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Best HP TouchPad Apps for webOS 3.0 27

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 04 Jul 2011 2:32 am EDT

Here's a list of our favorite 15 apps that you can find on the HP TouchPad right now.

With 300 native apps now available for the HP TouchPad, you're probably wondering which ones you should grab to get started, right? Rather than leaving you to explore the vast app catalog on your own (which includes 7000 other apps that have not yet been optimized for the larger TouchPad screen), we wanted to cover you a bit from the start with our own list of favorite apps for the HP TouchPad. From games and productivity apps, to social media clients and educational software, the TouchPad App Cat might still be small, but these apps definitely give it some good ground to expand off of.

After you read through our list, be sure to check out the first edition of webOS Pivot, which shows off another 22 great apps in a neatly-focused magazine, and then read the comments after the break to see what other PreCentral readers are suggesting as the best TouchPad apps in their lives.

1. Angry Birds HD (Free)

The Angry Birds franchise, by Rovio Mobile, has been listed over and over as the most popular game title across all mobile platforms around the world. Unlike most of the world, though, Angry Birds HD for the HP TouchPad is yours to play absolutely free (and ad-free, too)! For both heavy and casual gamers alike, Angry Birds has a special place in the hearts of mobile users everywhere, so why not check what the hype is about, and make this app one of the first you download.

2. Facebook (Free)

With nearly 600 Million users around the world, Facebook is probably on your list of websites you visit every day. But why go to a boring website in the web browser when you can integrate Facebook directly with the TouchPad's operating system using a really cool app? View and comment on photos, wall posts, Places (for checking in), your friend's profiles and update your status. Facebook also syncs your photos and contacts with other apps on your device, and uses both JustType and Notifications to make the experience even better than what you can get on your desktop computer.

3. Taskr (Free)

One of the biggest complaints that came with many reviews of the HP TouchPad (even ours, which you can read here), is that it doesn't even come with a basic Task app! Luckily for us, Taskr is a very simple task management app that is available in the app catalog, and it's absolutely free. With simple features like setting priority (Low, Medium and High), checking off tasks you've completed and deleting old tasks with a swipe to the right, it does exactly what we need it to in a quick way.

4. Epicurious Recipes (Free)

Epicurious is one of those apps that you just love to have on hand when you need to serve up a large family feast for the Holidays, a delicious meal for that potential date, or just a quick meal before you head to the gym. Epicurious comes with thousands of recipes from all around the world, and even allows you to browse for unique meals by on geographical origins, the main ingredient, what size meal or even which course it is, and then gives you a quick shopping list that you can quickly access and check off as you find the ingredients. And since it's free, that makes the deal (and the meals) even sweeter.

5. Need For Speed; Hot Pursuit ($9.99)

If you love racing games, and want to give them a try on the TouchPad, Need For Speed; Hot Pursuit by EA Games is definitely going to be a good pick for you. Unlock up to 20 different racing vehicles and 15 different police cruisers as you drive on both sides of the law: either racing for the thrill or cracking down on speeders as a cop. At $9.99, it may be one of the last apps on your list to buy, but it really is a lot of fun to play, and worth every penny.

6. Glimpse Beta (N/A)

While it's still available through the Beta channels right now, Inglorious Apps has given us a look at an app that is sure to effect how TouchPad users interact with their devices in a big way. Glimpse for webOS brings the concept of widget areas to the TouchPad, allowing you to view content from Twitter, YouTube, your calendar or any website you can think of, or use tools like the stop watch, calculator or RSS feed reader - and Glimpse does it all in one view (in the shot above you see Twitter, Calendar and Web Browser widgets). From what we've seen of this app so far, it's gonna make waves when it finally arrives in the catalog later this year.

7. Interface Lift HD (Free)

Another free app in the catalog, and one of the first that we found out about last month, is Interface Lift. It's an app that makes finding beautiful wallpapers for your TouchPad (that all pivot nicely as you rotate the screen) a really nice experience. Browse by artist, tag or category, or just look at the latest ones that have been updated, and then save each image to your favorites list or download it to use as your TouchPad's wallpaper, right from the app.

8. Khan Acadamy (Free)

For teachers, Khan Academy is a service that you must tell your students about as soon as possible. Using the app on the TouchPad, you'll have access to 2300+ educational tutorials from a wide variety of subjects, and that list is growing all of the time. As the first mobile application that Khan Academy has built, we're glad that they chose the TouchPad, cause we know you guys will put it to good use.

9. MightyMeeting Web Conferencing (Free w/ Service Fees)

Here's an app that we know you business-minded people will enjoy: Mighty Meeting is a service that is making a name for itself in the business world as one of the best and most affordable solutions for mobile web conferencing among teams. Using the app on the HP TouchPad will allow you to host a conference with presentation slides, a live chat room and even conference phone calls that everyone, no matter what communication device they have handy, can connect to. The service does have some fees associated with it for people who want to host a conference, but for anyone who wants to join a conference, the app is 100% free.

10. QVC for the TouchPad (Free)

It's a shopper's paradise out there in the world of QVC, a leading television shopping network that spotlights hundreds of different products throughout the day. The app that they've launched for the TouchPad (which goes along with their special bundle deal on the tablet device) is one of the best we've seen from e-Shopping options that are currently available. Browse the latest items to be listed, search for your own favorites, create a wishlist, make purchases and even watch QVC TV Live right from the app. We'll say the app is free, but no doubt you'll find some good deals through it to spend some money on. Don't say we didn't warn you!

