WebOS is (today) the best selling tablet platform.

Bizarre but true

It appears that WebOS's greatest weakness, was being associated with HP.

Yeah, it seems HP "accidentally" made webOS a success. Hope developers know this will be a major boost to the userbase. It will also give more incentives for manufacturers to license webOS.

So by the time everyones TouchPads reach the end of their lifespans, hopefully these 3rd party manufacturer's will be ready to release the next generation of webOS devices!

This debacle is looking more and more like the Amiga saga of the 1990's...

(Google it, kids)

Having lived through that, my advice is run, don't walk, to another platform. I choose Google's android and the Motorola, (now Google's), Photon, for now.

Next year, maybe the iPhone 5 on Sprint?
....or, will Google buy Sprint next as well? ;-)

If you have a pre2 and Touchpad for 99, dont need to run anywhere. Both devices work well. Would be mental to pay 500 for something different, just to have a few apps. Now, for the ppl on Pre-/+ without a TouchPad, yeah, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

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Exactly what I was thinking when I heard of the firesale!!!

Nahz, it still doesn't beat the ipad day 1 sales numbers.

Truth is, if you don't want your product to drop price within first few months, get a apple product.

Such a short memory...

I'll grant that all the whining about a $200 price cut was pretty asinine even back then, but it's preposterous to pretend it never happened.

I have sent a reply to HP's email for developers, giving them my feedback as they asked for in their statement. My feedback was detailed about their marketing practices and none of it was good.

The only way any of this makes sense is that HP is using this as a huge lost leader to get the touchpads in the hands of consumers. Then come back and say they have changed their minds again. As a strategy this may work but their marketing would have to change dramatically. If it is true , they may have not considered the impact of lying to supporters for so long.
a Growing number of people will hear this story and having nothing to do with this company and they will go down soley because of this. thats my opinion

let me offer a word of advice for those who dont know best buy only agreed to drop prices bc HP didnt want the 20+ units back from each store which is what bestbuy originally set out to do; return them to HP but HP agreed to compensate best buy & its customers for the hassle! Secondly every who works @ customer service is fully aware of the do's and don't associated with this disaster so warranty fraud is not necessary neither is involving a manager. I promise if you return your unit some1 will buy it HP still has to honor their warranty if a year & manufacture parts for up to 7 years by law for their products! As long as you bought your touchpad within the 60 days bestbuy Will return, exchange, or price match it that is our promise to OUR customers! Now what another store does I cant speak on so consider your options before returning because once its gone its gone! WebOS is striving to continue business HP for some reason abandoned their clients with no explanation insight! Theyve done it before with their cameras but HP is still a house hold name jus some corporate **** made a million dollar mistake its not the end of the world I guess I jus know that companys make mistakes too & every1 is trying their best under the circumstance!

It was a billion dollar mistake, maybe more. Imploding webos and announcing their interest in divesting PC's may be the end of the world. Leo announced WebOS was their future and PCs are what they're known for. Their credibility is shattered and when people have a choice between HP enterpise support, and Brand X, reputation will be given prime consideration, and I don't see HP with enough integrity with Leo at the helm.

At $99.00 I figured I couldn't go wrong, so I called Best Buy early this afternoon. Unfortunately, BB told me that all of their US Stores have (or are) returning ALL of their Touchpads.

Anyone get a similar or different story?

That was this morning, all changed an hour and a half ago. Picked up the last 2 in Pensacola. Reps told me they got the go ahead to start selling them at 7:30 Central. My best buy in Pensacola, FL (a lil place in the middle of nowhere) sold 50 of them in an hour and a half and are now out.

The line was crazy, and people were actually excited. Every employee I could see actually got one themselves and were excited to play with it. Why couldn't this happen just 7 weeks ago?

BestBuy tweeted the policy change at about 9PM Eastern.

Same, at around 5-something they were literally in the process of moving them out. If they turned around right after I left, I'll be less than pleased.

I had the same story at 9:30 this morning. I thought I had one from Micro Center, but then received an email that the order could not be completed. I'm going to go from not being able to afford one to not being able to get one in a 24 hour period.

Damn. I managed to snag a few from HP at the discounted price, and was going to return my July 1 purchase when they showed.

