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Best Buy USA extends TouchPad returns to 60 days, no sales means no price matching 88

by Derek Kessler Sat, 20 Aug 2011 7:18 am EDT

Sometimes, your sales plan gets turned upside down and you have no choice but to take drastic measures to satisfy your customers. If you’re Best Buy, sometimes is now. The largest electronics retailer in the United States is swallowing a bitter pill with the HP TouchPad; instead of offering it for drastically reduced pricing like some other retailers, Best Buy has extended their 14-day return policy to 60 days for the TouchPad and accessories – more than long enough to make up for HP’s lack of commitment.

Best Buy will not be offering the TouchPad for sale in any way, shape, or form, so price matching is no longer an option. But they’ll give you all of your money back (all 25,000 of you) and help you find the next tablet of your dreams.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks to OldSkoolVWLover and Vortec57 for the tips!



Now I'm not sure what to do. Love my Touchpad but don't want to get left out in the cold. Any thoughts ????

This is a no-brainer -- if you have the option to return it, do so. Buy a clearance unit if you can. At 99/149, even if you never take the device online, this is an amazing premium photo frame.

Agree. At 99 (or 85 after using save30hp) a piece, these were a steal.

Got a touchstone as well and three touchpads.

It's a whole new game at 99 for what you get. 50gb as well.

Funny part? I'm a bit excited about webOS again after being let down. HP shouldn't have been that concerned with profit right off. They needed something like this.

All this talk about hardware being the culprit when I've never really had a problem with the internals or looks. It's always been the apps, OS updates & ecosystem.

where are you getting these deals ?

It was last night. EPP or academic store at 99 for 16gb, 150 for 32gb. You could apply either the save15hp or save30hp coupons as well.

Some are paying full price and getting adjustments later. Others are finding in stores.

They appear to still be available at MicroCenter. I've posted links below.

Yes same problem here and kinda no-brainer.

Actually, I'm resigned to taking mine back and getting another unit at significantly less, but sad I even have to do it.

My only concern is picking up a unit on the cheap side...I want my TouchPad, but I can't afford HP's bitter pill anymore. So my present unit goes back and I pray I find another less expensive unit elsewhere! Here's to hope! Sorli...

Update: TP baby is gone and I'm in morning till I can find a replacement. Best Buy was great, in and out in 10 mins, and even stopped by to talk with the HP reps hawking everything. They weren't too happy, but then neither was I returning my unit originally tagged at $637 bones. Waiting on my refund to process (24-hours) and hopefully can find another unit soon enough on Fire-sale! Sorli...

let me offer a word of advice for those who dont know best buy only agreed to drop prices bc HP didnt want the 20+ units back from each store which is what bestbuy originally set out to do; return them to HP but HP agreed to compensate best buy & its customers for the hassle! Secondly every who works @ customer service is fully aware of the do's and don't associated with this disaster so warranty fraud is not necessary neither is involving a manager. I promise if you return your unit some1 will buy it HP still has to honor their warranty if a year & manufacture parts for up to 7 years by law for their products! As long as you bought your touchpad within the 60 days bestbuy Will return, exchange, or price match it that is our promise to OUR customers! Now what another store does I cant speak on so consider your options before returning because once its gone its gone! WebOS is striving to continue business HP for some reason abandoned their clients with no explanation insight! Theyve done it before with their cameras but HP is still a house hold name jus some corporate s c h u m u c k made a million dollar mistake its not the end of the world I guess I jus know that companys make mistakes too & every1 is trying their best under the circumstance!

Since the HP Veer is on sale for 50 on their site, does that mean if i go into best buy, they have to sell it to me for that price off contract?

I was too late for an unlocked Pre 2 for 50. That seemed the better deal.

You know what to do. You are already left out in the cold. Return it and get the ipad 2. You gotta admit defeat. Hp did. Webos is dead and its own family is not attending the funeral.

I wonder if I can still get my rebate?

