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Best Buy USA cuts $10 from 16GB TouchPad, $20 fro 32GB; Canadian arm cuts $70 111

by Derek Kessler Tue, 12 Jul 2011 12:16 pm EDT

If you’re looking to save money on a new HP TouchPad, it’s looking like Best Buy might be the place to go. Both the American and Canadian divisions of the electronics mega retailer have put the TouchPad on sale, and for once the Canadians are actually getting a better deal than their southern counterparts.

Best Buy USA has opted for small undercutting, uh, cuts on the TouchPad, shaving $10 from the 16GB TouchPad, and $20 from the $32GB. That brings the pricing down to $489.99 and $579.99, respectively. It’s not a massive price cut, but we’ll save money where we can. Throw in the $50 “I own a Pre” rebate and you’re looking at getting a 32GB TouchPad for as little as $529.99.

Canada, however, gets the better end of this stick. Best Buy Canada has the TouchPad on pre-order, with a slated arrival date of July 15th. And to undercut their maple leaf rivals, the Canadian division of Best Buy is offering $70 off on both storage capacities of the TouchPad. That brings the price down to $449.99 for the 16GB TouchPad and $549.99 for the 32GB TouchPad. Even with the current conversion rate  (CA$1.00 = US$1.03), Canada’s getting a better deal on the TouchPad than anybody else. We know, aboot time, eh?

Source: Best Buy USA, Best Buy Canada; Thanks to Mattso, sml_blok, and Jordan for the tips!


Wow! Save $20 on an overpriced, under spec'd (based on the new model shipping in the "coming weeks" ugh not that again) tablet with no app catelog and buggy software. No thanks. At this point I wouldn't buy one for $399.

You obviously have not used a TouchPad. The software isn't buggy and there is an adaqute app catalog for being out for less than two weeks.

You obviously have not used a TouchPad. The software is buggy and there is an inadequte [sic] app catalog for being out for less than two weeks given they said there would be tens of thousands of apps on launch.

Who said what?!

I am sure you are joking but, just for reference...

Engadget: What are you doing on the developer front? [This was before the developer event]

Steven [McArthur]: We expect to have apps in the low tens of thousands by the launch of the Pre 3 and TouchPad. That's phase 1. We've got a massive footprint, we're committed to building the best tools for developers, and we're committed to putting in place the best marketing, and helping them drive their business programs.

Please keep repeating this as HP wants to keep sweeping their public promises under the rug as each one turns out to be a lie.

TENS of thousands. Pffft.

Ahh...much better. The Pre3 isn't here as yet, but what are we at now? Seven tenths of tens of thousands? LOL. Just another perspective.

Yeah....they added a handful in the FIVE MONTHS since McArthur said that, but they've got 14,000 (you need 20,000 for "tenS of thousands") lined up and ready to go in the next 30-60 days for when the Pre 3 arrives?


Even if McArthur mistakenly meant 11,000 or 12,000, they still need to drop 5,000-6,000 in two months when they couldn't get anywhere near that in FIVE.

Just yet another lie from the HP talking heads.

The Pre 3 doesn't launch in 30 to 60 days. That is just the soft launch. The real launch of the Pre 3 and the Touchpad has been moved back to 2013.

He wasnt talking about the Pre3 though was he. He said that when the TouchPad launches he expects to have tens of thousands of apps.

LOL. Just a realistic perspective.

Thumbs up for you!

And minus rank for you!

Wait a week or two and the price may go below $399 and you can buy one then. The drop in price after only two weeks means there is no one buying them now. Great OS but too little, too late, too expensive and too few people left on the Pre/WebOS wagon to make any difference.

First a hardware bump and now a small price drop. o_O

this is just another step in their diabolical plan towards becoming.... "Number one plus"

I went back to BB yesterday with my receipt and got refunded the difference with no hassle. Now the total cost of the device for me is $530. Pretty nice price for a 32GB tablet.

Did exactly the same thing...