Good luck to those who get them. I already got one for myself and one my parents. (off ebay + Fingers cross devs gets some sales and samsung announces it'll make hardware.

**** i bought a galaxy tab 10.1 a couple weeks ago and this even makes me want to run out and get one!

im just glad they with give me my refund now.

was thinking of hopefully finding a 32gb some where and returning the one i have to BB. was thinking i would return it next week even if i didnt find one.

now i dont have to.


As soon as I heard this I went online - no dice, sold out everywhere. Called the 3 BBuys around & 2 told me they had none. The 3rd in Danbury CT said they had some but to come down soon as she thought they only had the $99 kind.

As I get there not 1 or 2 but 3 guys are walking out of the store with them in their hands. I head stright back & ask BBuy rep- says they have 3 left & only the 32G version for $149. I have 1. As did the 2 guys behind me but the guys after him missed out. All withing 15 minutes of getting there.

Can't find it online yet... :|

I just wish Walmart would honor the same 60 day refund or price difference. Sigh.

If you put it on a credit card, you might have a chance at getting a price match (given the circumstances).

Will they price match the one I bought on launch day? I bought one from BestBuy and one from Staples. Staples would not refund the difference because more than 15 days had passed. Hope BB has a better policy.

I hear you can at bestbuy. Blah on walmart though.

The swamp of people buying Touchpads definitely demonstrates that there was a demand for them all along, just not at the ridiculous price point that HP sold them at. Should've been $299 for 16GB and $349 for 32GB. Would've sold and gained market share. HP could've made money off apps. C'mon DEREK!! Fess up and eat some bitter crow on that article you wrote about pricing it as the same price as the iPad. That decision KILLED webOS more than ANYTHING ELSE.

the only reason people are buying them now is because they are priced at 99 and 150. I dont even think 200 and 250 would have made the same impact.

It did with the staples deal at $299

Just looked on ebay. people are bidding like crazy up to around the $250/$275 mark. Meaning that somewhere in that area seems to have been the sweet spot. *sigh*

Even $349 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32GB would have made a LOT of difference. The launch prices were just insane, and really put a damper on the enthusiasm. I wanted a touchpad at launch, but I just couldn't justify SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS + tax and probably shipping too. Once I decided I could do without, I really wasn't tempted again until the staples $299 weekend, and there were none available anyway.

Even if HP had to lose a little on these at first, they could have commanded premium prices later on once they had the ecosystem built up and had the refreshed versions available.

This continues to be a perfect demonstration of how badly a company can **** up a basically good product.

I wonder how many touchpads HP made? It should make for a good sized customer base. I may port my iOS apps over. It's very hard to get noticed on iOS, this is a much smaller pond.

while I would hate to discourage you, many of the people I chatted with while trying to get a TouchPad today said they were planning to install Android on it and had zero intention of using WebOS. They seemed certain that if there wasn't already an Android version that would run, there would be very soon.

still, there have to be quite a few new WebOS users today, plus those like me who have WebOS phone and have added a TouchPad, and now need some new apps (since the sorts of apps you'd run on a ~10" tablet are often different than what you want on a ~3" phone)

They won't likely get Android running on it any time soon. We'd just as soon get webOS on an iPad. It simply isn't going to be easy.

Sounds like buying a bimmer and installying a VW interior.

If you refer to putting Android on the Touchpad than you are right ;)

In the case of the TouchPad though, its body is a VW and the engine is the BMW. People will find that out once they play with the OS. Its UI is strong and preware makes it even better.

Why would someone buy the VW body, and then put a clunky ford pickup engine in it? They wont! They will leave well enough alone and soon be like the many thousands of us who wish WebOS would FINALLY get the hardware it deserves. I am rooting for HTC! Maybe the will resurrect the PALM name even! can you say "PREvo 3D" phone? Oh yeah!

I would buy PREvo in a sec

Yes, please port your apps. Though I agree some of them bought the touchpad hoping for an android port but the reason they needs android port is because of apps and if they can see the apps for webOS, they may not switch to android. I wish devs take this opportunity and build some great synergy and exhibition apps, please.

I doubt there was more than half a million orderd in the first quarter of existence. Let's say HP gets them all on the market. That is still not a viable platform. You can also be certain that none of these will wind up in the enterprise sector. These are just hobbiests and enthusiasts. This is not a mass market. I suspect that a large percentage of these will end up being returned as there are still issues that will likely never be worked out in the software. HP and BB want this problem to just go away. HP wants to forget the TP ever happened.