And I wonder if BB will refund me with the bar code taken off?

yea...thats exactly what im thinking too....considering hp never sent me a rebate form, i had to go out and find it on my own and also still havent received my $50 app promo code either

Buy a $99 Touchpad from Amazon (or wherever)
Return to Best Buy with original TP receipt
Profit! (Well, at least get your $400 back)

They did for me. I was in the worst possible situation - launch day purchaser of a 16GB, returned when the rebate launched for a 32GB, followed by two price matches, lost my receipt, removed the UPC for the rebate.

They didn't even blink. Just pulled up the info with my debit card and swapped me out for an iPad 2, no questions asked. I asked for a manager and thanked him.

I love my touchpad too .. but its getting painfully obvious the end is here for webOS in this round. Kudos to Best Buy for extending this and making up for this utter lack of committment HP has to it's customers.

So no Pre3 for me (still rocking the sprint pre-) ... And best buy telling me they'll refund my 500 clams .. think the offer is too good to pass up.

Having a tablet now since July 1 ... I don't want to go without one.

XOOM 32g vs. the 16g on my TP, HDMI out, 5mp camera, SD Card port ...

Hello Android I guess... Good bye webOS .. I held up my end of the bargin by following this drama now for over 2 years ...

what happens with the lifetime Box online 50 GB storage account? If you return your TP do you kep it forever for free? If you buy a $99 TP now, do you still get it?

Well, **** Guess I have no choice but to return it.

That would be great, except I'm in freaking Germany with my TouchPad until early October. Now what?

I would contact your local Best Buy and explain the situation and get a Managers approval so when you go in you can tell the other managers so and so said so because I was out of town.

Does anyone know where to get one for 99 bucks?

I destroyed the top of my box getting the label off for the rebate, so I threw it out. I assume I can't return it without the box. Dammit...I would've kept the box otherwise!

If they're not going on sale, what the **** is Best Buy going to do with all of those tablets that no one wants? I was hoping for liquidation. At least those of us waiting for the Pre 3 would have something. And if they sold it at rockbottom prices, a lot of people would own one and developers would still develop for it for a little while longer until WebOS' future were determined.

presumably that big meeting between HP and Best Buy a few days ago (just before HP shot WebOS in the head) resulted in Best Buy opting to just send all their touchpads back to HP. They want no part of the firesale, and just want to wash their hands of this mess.

The'll give it to someone else to firesale.

**** I don't have the box or receipt anymore. Maybe just a credit card statement. What are my chances of getting my cash back?

If they can look you up in the system under your reward zone or if you put a protection plan on the tablet you can return it for full refund on the form of payment. If you don't have any way of having the receipt looked up then you can return it but you get store credit.

WalMart has the $99 price online - and out of stock of course. "Prices may vary in stores"

I've been following this overnight, looking for a chance to get in -- nothing. Our best shot might be that retailers are deciding, like Best Buy, to send them all back to HP. Maybe in a few days we'll see them back in stock on the HP site.

anyone who bought a touchpad at best buy should try to return it, even if you don't have the box. they're not putting them back on the shelf, they're sending them all back to HP. I suspect that HP has agreed to take them back regardless.

Even if you like your touchpad, you MUST punish Best Buy for not participating in this firesale, and you MUST punish HP for this debacle as much as possible.

Then if you want a touchpad anyway, go find one at the firesale. I'm going out later this morning to get mine. Maybe two. At this price they are very worth having just for what they can do out of the box regardless of future support and apps.


This is good customer service from BB.

I'm sure if you don't have the box your TPs serial number is recorded.

This is the best news I have heard so far. Thank you Best Buy, I am not as pissed at HP.

I hope this turns out good in the long run for webOS but it hard to tell. If they can improve software, get big name apps, and get a hardware deal with a good company in a year or two this may turn out good.

I am still mad that HP jumped ship so soon and think they could of handle buisness much better and more professional.

For anyone interested, MicroCenter seems to have them available at the moment.

Make sure you are looking at the web store, and not your local store, since many of the local stores seem to be out. There's a pull down for store at the top of the page.

And if you're coming in later on reading this, and MicroCenter is sold out, you might check at, since they seem to be tracking who has what pretty well.

MicroCenter is charging $20 for shipping plus sales tax, so if you can get it through Amazon with free shipping you'll be better off (assuming Amazon decides to sell them rather than send them back).