LOL~~~~~ All you American must be FacePalming so hard right now. Go Canada Go~~~ I can get $50 off the touchpad since I had a pre-, now for 399, this is a steal~~~

PS:I pre-order the 16GB version, I am hoping that HP will miss the shipment and give me a 32GB one instead. Finger Cross.~~~~

you mean 499, come on man, we Canadians are supposed to be smarter than that... lol

yeah, I forgot the rebate is only available for 32GB version

Hey Mr. Canada. $50 dollar rebate is only for 32GB even in Canada, eh.

duh!!!! I guess I take my chance for the short supply of 16Gb model then.

oh boy!

I never understand these price drops. The price drop doesn't even cover most sales taxes.
I recently switched from my Sprint pre to an evo3D cause I saw no hope for a pre3 that won't be able to do what a phone already on the market can (as far as specs, let alone actually coming to Sprint). That being said, I LOVE webOS and want a TouchPad. But with an android phone and a ASUS laptop I need a reason to spend $100 more on the TouchPad instead of the eee transformer. This $10 doesn't mean anything to me. **** I'd still be just as likely to buy the TouchPad if they raised the price $10.

This is why the price drop rules for us Amazoners =)

didn't see the price drop on Amazon. The free Amazon prime for college students is awesome, so if I got it I'd get it on there... but still I'd need to buy 10 TouchPads just to save the money that I should on 1

I just did the same thing... Evo 3d. I'm waiting for HPalm to get their act together, and for those 'tens of thousands' of apps to appear before I jump onto their boat again. I waited 2 years buying into all the 'coming months' and promised updates and promised applications and utility.

It never came, so I left. I still think WebOS is far superior to android, but at least now I can: access my bank account through secure mobile apps rather than the mobile site, buy/check-in for regular flights through a proper app and not a mobile site, have a decent camera!, able to edit/save/send/print documents from my phone, use my company email without IT having to finger my phone for 2 days to get all the settings to jive (yes IT is stupid, at least they know android and can make it work in 2 minutes).

All I miss? My gestures, simpler multi-tasking, having to charge very hour (zing!) and a more integrated notifications experience. Not enough to justify the suffering.

When you consider that you miss gestures and they basically took all the cool gestures away for the touchpad, you made a smart move considering your preferences. Android is clunky though isn't it? But, considering Google hired the team that designed WebOS, I am sure the UI will improve soon enough. You will be ahead of the game on us who followed the HP Pied Piper. I keep thinking though that Windows is going to come roaring back with something awesome. Then again, I thought that of Palm for 2 years so I maybe just like underdogs.

Give it another month and I bet it'll go down again. I'm sad for webOS. I'm about at my end with patience for the Pre3 too. Such a good OS which is limited by its hardware.

Correction: Such a good OS which is limited by nothing happening with it.

Saw this coming from July 1st.

i'd hate to one-up ya, but i saw this coming from the moment they annouced the pricing.

I've been saying all along since HP announced pricing that the point of their pricing was to make it comparably priced to the iPad and then have a slew of retail discounts. You'd be amazed how much of an effect that has on average consumers, they're getting a "deal".

I think you are right. I used to think there would be more of the QVC type bundles to choose from as a "deal". Now, I just think I should wait until they are closing them out entirely.

The Amazon price is reduced also (as of last night). $572 for the 32GB model.

It went as low as $570 even earlier than last night, then went back up to $572 late last week.

actually, costco has had the 32Gb at $579 for a while now. not to mention that they extend the warranty to 2 yrs on tablets, computer, and TVs. and with the $50 rebate, that's $530 for a 32Gb touchpad.

Still too much.

Costco does not extend the warranty on tablets. The staff specifically told me this when I went there to purchase one.

are you sure? i heard this too, but when you look at the shipping tab on their touchpad web page, there's a little blurb about extended warranty which isn't there on all other items.

Price Drop = No Demand

This, is just the first of many to come.