Best Buy will not return them. The e-mail sent out inside the company stated all sales are final.

If you looked at the announcement about the cancellation carefully, you'll notice that it appeared to be strictly a CFO/financial decision with no thought or regard for the "good will" that was behind the entire movement (meaning someone doesn't understand what motivates people). I don't think HP wants to forget the touchpad nor WebOS, just they thought they couldn't make a profit from it because they didn't understand the community, the reason for buying a pad, etc.

From what I've been reading, WebOS is still (supposedly) being supported as well as the app catalog. They just aren't going to make the hardware anymore (I reread PreCentrals stuff on the Touchpad Go, I think I'd rather have had one of those).

Of course, announcing you're getting out of the PC business strictly because the numbers don't look good means you don't understand how that is a huge lead in into the enterprise market that HP values so much.

Its also a poison pill for the PSG group. THey don't have a sales strategy and yet they just basically cut the sales feet out from under PSG. I can't see HP PSG still begin #1 next quarter regardless of what happens next. Who is going to want to buy in bulk HP computers for their company when you have no idea where its going next, what support, the uncertainty of the product line, no new development on PC devices, etc.

Poison pill? Maybe a torpedo to the head...

Well, Lenovo bought IBM's hardware division and they seem to be doing pretty well.

This post is a lie , i'm on the bestbuy website and the touch pads are completely removed from the site . only screen protectors remain.

Its not a lie; they aren't selling them online (I presume the lot warehoused for online orders was easier to return than those from individual stores) but the stores did get permission to sell their inventory this evening.

i tried to grab one (Colorado) and all of the nearby BBs confirmed they were able to start selling them, and had sold out within an hour of my phone call.

"The pricing is effective immediately at both physical stores and"

Ah, missed that. You're right, it is not online.

Where's the article where you tell me the board of directors used chainsaws and pick axes to break down the barricade at Leo's office then dragged him out onto the lawn and just left him there crying. I want to read that article.

There seems to be a mistake in the post which says (as of this posting):

"16GB for $99.99 or 32GB for $199.99"

Shouldn't it be $149.99 for the 32GB?

Im still curious to see what becomes of the touchpads at newegg and tigerdirect

Ok now it is time for HP to redo their strategy, fire the one who canned the hardware, and restart the HP WebOS union now that they see that their product is gone. Change some price points, and finish making the world a better place for all of us WebOS fans.
I will not fault them for continuing to make WebOS hardware. There is a demand,and now that it will be in the hands of more people, they can make the TP2, with dual cameras and a more realistic price point. Just dont announce it until they are within 2 months of bringing it out.
Finish the Pre3 and continue with everything else.
The question is, should they go ahead and bring the Pre3 out half cocked and be ready in the wings with a Pre4, or take a couple or few more months "perfecting" the Pre 3.

Who's on board?

And what retailer wants to deal with HP, now?

after sales come in, and people get used to WebOS retailers will slowly come back. When they see people want the products they may by in low quantities to test the market.

I would deal with them on a trial basis.

Wishful thinking.

Would be a smart move though. After seeing the products fly off the shelves, I would give it a month and get the phones out slowly (Pre3), and if the people want the phones to go with the TP, then they should continue with the manufacturing of new and different products. WebOS is great, people just have to see it, and use it.

They flew off the shelves because $99/149 is ridiculously low price. At that price it doesn't need apps because as just a tablet brower/ereader it's still a good price.

The price means a massive loss for HP. Something they wouldn't have done if they weren't getting out of the business.

And HP is getting out of the consumer PC business altogether - not just webos devices. It doesn't make much sense to suddenly reconsider webos devices while still getting rid of desktop and laptop computers.

Further HP lost a 5th of their market cap and the current firesale will mean bad figures for this quarter.

Their own employees must be annoyed and many will already be looking for a new company.

In addition the whole thing damaged consumer confidence in HP products. That might likely affect even the printer division they want to keep.
After months of hyping the webos platform and how they are in a marathon - who will believe anything HP says atm?
As a result HP balance sheet might look terrible by the end of the year.

All that under the 3rd problematic CEO in a row.