Keep an eye out for unlocked pre 2. I was late for that one but @ 50.00, i'd bite.

M-C is showing $499.

and the tracker site is down.

O well, I don't know if I should return it, since my CO paid for it and the processing of paperwork will likely cost more in the long run.

If I decide to replace it with another tab, maybe!

interesting... they don't come up on a search, the only way to find them is those direct links (thanks!). they list at full price, but add to the cart at the lower price.

I'm heading out to a Walmary about 15 miles away that claims to have 32GB touchpads. So far they're the only store in my area that both acknowledges the new price AND shows stock. Radio Shack and Staples both claim stock on the 32GB, but don't yet show the new pricing; at other stores it looks like they're just pulling them off the shelves and returning them to HP rather than getting dirty in this firesale.

If no luck there, I may try ordering from Microcenter.

lol, that was a waste of time... 25 geeks lined up at walmart at 7am for what turned out to be 5 touchpads. they went to the five who were pushiest through the door.

Damn it.. I can't find a cheap touchpad anywhere :-( I guess i'll keep my eye on eBay.

Try the links I just posted. Good luck!

But my question is since the suggested retail price is 50, and that's the company selling it for that low.. doesn't that mean the distributor's have to sell it for that low too? Specially since this is an actual price drop. it's permanent.

they don't HAVE to do anything. overnight all 3000+ 16gb touchpads in stock at my distributor just disappeared, now showing ZERO stock. it looks to me like they've decided to return them to HP. as I write this the 32GB and 64GB still show stock, but no price change. they may well disappear too.

I went into a few different stores today and they all said they sent their stock back to hp. I dont think these places want to get burned with having to sell them so cheap.

LOL! Touchpads at #2 and #3 on Amazon. :D

This is a sad time for all webOS supporters! HP has ###### royally on this. You can get a touchpad for $129.00/$149.00, 16/32 gb at office depot today. I should take Bestbuy up on their 60-day return policy too.

shows up, but not available...

Office Depot won't let you add either Touchpad to your cart. Possible they are available in stores.

I hope Best Buy is flexible on their returns. I, like many of us, do not have the box anymore. I'm gonna go try though....

So what if I did not buy my Touchpad from Best Buy? I am SOL or can I take it to BB to get an in-store credit? HP has screwed many people here....

I guess it may all be based on scanning serial numbers...

WTF has HP done to us early adopters? Firesale my #@$! I will never support them again and hope their stock bottoms out so they can see what a real firesale means. Get your $129/149 touchpad at office depot!

So what happens to those of us who bought the Touchad somewhere else other than Best Buy? Are we all SOL? Or can we take the Touchpad in for store credit (to get a tablet that will live longer than 6 weeks)?

I guess the answer depends on how BB tracks serial numbers or something......

I wonder if at 99/149 BB would even see a dime of profit? BB could send a message and pull every HP product they carry. List reson as breach of contract and list HP as unreliable vendor.

Do they also take it back without the box?

Where is anyone getting one for $149? HPs site puts it in the cart at $149, then when you check out it's back to $499.

never mind, the price change hasn't happened in the SMB store, and I keep getting redirected there. Time to try a different browser.

This will be a Harvard Business School case study in how to blow billions of dollars while simultaneously ticking off your customer base.

Way to go HP.

How many companies paid full pop for your touchpads thinking that a big company like HP would be around to support them? Only to have you firesale everything 6 weeks later.

I can only imagine how I would feel if I had bought a touchpad. Instead I switched to android 3 days before you crumbled when I realized that you were NEVER going to get the pre3 out, and certainly not on sprint.

My frustration towards sprint was misdirected. They obviously knew something we did not...don't get into bed with HP!!!!

As for webOS, please open source it, or sell it to somebody that can actually make it successful.

This just in: Best Buy runs a better "Make it right" program for webOS customers than HP ever could.

I can see the 32 Gb in microcenter, but not the 16 one

Half a dozen of us outside the local best buy before the store opens. We get turned away before they even open the doors and are told they are shipping them all back to HP.

I was told the same thing when I walked in around noon. Seems they don't want to be bothered with the low blow HP is pulling.