Ha, I was just about to post, this is only the beginning.

seriously, Glenn, what are you doing in this forum? you're obviously not interested in getting a touchpad or any webOS device; so why are you here?

i'm not interested in getting an ipad and you won't see me in the ipad forum. i'm not interested in getting a honeycomb either so you won't see me in the android forum as well. i'm interested in webOS so i come here to read about what's new with the devices. that's why i'm here.

why are you here? if not just to **** and moan?

I am here because I own a pre-. I enjoy using webOS. I want it to succeed.

I just refuse to blindly swear allegiance to HP and I get a kick out of watching how they run things there.

Many of us non-fanboys argued for a while that matching the price of ipad was a horrible business decision. Fanboys killed us saying, "you have to match the price so it looks as good". Well, we were right.

Here's the even worse news... The touchpad looks even cheaper because it is going to have to make huge price drops to sell. That looks a h*ll of a lot worse than just pricing it low out of the gate and saying "we have a good product, it's not everything the iPad is (even though it is better in many ways), but give us a try and save $150.00.

Sorry, but it is fun to gloat...

Sorry, but you are a loser...

I will pray for you. You will find peace in your life some day friend.

>> I am here because I own a pre-. I enjoy using webOS. I want it to succeed.

well, you have a very funny way of showing it. man, i sure hope you don't have kids. God only knows how your "support" will affect them.


I suppose the "webOS fan-person" way of raising kids would be to keep saying "great job little Tommy" no matter how bad they are misbehaving.

Trying to understand the need to bring up someone's parenting skills in a tech blog. /smh

it was supposed to be funny, but i guess you didn't get that. i'm not questioning his parenting skills, just making an analogy. saying "great job little Tommy" all the time is just as bad as saying "lousy job as always!" don't you think?

being a real fan should mean that you praise what's good and point out what's bad. i'm a huge yankees fan and i'll be the first one to boo them when they're playing like like **** but i DON'T boo them at the top of the first inning...if i'm going to do that, i might as well not come to the park at all.

but that's not what we have here, is it? i can't remember a post from this guy that isn't bashing the TP or, essentially, calling those people that bought it suckers. now, you tell is that helping webOS succeed?

Agreed, but do you also reply to the posters that only post how great webOS is?

nope. when i'm in partying with elmo and oscar, i usually tell oscar to chillax :).

Too bad. You just missed a chance to validate your point and not seem as biased as you claim certain posters to be. Oh well.

dude, it's human nature. happy people makes me happy so i let them be. grouchy people kill my buzz. you're telling me you're different?

but i think you missed my point. personally, i think life is too short to waste time with something you hate; people should find something they love instead and follow that. but if hating is what makes the guy happy, then so be it. that's his right. i'm not telling the guy to NOT be grouchy. i'm just telling him to be grouchy somewhere else.

Just suggesting that there is a difference between "grouchy" and "having an opinion different from yours". By your logic, he could simply claim that YOU are being grouchy because you don't see things his way.

As for me, I can read positive and negative posts on a topic without resorting to labeling the poster or questioning their parenting skills.

Most of us here either own, have owned or have used a webOS device and we come here to talk about what we think about the OS. Unfortunately, many here wish the "conversation" were a bit more one-sided.

If the one-sided conversation is what you want, you may want to try the forums where things are...censored.

and what exactly do you think about the OS? i've searched through the comments here and i haven't figured it out yet. just a lot of iPad is better and that webOS is doomed. if you want to talk about the faults and merits of the OS, or the devices for that matter, then i think the phrase "don't come to me with problems, come to me with solutions" applies. this is a "fan" site after all right? to me, coming here and bashing the OS all the time is not unlike atheists crashing a christian newsgroup, or vice versa.

but i think i'm resigning to the fact that every sesame street will always have an oscar. so i think my time is better spent writing up a browser plugin where i can hide comments from GlennBeck. maybe i'll make it configurable so i can add your username as well ;).