Fiona, Hurd and now Apotheker - it seems HP is unable to pick a CEO that doesn't damage the company.

Not gonna happen, too much pride and ego in the execs. You can't reverse such a major decision so quickly without getting fired.

What this does is provide incentive to potential licensees and developers (hype + larger userbase), which is probably even better in the long term.

I think it's ironic that, by killing WebOS devices, HP might have saved WebOS.

well I just called every BB in my area, and every one assured me that they'd sold all their touchpads in a very short time, and that no other BB had any either.

I'm very lucky I managed to snag the last TP at a local Radio Shack this morning; I initially had to pay full price, but then a few hours later called back and found they'd gotten the price update from corporate so I went back and got my $350 + tax back in cash.

More bullshit from this websites. Even your articles are contradicting. One say webos development will continue, the next minute its trashed and written off.

This $99 is bullshit as well. Thats all this site does, No direct link to anyone of the supposed company's that you claim are selling this for 99 dollars? hmmm. This old business model needs to stop, no other company does it this way and don't you think it is repetitive?

Lets get a real phenomenon going, in the scenario Palm/HP design the phone flawlessly including video chat with out question or query. A solid breathe of freshaire from this company and my goodness put the Palm back in it. Hp/Palm sounded so good.

If anyone has a link to one of the touch-pads please share it with us.

You are really dumb...for real. Everywhere there is was selling them today. This site WAS behind in reporting it, but this article is about BEST BUY selling them.

Confirm that they're selling them @ THIS PAGE

You're a day late and a dollar short sonny. You have to FIND bargains...they don't sit around waiting for you. If you had called HP last night around midnight, like I did, you'd have one on order...If Best Buy gets them back on their web site tonight that may be your best bet. Stay tuned, pay attention, and you might get lucky...There are no links yet because all the old links are sold out...

HP is out, leave them your email. I got lucky and snagged the 32GB at my local bestbuy for $149.99. Some retailers are still ot budging from the current price points. LIke Office Depot, started selling the TP last night, and then backed out earlier this morning. I wasn't haapy, was hoping to get it with my employee discount. Best Buy Canada, had them on sales online last night, now they are saying you can only get them at a store. So It will be interesting to see, Officemax, Staples, Office Depot, Amazon, Newegg, Tiger Direct will do in the next few days. I would leave an email with, if some of the retailers do send their inventory back. HP will have more to sell soon. Good Luck all. Go WebOS

To the swift go the spoils. You just are not very swift.

Now start selling the Pre3 for $49!

Just start selling them PERIOD!

Just got off the phone with Long story short, the sku's were removed from the website system today to prevent sales associates making sales anyways. As of right now they still don't have it in the system nor can they check the stock at a local store from their computers. The store by my house already made the transfer invoice to the PRC(Product Return Center) today so they would have to get a higher up to cancel the shipment for them to sell it. Fun times. BTW, did anyone see that HP has redone their website to say that they are out of stock on the touchpad and they added a notify link. They threw those graphics together pretty quick.
They're also still promoting the 4g version of the touchpad as coming soon...

The page has vanished from the German HP site.

HP Touchpad is still in the main products menu - but clicking it gets you to a page with:
Sorry, we can't find that page.

The page you are looking for is no longer available or has been moved

says it is sold out they have 200,000 of these things and you still can't get one to us LOL

On thing is for sure, at this price, how ever many they made, they will now have that many users of webOS. If they had any in the manufacturing pipeline, they would be smart to finish them and sell them at this price as well. If they had done this kind of pricing off the bat, and taken the loss, they would already be working toward a million users, which would definitely have jump started the webOS community. Would have nicely setup the Pre 3 as well. Of course, companies don't usually like to go in selling there products at this kind of pricing.

Really makes you wonder what they will do once they have all of these users?

I agree this is how hp should have started right from the beginning. I wish they reevaluate their strategy and make/contract new hardware close to this price point. At least now they can even approach the devs to convince them!

In fact now is the time for them to show TTS ads and release Pre 3! Imagine, people will see the features and might end up buying the Pre! wishful thinking...

Why does everyone assume that this time, there will be no returns?

For the most part they can't be returned at many retailers. Also why would people return something that costs $99 and has a million times the functionality of a digital picture frame at the same price.

