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Best Buy offering prepaid Verizon Palm Pre 2 contract-free for $51.99 23

by Derek Kessler Tue, 26 Mar 2013 5:17 pm EDT

Best Buy offering prepaid Verizon Palm Pre 2 contract-free for $51.99

If you're looking to cut costs on your cell phone contract and maybe upgrade from a beaten old Pre or Pre Plus, you might want to turn some attention to Best Buy and Verizon, as they have a Verizon Palm Pre 2 available contract-free for Verizon's prepaid system for the low low price of just $51.99. That sort of rock-bottom pricing doesn't come around often, even for two-year-old long-canceled smartphones like the Pre 2.

There's no immediate indication that this Pre 2 is locked into only Verizon's prepaid service. Verizon actually allows you to bring any Verizon device onto prepaid, and there's nothing about this phone that says it wouldn't work the other way around too. Considering that these Pre 2 smartphones are likely excess stock that Big Red has been trying to unload for the better part of a two years, there likely hasn't been any reprogramming to lock them onto prepaid either. Verizon just wants them out of the warehouse, and Best Buy is all too happy to oblige.

Prepaid service for a smartphone like the Pre 2 through Verizon will run you $60 a month for unlimited talk and text with 500MB of data, while another $10 will net you a 2GB data allotment. Not only is the $51.99 Pre 2 through Best Buy the cheapest smartphone offered for Verizon prepaid, it's a damn good price if you were looking to pick up a spare device or two should things go south with your current webOS smartphone.

We'd actually say, if not for the fact that it comes with minimal support from HP and app developers, it'd qualify by far as the best smartphone offered on Verizon prepaid, either directly from the carrier or Best Buy. The other smartphones? The Samsung Illusion, running Android 2.3 under curved glass (while the Pre 2 went away from curved surfaces); the HTC Rhyme, notable as HTC's edearingly foolish attempt to create a smartphone "for women" with a silly "Charm Call indicator" meant to hang out of your purse and flash purple when you've got alerts, and the not-that-old-but-still-old-school BlackBerry Curve 9310. Against this motley crew, the Verizon Palm Pre 2 almost stands out as a value superstar.


That's cool.
Personally, I've used T-Mobile pre-paid as my backup for the few occasions when I'm traveling and my hacked Pre [minus] can't get a signal on its cricKet CDMA network. I use my aging Palm Pro for this because it's completely unlocked and I can use virtually any SIM card in any city.

So, I would be seriously tempted to buy one of these just as a new backup if it was a GSM phone.
Then I could totally have everything already setup/synchronized and use it on WiFi like an iPod touch, and only pay for the cellular service when I really needed to.

Unlocked GSM Pre 2 units are available out there for pretty cheap too.

Derek, where we can get the Unlocked GSM Pre 2 cheap I will love one

Yeah, I've never seen any other than stupid priced ones from Overstock.

Wow, after using a Pre 3 for so long, I forgot how small the Pre 2 is!

Tempted, would be nice to have a backup if I broke my current Verizon Franken Pre 2
on Sprint. I still like my $65/month plan after taxes and everything. The thing is, if
I lose my phone, I lose the comm board and pay $75/month...

WebOs forevah!

Lucky that the Straight Talk AT&T SIM is working for me with the Pre 3. The $45 deal is pretty sweet.

you know you can get that for $31 on ebay?
thats where i get mine. Im also on straight talk after i left sprint.

just bought mine :D

I have an iPhone 4. Yeah its alright, but webOS has a special beauty to it that no other OS has...

I'm more interested in what webOS devices (if any) will work with the new T-Mobile plans.

any gsm webos device will work with t-mobile, as long as it's unlocked.

I don't think the Pre 3 is compatible with T-Mobile 4G though, or even 3G, only it's much slower EDGE network :(

Not sure about the Veer, but likely the same boat.

t-mobile is switching to AT&T compatible frequencies.

Pre3/Veer GSM phones definitely work on T-Mobile 3G, which I'm using right now. I have used both phones on the network and get about halfway between standard 3G and 4G speeds. Plenty fast. Depends on coverage area, of course.

this is a great deal....looks like i might have to get my dad one......

they are sold out online


HP returns to WebOS tablets

MENAFN - - 3/27/2013 5:29:41 PM

@ HerrKarl - that story link has already been confirmed as false.

I thought I had posted previously but I guess not. I have an unopened and unlocked GSM Pre2 if anyone is interested.

I bought this last week for 51.99. When it arrived the price had been dropped to 44.99 and they gave me a credit for the difference. I love all the features, especially for the price, but the specs on the Best Buy site were wrong. They said it comes with a microSD slot, but it doesn't have one. I can't find any reference to any Pre having an SD slot on the internet, so I'm guessing the specs just have a typo. So, don't buy this because you have a zillion contacts and need the memory.

it doesn't really matter how many contacts you have now days because smart phones all store the contact information on google where the space is endless

Against this motley crew, the Verizon Palm Pre 2 almost stands out as a value superstar.printing singapore