I am so confused! For the first time ever I am feeling my love of Palm vanish. (moving my cell from the Sprint Pre to Virgin Mobile Android phone for only $25 bucks per month!) And now I find myself actually agreeing with GlennBeck! For the first time I just gave a thumbs up to Glenn who has been an absolute toolbag in these forums (dude, you know you have - you love to get everyone fired up).
Ugh, this is a sad day. I really mean that! I feel numb.

Thanks HP! Number one+ So glad I stuck my neck out for you all those times.

I can't wait to hear how the Fanboy's explain this!

Fanboy: They are selling so well that HP is making so much money that they are now cutting the price so that they can continue to get webOS in the hands of all of their faithful!

sounds familiar Glenn :)

You're wrong Glen. This is HP's way of #makingItRight(er) as they continue on their #marathon (to 7734 with #Sprint) to become #1(er).

This strategy confuses you because it is truly #likeNothingElse.

Best comment for a long time!

LOL...the marathon has just begun. I have to ask though, is your keyboard key '#' stuck?

He is making fun of HP's obsession with twitter, and the fact that they PAY to be a pretend trend of the day.

Man, I'm sad for you. A person with no sense of humour and all that hatred. A pity I can't pray for you.

It's easy to explain, it's the same reason as I gave when they announced the pricing that was to match the iPad. They planned to launch these then run a slew of retail discounts. This is entire not unexpected.

They planned to launch it buggy and overpriced, just to make sure reviewers and consumers had a negative impression of it.

They always planned to fix the bugs and price it right a month after release. Everyone loves an underdog == $$$.

Amazon had $50 off the 32gb the other day, it went back up a bit though.

If I was going to buy one, which I am not, I'd buy from Amazon.

Actually, highest discount so far by Amazon is 5%.

Must have been a blip in their system, because a few days ago I noticed a $50 discount.

And Nyallj, you do post some odd things.

Why would I bother to make that up?

Never implied you did, but I been checking Amazon quite often and noticed the 5%. I put it there in the forums, and has been followed with updates everyday since. No mention of $50 off anywhere.

Actually, you were clearly saying I was making it up, not implying.

The $50 discount was one of the shops selling through Amazon, not directly from Amazon. There were some wary people that felt that making that purchase would mean they would get their $50 Pre-owner rebate honored.

$499.99-5% = ~$50
$599.99-5% = ~$60.

So, what's your point?

Also, Why is the OP saying $70 off =
$499.99-$70 = $449.99 ?!?
$599.99-$70 = $549.99 ?!?

Where did he go to school? Should be $429.99 and $529.99, no?

Wow - already a price drop, and before the the "Full Launch" starts July 17? Is this really a good sign?

i still want one but i have to see what that update brings to take care of lag. im sure by the time that happens the new spec bumped touchpad will be out and another price cut will be in place. :)

For some reason your comment just made me remember something that I have to ask:

Isn't the processor in the TouchPad actually a 1.5 GHZ processor that they underclocked for head concerns? I swear I read that somewhere or heard it on one of the many hours off my life I spent listening to WebOS podcasts.

The reason I ask is because it feels like the article and many of the comments are treating this new AT&T TouchPad like it has a new processor. Could it be that they will update the launch-day TPad to be at its full 1.5 gig processing capacity? Is this even possible?

Sorry! I meant to type HEAT concerns they had with the processor, not HEAD concerns. LOL!

What a slip! HP and HEAD shouldn't even be in the same sentence at any time - ever! They don't use their heads, they don't make headway on product launches, the executives probably give more than they get of it too. :)

I deserve to be thumbsed down for that.

it's funny, when HP priced the touchpad the same as an iPad, a lot of people complained and said that "it should be priced lower if HP wants to seriously compete." then the price drops and the same set of people are saying "woah, that can't be good."