Two reasons:
1. At 99/149 these are most likely final sales without accepting any returns. Wanting to get rid of inventory is the sole reasons the price is this low.
2. Customers mostly know they buy a dead platform device that won't have many apps available and no future support. At this price people buy it for its *as is* functionality.

After a CRAZY morning i basically gave up on getting the touchpad, and was pissed. Then on my way to get some food i stopped at the local bestbuy 30 min before closing to chit chat with the reps about the whole situation. then the guy told me they can sell them once it updates n their system so i decided to wait with another lady and be second in line.

by 10 min to close more than 20 people showed up all saying they saw a memo online about it. I figured the price wouldnt update till tommorow and was about to leave, Then the guy got authorization to price overide them and starting handing them out to those inline, when i noticed i had forgot my damn wallet at home. I called my mother and made her fly to he bestbuy to bring my wallet. When the rep gave me my touchpad he was gonna ring it up but i told him i wanted to buy some cd, and ran and hid in the appliance section till about 9:03 when my mother showed up with my wallet. That was hectic i thought i wouldnt be able to get one.

all in all i am happy got my touchpad, to bad couldnt get one from the family. but as i stood around and talked to fellow people in line, no one even knew what webos was or palm, or any of the features of the touchpad. So i was teaching everyone bout it inline.

LOL, I told you you'd get one if you were persistent and lucky Maestro1....

Derek, The email about this went out at ~5PM CDT. Where were you guys then? Were you napping? Tsk tsk tsk...

j/k I just don't know how to react when there's no updates for 24 hours during the most tumultuous time in webOS history.

any online retailers have them at the firesale price?

Your article states $199.00 for the 32GB model which is incorrect and should read $149.00.

SECOND! 149.99 is the highest asking price

Best Buy in Bakersfield wasn't selling them. I was in the store and three different customers asked for them. They told customers that the product had been recalled.

They'll have it in the morning. Get in line.

Called several retailers today before the BB notice came out and everyone (including some BB employees) were under the impression this was a hardware recall due to a defect or malfunction. Yet I was told that I was the 300th caller in the last two hours in some cases. Hopefully they will be more informed Sunday morning for the noobs.

Hey, never thought I'd see another webOS head from Bako. Hope you were able to snag one. :)

I just called the BB in Oceanside and nothing. She said they aren't selling them and they're aren't in their system yet (anymore)... Suggestions?

they don't know yet and you will have to call them in the morning or stalk the website like i am

wondering if will refund difference between launch price and this price?

yes, they did for me. i bought 7/8.

I just got off the phone with Best Buy, and the guy said that the website will not refresh tonight/they are totally sold out online, and that stores are not able to reserve any, they are on a first come first served basis. So get up early and head to your local store to get one!!

HP should learn a lesson. Instead of buying actors at ridiculous $$, next release, just use the marketing dollars to reduce the pricing of the unit drastically. As was said MANY times before, Apple iPad devices are better, but if you want to win, your device should have more/better quality than the iPad or drop your price so low, everyone will want it. Once the public understands how overpriced apple products are, they'll finally wake up and stop buying that nonsense.

Funny how 30 years ago the public was smarter. When apple tried to sell their macintosh computers for more just because Jobs felt "it was a better computer", the public said "you're crazy" and they bought the cheaper PC which did the same thing.

Hp should read history.

One VERY important question that I did not see answered before, does this clearance price and price matching affects the 60 day return policy, because in the new "webpage" it has a "return" policy link that states de previous 14 days thing...


Been on hold with BB for 40 minuts trying to ask this..

Afer 1:10 they answered, the 60 day return is still good. good luck finding the clearance ones...

I think it's clear HP left a lot of money on the table here. Original pricing was obviously too high, but the rate at which they are selling out at this price says they could have sold them all a little slower for more money. Even if they only cleared them out at $150/$200 for 16Gb/32Gb, if you imagine half a million made, HP could have lost $25million less here.

Not to mention they are trying to focus on business services? Great demonstration with their own web store crashing left and right.

I will buy one if I can find one at this price. So far - no luck.

There were 18 at my local BB. Sales rep said they sold out in 10 minutes once they started selling ~6PM PST. My shiny new touchpad is happily charging away and downloading 3.0.2...