Made a quick run to Walmart this AM after reading this article. Got there a few minutes after the store opened. There were already 5 other people waiting in line. (Waiting on the unsuspecting electronics clerk who got a rude awakening with the surge in activity as she needed a manager to help get the price change loaded up.) Luckily they had enough for all that were there. They were limiting to 1 of each size (16gb & 32gb) per person. (That probably saved me from myself, I would have likely bought them all.) The crazy thing was, as I talked to the guys in line, I discovered they weren't even webOS fans.They wanted the hardware and were talking about flashing Honeycomb onto the TouchPad.....lemmings.

I've been playing with my new TouchPad for just a couple hours now. I don't understand all the complaints. What a fabulously, snappy device. What the heck were people doing that they thought it was so slow?

It is early, only a couple hours out of the box, but I'm loving my experience so far.

Too bad HP priced this thing so high to start, like a lot of others stated earlier, they could have built a critical mass of users with a better price point and app develops would swarm to the eco system.

Here's hoping that the continued development efforts of webOS at HP keep this little slice of heaven rolling.

Kudos to Best Buy. Accepted my return from launch day without the box, no questions, no problems.

As d503 said, a better job 'Making it Right' than HP. So long HP, so long WebOS. I'll miss you (just WebOS) dearly.

So, what Android tablet do I want to get now....

I took my Touchpad back to Best Buy this morning and was able to swap it out for an iPad 2. The customer service clerk hadn't even heard about the 60-day extension until I showed her the PreCentral article on my Sprint Pre.

I love WebOS and will be back if it ever gets the developer and financial support it deserves. Professionally, my job requires me to have something that I can rely on, and the lack of apps and support from HP has shaken me to the core. That being said, I'm really pulling for WebOS to succeed. More power to those of you willing to stick it out...I salute you all.

Just called non-BB stores around me, nobody has a TP in stock.

Called my BB due to having no box and she said I can bring it in with all the stuff. Unfortunately I missed out on the firesale TPs last night, but I think I'll still return it to BB and buy one off eBay for $300 cheaper. However, I'm going to hold on to mine until the new one is shipped. From purchasing on launch day, I still have a week or so.

I'm planning on doing the same. Holding off on returning till I can secure a new cheap one. Searching now.

If I use the 'erase apps and data' option on my touchpad, return it to best buy, get a new TP, will I be able to relink  to the same profile and reinstall all my apps, plus retain my $50 'making it right' promo code?


You'll want to use Full Erase, since Erase Apps & Data doesn't erase your USB drive (so any music, pics, movies will remain intact).

All of your app catalog stuff is stored in the cloud, so you won't lose any of that by full erasing (including the record of your app purchases).

I believe people have said that the promo code is device specific, but I'm not sure.

Just make sure you run the backup program before you Full Erase, that way you have a fresh backup.


Note to every other company out there: To gain traction, sell your device for $99.

It's sold out everywhere and the headlines lately have told everyone they are discontinuing it haha

Agree companies should see you want to make an ipad competitor make a tab with specs like these for $99 and you will sell out instantly. You will sell more and make profit in the long run. I mean what makes it any different than having it at 400 and selling a quarter of what you would at 99?

I do wonder what would've happened if they came in at $399/$349 instead of $599/$499, basically broke even on the hardware, ate a little on the advertising costs, but built up a customer base. Unfortunately this industry is chicken & egg with these can't get customers without apps, but you can't get apps without customers, so you have to figure out how to get the customers without the apps...$99 tablet is one way ;)

just picked up two 32gb's at staples. were the last ones they had. Rock!! hello again webos, i've missed you so.

Does anyone know if Walmart will accept my return also? I am past the 15 days - wondeirng if they will accept as BB has? I am screaming right now. Cannot believe this is happening.

We tried to warn everyone. HP wasn't finishing devices, HP will turn their back on tablets to get WebOS ready for laptops.

You cannot buy HP hardware unless you accept its sold condition to be acceptable as final form.

Sorry, HP employees and fanboyz drowned out the message.

oh and what a blow for the 50.00 app credit - money down the toilet. WOW.

Wow...even HP shows the TouchPad out of stock

Dont worry, when the trucks from Costco and BestBuy and Sam's show up, they'll have plenty.