Well, if I may, this isn't an intended strategy. These retailers are lowering the price of these products, not HP, so clearly Best Buy is cutting the price because they just are not selling. There is no other reason than pure competition, and that being said, this price drop won't make a difference. Nobody cares if something is 10 dollars less than an ipad 2.

The fact is, HP needs to drop these to $399 before they start advertising them, or they won't sell any of them. They've already shown their hand, it's not like some huge surprise is coming in a week to make this thing insanely more competitive.

Please write some articles for PC!

well, there's a reason products are priced at $499 and not $500, afterall. so we can't possibly guess what makes difference with the general public based on how we ourselves would have decided. marketing is a tricky thing. i heard half of the earth's population will buy something just because it's "on sale" :).

i'm not saying that the TP is selling like hotcakes but retailers such as best buy and amazon will always try to undercut the competition regardless of how a product is selling. they work on volume. i think the only reason that you don't see the iPad selling for cheaper in these retailers is because the price is tightly controlled by apple. they don't even play that "minimum advertised price" game. i'm not sure what the policy is if they ever find out that a retailer is selling their products cheaper than the MSRP.

I'm not sure if this sways me in the direction of the touchpad, 'cause I'm still on the fence. I love the interaction between phone and tablet, but I wonder if Android 4.0 will bring similar interaction, and I want to see the Pre3 before I invest my waiting tablet/phone money...

Anyways, just happy my tip got turned into an article!

You may have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than seeing a pre3.

Wow! Even the Slate 500 lasted longer before being discounted. I guess we don't have to ask how sales are going.

When was the Slate 500 discounted? Everywhere I've seen those are still running at their launch prices.

Man, you just can't please some people. First you **** that the price is too high, then you complain that there are price decreases. What do you want? (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question!)

It's standard marketing in technology markets. Initial price is the highest; You can't raise prices and then you discount to generate sales or to move inventory. You can offer a sale price and remove it, but you rarely see price increases. Look at PC's, laptop's, TV's, or cell phones.

The big difference today is the life cycle of a product. It's very short compared to just a few years ago. And in this case, it's not HP lowering the price, it's a retailer trying to gain a very small edge on it's competition. Just say thank you, and if the price is appealing and hits your price point, buy it or wait for a lower price. It's the american way!

Classic Fanyboy statement.

Product life cycle is short. Now life cycles are 1 month! And I thought I got scre*ed with 12 months of support for my pre-.

apparently, life just screwed you.

I dont think anyone who is planning on getting a TouchPad is complaining about saving money.

What I am reading is, 'We told you so' and 'wow it must be selling badly'.

Only reason to shift inventory is if you have a new product coming out (TP 4G is not a 'new product').

If you need to discount to generate sales after a few days, that is sad, you should have had a lower price to start with and I struggle to think of a successful product that has had to engage in that tactic.

Product life cycles are not 10 days.

This is cool for me because ill go back to best buy and get some money back. And i don't care being a first gen adopter because i had a blast using it for the past 11 days. Granted i wish they would of got the spec bump out faster but hey its out, 4g is now available. all we need now is the first round of bug fixes (which exist and are coming soon since the code is already available to devs) and a good RDP app like logmein and we are golden. the rest is just wish wash flim flam.

HP, pay logmein a few mill to get that touchpad app cranking out, its the only app really worth anything on the iPad, the rest are just child games.

...logmein...its the only app really worth anything on the iPad, the rest are just child games.

That's it! I'm no longer flying with the airlines because those children using iPads calling themselves pilots should not be flying planes.

Those fake professionals that we just built an iPad app for to manage their datacenters are really children and what we built were games.

Those prepubescent similac-breathed individuals that pretend apps like Netflix and Flipboard are important make me sick.

And let's not even mention those children that trained for many years just to pretend to be Astronauts on the final space shuttle flight with their fake experiments running on iPhone4s. Only children would work that hard just to use those toys while getting their rocks off floating around in space for 12 days.

I'm done. Gonna run out and buy a TouchPad tomorrow so I can hurry up and wait for [insert app name here].