I've also spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how to switch palm profiles (i logged in with the wrong one). Kind of an indictment that I still don't know how without wiping.

Just do a full erase and restart. If you just bought it, no reason to end up with some artifact from trying to overwrite the wrong profile.

I went to 2 best buys in LA.....the 1st sold out......the 2nd didn't get the memo until late. They said they would start selling tomorrow. The hp rep was there. I'm going to camp out or at least go really early and stand in line. The 1st store said they got over 80 calls for availability. They've got word from other stores of over 140 calls.

This has been one of the weirdest days (or few days) in tech history because of this situation. I think we should all start calling 8/20/11 "TP Day" and have tshirts made with The Great Cornholio holding a Touchpad in one hand and a roll of...well, TP, in the other.

My wife and I has success this evening on the HP Small and Medium Business store. Be prepared to use the "Refresh" button a lot as the servers were pretty log-jammed when we were trying to order. Probably because a web article told everyone where to go.

Thanks. I'm trying it now, but it's really slooooow!

I finally managed to add a couple to my cart in two different browsers... then the server gagged with an out of memory error.
"Out of memory /LM/W3SVC/600510919/Root/dstore/global.asa, line 0"

They must be getting hammered.

Okay. Three hours and 3 different browsers later... I finally got two from the small business web site. Expected Ship date 8/23, when their replenishment comes in I guess. Two 32gb touchpads for less than some off brands - Worth it!

Local Best Buy sold out about 3 hours ago. The HP SMB store seems to have inventory. Be patient, the site is really slow (21:50 Pacific Time).

just saw the touchpad commercial with the gal from glee.....i started to laugh at "starting at $399".... Ha!

Apple may get the overall tablet business, but nobody does it like PALM (HP who?) when it comes to frenzied purchasing days to product lines with failed futures.....webOS 4 Life!....


Now they can do one better and have a fire sale on the Pre3 or just add that to the deal and give it to the early adopters. For this to truly work we need the Pre3. Or is it Pre³?

It appears the HP small business site is down. Click on my cart gives me an immediate HTTP 500 error. Grrrr!

keep on refreshing it'll finally go thru.
Few ppl shared that on some sites like slickdeals and I just did that. Have confirmation and all just not sure I'll get it delivered or approved. Got my microcenter order canceled by them:(
We'll see in the morning. Might swing by the local BB, Staples and RadioShack stores.

I just hung up with bestbuy to try to purchase a tp over the phone to pick up in my local store...after 36 minutes on hold, The person said he was told an hour ago (at 1 am) the tp is discontinued and not available. I said no it wasn't discontinued it was discounted. He continued to say it was discontinued and not available. It's not as if he knew what my local store was and knew they were sold out because he never asked. So I wonder what's the story now. I'm going to call my local store in the morning. UGGGGG!!!!

just a thought on the firesale...webOS will finally be in the hand of more consumers and they will know how great it really is.

to bad HP had to do this in order to get WebOS out to this many users. This will be a good thing for WebOS in generally. Hopefully homebrew will keep up the good work. With any luck this will attract a lot of dev's. Hopefully the OS will be licensed and we will get hardware soon.

BTW - for those of you planning to go to BB to pick one up tomorrow, good luck. There is a line in front of the three BB I checked all waiting overnight for the touchpad. Amazing this happens now, to little to late.

I live a friend who works at Best Buy. He was going to buy me one, but then they weren't selling them. When they started selling them, they wouldn't let employees buy them.

They only discounted the 16gb ones while he was still there... 32 tomorrow? I wish I could be there just in case... Oh well.

Finally got two 16gb TP's from the HP small business store, after trying for about an hr. So now going to return my $600 32gb to Amazon along with the touchstone and case. I hope to get a case at a steep discount. What an absolute cluster**** this has been, but worth it on some level to get a tablet at $99.

I have a HP Touchpad now and I'm very happy with it. I'm also new to this site which I would be visiting everyday from now on.

My story is the following, (pardon my English)

I was at 8:45am outside Office Depot waiting for it to be opened at 9:00am and at that moment there was NOONE but me.

I was not really expecting people since I thought the Touchpad was not very popular and nobody would really know since the news about this fire sale just appeared the night before. Also I didn't even know if they have Touchpads at that specific Office Depot and there are also tons of other electronic stores in the area for anyone interested.