And dont be afraid to wait a week or so. $100/$75 could be quite likely.



All Packed (touchpad, touchstone, and case) And ready to Return... Can't describe how sad this was, I really loved my TP, worked amazingly, not a complain, but HP had to killed it, I paid 600 dollars on this. I live in Mexico, waited to get it 1 month after purchase, so eager to have it and now it all came to this. SAAAAD... Oh right moving on to samsung galaxy tab 10.1.
F*** you HP F*** you all...

And Still using my Palm Pre, tired waiting on Pre3 (now thinking it will never come) so switching to HTC.


Returned my launch day Touchpad at Best Buy today. At first they said it is past the 14 days, then I got a little hostile & they checked with management and OK'd it. I guess they were not informed of the 60 day agreement for Touchpad returns.

So I went to the local HH Gregg, bought the last 32GB Touchpad in all of metro Atlanta for $149.99. Costco, Sam's Club, Best Buy all returned theirs to HP.

I'm still waiting for my $50 Rebate from HP (I'm not holding my breath on that.) And I'm still waiting for my $50 app credit.

Maybe when Windows 8 comes to tablets, I'll try that OS. I'm no fan of Android at all (the free OS) so there are not any other options for me at this time. I'm also not a follower of Prophet Steve Jobs either.

Maybe this is the best thing that happened to webOS: it'll be in more hands, more mind-share.

I believe webOS will survive and thrive after this debacle.

Leo will be gone by next year. HP's enterprise customers will never trust them.

I'm shipping my HP Printer to HP headquarters addressed to Leo, with these words written in black marker directly on the printer "GO TO **** LEO!" (my printer is beige)

Long live Palm & webOS!!!!

I was at the Best Buy in NYC (Union Square) this morning. They still had the display out & everything. I asked if they were selling the TouchPad. The sales rep said yes, but they would not be selling it for the fire sale $99 price.

Same here in Gainesville, FL...two HP reps motivating customers, but only at last weeks discount price. I guess they didn't get he memo, but it was obvious they weren't too happy about the last couple of days. They had plenty of unit (about 10 in stock) and suspect they won't last long if they sell them at Fire-sale pricing.

On side note, they were informed HP was canceling all hardware support on webOS and moving the software over to network hardware infrastructure support and equipment. Interesting, but then who knows...they are sales reps after all. Sorli...

Ran around town looking for one and everyone is sold out.....called every where no luck. HP web site says, check back soon. I guess when they get the shipments returned. I'll be waiting to click BUY as fast as I can.

I'm glad Office Max made things right for me. They gave me the price difference back because I bought it less than 2 weeks ago (the $100 discount plus $100 Staples coupon debacle) so I have a very nice and versatile tablet computer that's better AND cheaper than any large digital picture frame! I'm happy now but WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT EVER AGAIN!!!!

UPDATE: I went to Best Buy to return my TouchPad and they price-matched it to today's fire sale price! Refund of $450! For $149.99 (with a $50 rebate already sent in back in July) I will be at $99.99 for a 32GB Tablet. Not too shabby as I transition over to the Big Fruit. I GET TO KEEP MY webOS for a little bit longer! Hooray!

FYI: Best Buy reps said they WERE selling the TouchPads today for $99 and $149. I saw the last TP (a 32GB) leave the store @ 8:45pm as I was waiting to return mine and then got the subsequent price-match. So go check your local Best Buy. Or take in your receipt and get the price match if you bought it there. Lots of differing information out there so at this point anything it worth a try.

Took back my TP. Wow that sucked but I got Galaxy Tab 10.1. It's nice but I miss WebOS. Why couldn't HP make a tablet with this build quality. Doesn't help that BB employs dumping all over WebOS the whole time I was there.

Took my Touchpad back last night to Best Buy, No questions asked and then bought an IPad. Hated to do it but they forced my hand. Good Bye HP!

Like some I decided to keep my 32GB TP. The price matching at Best Buy this afternoon went by without any issues. Might as well enjoy this $149 toy while I can. Who knows, maybe before it dies someone will grab the OS and give us a few more happy moments.