Excellent post, but PreMaster was simply using a figure of speech to say that to him, if he can control a PC, everything else is secondary. You tee off on him just to get your point about the iPad being the popular choice made. We know it is popular. I think we just wanted to see a superior system become popular. But alas, HP TouchPad is our new Betamax. Superior in ways, but won't be adopted by the sheeple of this planet. And yes, you can be a techno-lemming and be an astronaut.

While my post used the iPad and iPhone as examples (to keep with the iPad dig), the actual point was about the importance of "apps" and an ecosystem, not a particular platform or product.

By the way, the Betamax was not necessarily "the superior" product "overall". That reference has been misused way too often. There were lots of reasons, both technical and non-technical, why the VHS won that particular war.

Probably priced now where they should have started.

Ten Dollars less? Really? Try 100 less.

Given that the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US$ this simply brings Canadian prices in line with US.

well i guess the "price the same as ipad strategy" didnt really pan out the way they thought. i cant believe they actually thought the general public would look at the the two and pick the touchpad over ipad........

Like was said by anyone that knows how HP works the moment they announced their prices were going to match the iPad, they target the price point they want the device to be compared to and then they run retail discounts, either directly or through partners. You've been able to get a similar discount directly from HP for a couple weeks, even on the pre-orders.

hahaha I called it.
This is why I didn't pre-order one (other than no incentives) I knew it can't compete at the same price as the samsung galaxy and the ipad2. Of course they have to drop the prices to sell them.
In another month they will be $399 and $499. I'll consider picking one up then.

Wait for the $299 bundle with touchstone on Woot. I call Spring 2012.

wow look at best buy's main page.
they are pushing the ipad2 over the touchpad. "Thinner, lighter, faster, facetime, 10 hour battery life."

You realize that list on Best Buy is in comparison to the iPad 1.

I believe the question is "why does best buy still feature the (relatively old) iPad 2 on the main page when the 11-day old TouchPad has to be searched for?"

You're right. Because TP has facetime! so..

I wonder if you pull up the Canada site on your phone if they'd pricematch it in store thinking it's the US site. Does BestBuy Canada have a mobile site?

Well, this "retail discounts to make 'em think they're getting a deal" is working wonders.

During launch weekend and a few days after, the TouchPad was actually in the top 10 bestselling Amazon tablets (at the bottom of it, but still....).

Now, with these handy discounts and reduced Amazon price....

They've plummeted to the bottom of the top TWENTY. Of course, it is the highest-rated! Too bad it keeps losing in the cash register poll...

Waiting for all the refurbished, returned units to be offered on WOOT for $200

At this moment, Amazon is at $564.95.

BPH Photo is at $556.95 (with free shipping).

These price decreases are expected. HP wants to send a message that this device is comparable to the iPad2. So they set the prices at the same level, rather than cheaper which would suggest the devices are inferior. But for market penetration purposes they need to sell it cheaper. So "sales" and "discounts" to bring the effective price down. No surprise. The question is where the price is going.

You can see the Amazon price history on Tracktor:

I am not sure if this is the same everywhere else, but they are actually selling the 32gb Touchpad at a local walmart (Granite Falls, NC) for 522$ I am still aprehensive about shelling out my monies for my favorite OS (which shouldn't be a concern, but nonetheless it is). But I really would like to have a tablet, but not really interested in supporting Apple, Android or any one else really. Just wanted to put the price point I have seen out there.

The current Pricedrop does not necessarily have anything to do with the how the Touchpad is selling. In Canada the only store currently selling the Touchpad as far as I know is the HP Store in Downtown Vancouver. And the $70 discount is probably due to the fact that the $50 rebate is not available in Canada.

I'm not even going to consider one until generation 2 (where they're competitive with iPad 2 hardware) and they do something like give me 2 finger gestures for fwd/back on the browser screen. soft buttons are bad news for things as commonly used as that.