Suddenly at 8:55, there were more than 10 persons around me, some couple even impolitely IN FRONT OF ME now. Everyone was quiet, but I knew, by the nerdish look in some of them, that they were here for the HP Touchpad

At 9:00 the store opened and everyone ran towards the tablet area. I was the last person to get there since I was completely unfamiliar with the store. But there was only one tablet and it was in display. One girl had it already in her arms as if it was a baby.

Then the store manager came to ask why we were there and I told him that I came for the Touchpad. He asked us to follow him to the front desk were he only had 6.

Again people ran and got in front of me... I knew I was lost and about to leave but then the manager pointed at me and said, "I saw you arriving first, I don't know about the others." Then I said, I'M BUYING TWO, thank you.

Welcome aboard Carlos. Have fun with your new toy. These are strange times in WebOSLand but it sure can be a blast.

Good for you! People can be such douchebags and cut in line with things like this. You would think that they were the last 6 available on the planet. But that's truly good for you that the manager noticed that you put in the effort to be the first and you were rewarded for it.

I personally just snagged mine from the HP site. While it's not in my hands yet, I'm happy to know that I finally got one.

After trying two wally worlds. I went to a far away Office depot 1/2 hour before opening. went to door when other cars started to arrive. They turned out to be employees. I informed them of the deal they knew nothing about. They went in the back and set some aside for them selves and brought out 2 32gig Tp's for me and said that was all. Then I noticed a crowd around the display. Then I found a wally world that hadn't changed the price in thier system yet and had turned all but 1 customer away. I waited 1/2 hour with him and 2 other that stood behind me. I saw 7 in the case. they let each of us buy 1. I got a 16gig for the 14yr old now webOS convert from android thanks to this. and they announced they were all gone. The 3 that were left were being put in a box. no doubt for the 3 employees helping us.

Ok Hp, Throw the Pre 3 that would work on Sprint at the Original Pre owners and get rid of the 64gig White tablets at 199.99.
Might come close to making things right.

Been attempting to order from the HP Small Business website, and got a pre-auth charge on my card, but site failed to load and got no type of order confirmation :(

What do?

Despite no confirmation, I can actually see it now in the order history so I'm crossing my fingers to avoid any type of crazy order limbo...

You have to use Internet Explorer 9, don't ask why, I have no idea. Opera works for some people but fails for most, FireFox fails for absolutely every one, Chrome works for some people but fails for most. Internet Explorer 9 is the only one that consistently works for most people, it's still super slow loading the pages and you have to refresh repeatedly and wait for it to load or fail then refresh again but most people get them ordered in 40-80mins with it.

i ordered two on firefox. it took a straight hour of hitting refresh to get to the next screens. but after an hour i had got through. i read on another website that people have not gotten confirmation emails for many hours but later they did get it and it was marked as shipped. im hoping to receive a confirmation email.

Got my TouchPad from Best Buy in Round Rock, Tx. Now I have it next to my iPad 2 given to me from work (Apple).

Hmmm wonder if I can load Android on here.... lol

Nah I love WEBOS

after failing at 2 office depots, 3 walmarts, 2 staples, and fry's i finally just managed to refresh past the errors at hp small business and order 2 16giggers

at least i get to enjoy the silver lining to the death of webos :/

I was able to process 2 separate orders online at BestBuy. They won't cancel one of the two orders because of the one per rule, even though I got confirmations will they?

this whole ordeal sounds fishy to me!

acquire webOS - make a million devices - dump them in a fire sale - (secretly Amazon is making a webOS tablet) - by Christmas, everyone wants a webOS tablet...

Anyone know if they plan to run a firesale in the UK? The prices here are still at £399!

You know, I wonder how well TouchPad would have sold at launch if HP had done some kind of ridiculous "for one week only at launch, TouchPads are $99!" xD

I was thinking the same thing DarkeSword. Kind of like when CDs/DVDs/etc come out. First week or so they are $19.99, then they jump to $29.99. They would've gotten all the early adopters who were going to buy anyway, but also lots of new people would've got 'em just to try it out. Even at $199 it probably would've sold great.

Sales of the TP on apparently went live in the early hours this morning. When I checked the site at 8am est it said both were available but once I tried to checkout with the 16gig in my cart it said unavailable. I tried with the 32gig and was about to submit my order, then on a whim checked HP's smb site again. There they no longer show the 16gig at all, but say the 32gig is available. I went through the ordering pages with no problem and ended up ordering from there (free shipping vs $10 at bestbuy). As of 9am both 16 and 32gig were listed as out of stock on As of right now HP seems to still have 32gig TP's on their site:

Just got my confirmation email, almost 12 hrs later.

I'm fascinated that people are fighting to get the TP now even though development is at a standstill or dead (depending how pessimistic you want to be) esp with all poor reviews. I guess for $99 you can't go wrong. But that there may have been an interested audience for TP but price was way too high.
At a minimum, I just hope that webOS gets one or two updates to fix bugs and speed thngs up. I just emailed quickoffice to see if they're finishing their product.(probably not unless they have a contract with HP to complete it) That would be a classier end(?) to webOS.

Only way to make this crazier? If HP changes their mind next week, restores webOS devices, and fires Leo!!!

poor reviews? i have only read good reviews. how have you not read good reviews about the TP???

I've read some reviews and most I ran across were mediocre. The software was supposed to be kinda buggy at first but there was supposedly an update for that.

I wish, ewl88, '...restore webOS, fire Leo!!!' I doubt it will happen, but sure would be nice at least to see Leo gone for this.

called hp to make a purchase, there is a recorded message "if you're calling for their touchpad sale, they are currrently oout of stock, please check website next week"...When I checked staples website at 5:30 am, there were selling for $49.99. I called every staples in my area before 9am (they don't open until 10am) and evetyone was sold out. Guess staples empployees are lucky this morning because between 3am and 5:30 they sold out

So if HP is offering full refunds do you have to return the device since it is worthless to them?

I was able (I think) to purchase a 32GB version and a touchstone from the HP Small and Medium Business website. I too had tried many times to no avail. Strangely enough, the order went through when I used the Opera browser. Coincidence or is Opera somehow faster than the other browsers?

Shame on me, but I still want a Pre 3. Also, the white 64GB version...I have issues I guess.

I want the Pre3 as well for some odd reason. Could be the free tethering.

That is certainly a big part of it.

hello there ,palm fan then webos fan ,crying for its death,I am outside of the USA , I have a POBOX address a paypal account ,and a credit card that works in USA, I keep getting this message from the server

We are unable to create your account with the address information provided. Please verify the state and zip code information and try again.

this is my billing address

7801 NW 37th St
doral florida/POBOX DO80Q32064N
doral FL 33166-6503
United States

any help?

Maybe it is the combination of the PO box and zip code? Seems like shippers don't like to ship to PO boxes. Maybe try a zip code look up on based on the physical street address?

o yeah, I only wrote this part 7801 NW 37th St, with my name in it my shipping company will figure it out, but I still get the same message

now I feel like giving up, but dam, this is a one in a lifetime oportunity!

I got one at, took a bazillion times to try.

On the HP small business website I keep getting the following error after trying to go to my shopping cart.

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03e9'

Out of memory

/LM/W3SVC/600510919/Root/dstore/global.asa, line 0

I can't believe they use CLASSIC ASP for their website?!?

Everywhere is completely sold out... And HP Canada online store isn't selling them discounted like HP USA store. :/

I am happy I get to keep my opening day TouchPad and don't have to start over with installation. I still think this thing is worth the $ I paid but will now be able to get a touchstone. I will take my chance and get one now. Please developers bring your software and HP bring your software, updates, and lets finally make webOS stand out and be one of the big names in the tablet market. Even if devices are not being made we need to have a demand so soon they will be again.

I couple of hours ago, I went to the HP SMB store and the 16G units were sold out.
But, I was able to successfully place an order for 2x 32G units. I haven't received yet an email with the order confirmation. Now, I'm trying to order another one for my brother but the checkout isn't working anymore.

I did the same thing at like 3 in the morning and now my mother in law wants one and the page is back to not working again.

I wonder if yesterday wasn't the single largest day of sales for any tablet? Anyone have a guess as to quantity sold and possible dollar value?

Talk about viral marketing. I'll retract all the nasty things I said about Leo if he gets up tomorrow and says "just kidding" we're going to keep making them.