11. Wordpress for webOS (Free)

If you are a blogger, this is definitely an app you'll want to look into. Wordpress for webOS brings all of the best features of your Wordpress blog (either self-hosted or through their community of websites), like am advanced post editor, comment management, statistics, multi-blog access, notifications and a bit more. With Wordpress hosting hundreds of millions of blogs around the world, we know that this app will be a popular one, and we're glad it's built to be even better than the iOS and Android versions (even Wordpress admitted that!)

12. Spaz HD for Twitter and Identica (Free)

It's the first app that's been made available for two entirely different social network worlds, Twitter and Identica, but Spaz HD doesn't let up on that slack when it comes to being a great webOS application. With Multi-account support for both social networks, three-column view for glancing at all of the streams that are most important at that moment, URL-shrinker, image-uploader and plenty more, Spaz HD will probably remain as one of the best for webOS for a long time to come (at least until the competition arrives). Seeing as how it's free as well, it shouldn't be too hard to decide whether or not you'll be getting this one.

13. WhitePages HD (Free)

WhitePages, built by amazing app developer James Harris, is exactly the app you'll need when it's time to find contact information for that business you need to set an appointment with, or for looking up phone numbers of important people in your life. It's integrated closely with Bing Maps (which powers the Maps app on the TouchPad) to give you directions and business listings, JustType for doing quick searches from anywhere on your device, and the ability to save contact information right on the spot. This is the type of app you never know when you'll need it, either, so just go ahead and grab it now while it's on your mind. Trust us, you will use this app some day, and luckily, it's a great one.

14. Pix ($1.99)

Whenever we need to find an image to share with a friend on Facebook, or even just to add to a post in one of our Forum threads, Pix comes to our aid in finding the best ones from Google, Bing, Flickr, Picasa and PhotoBucket with no effort at all. Simply launch the app, type in your search terms (or use JustType from the launcher) and select the service you want to look through. Then BOOM! you've got every image you could ever desire right at your fingertips to use and share.

15. with 50GB of Cloud Storage (Free)

There's a reason we've mentioned this app several times in our other articles around this website. is an excellent Cloud Storage service for the TouchPad, giving you access to all of your files and folders from your home or office computer without having to do any work at all, and even share those files across email or other communication channels. The thing that really makes this app awesome for TouchPad owners, though, is the 50GB of free cloud storage that is giving its new users. That is a really BIG deal.

Now it's your turn:

Go on ahead to the comments, they're just below, and tell us what you think about the different apps available in the TouchPad app catalog. We're listening, and we can guarantee that our other readers are listening too!


Can't forget TED! I spent a good hour and half watching those today.

Gosh darn this is a slick device.

is that the cat & dog news casters

Preware Homebrew Documentation works very well in full-screen resolution on the TouchPad ... as does Preware itself. Both are Mojo apps that have been updated to work flawlessly and at full-screen resolution on *all* webOS devices, not just the TouchPad.

-- Rod

Rod Whitby for President!!

We'll have to "patch" his birth certificate...

bahahaha. Didnt mean to laugh that loud. :::looks around at work:::

TapNote for TP has been my must-have app since the 1st of July! You must add it to the list!

AuctionMate Beta for TP is running pretty well and looks great on the TP! I can hardly wait until it comes out of Beta.

That was amazingly crazy... Insted of fixing the ToDo functionality, so it finally match the excellence of the "old" PalmOS did HP drop the vital Task application completely (!!) for TouchPad and the only third party replacement, is even more limited (and waste even more screen space) than the too basic version in the smartphones!!

This is exceptional, when it should be rather easy to finally get it right or just like it was in the "old" Palm OS - as I wrote in my list with 6 vital problems in webOS that should be fixed as soon as possible, to make webOS totally superior...

03) The included Task application seems to be almost worthless, compared with the "old" Palm OS because of six big usability limitations, that mainly can be fixed with simple alternative settings in options menu, for everyone that really use ToDo lists... -1- You can't see if there is an "extra note page" connected to the task, as you could before... -2- It don't show the priority either, as it did before... -3- You can now only select 3 priority levels (just as in Windows mobile and Symbian) even if it was 5 levels before and that detail was one of the biggest advantages with Palm OS because it's good to have two extra important levels for "fix first" and "soon" one for "when you got time" one for "don't forget" and the last for archive... -4- The huge fixed fonts and plenty of empty space around the text, make it only possible to view 6 short tasks (!!) without scrolling, instead of the 11 longer tasks that I can view on the much smaller Treo 680 screen and that is almost insane, when a simple setting / option could allow 12 task in Pre, with clearly more empty space around the text (for easy finger navigation) than before... -5- The extra big check box steal a lot of valuable screen space and make each task line very very short, so that should be an option instead... If you have to show your boss what you done, is it better to move stuff you done to a "Done" list / category where it also is easy to see everything directly and where it not mess up the view of everything you still have to do... Yes, there was a check box in PalmOS too - but it became twice as big now and that make it a much bigger problem! -6- Then will task only sync with Exchange servers (if you have that) but not with Google, as example and the best would naturally be a desktop application, so you know your information are safe... But this lousy task management, can of course be fixed soon by HP or in good time, with extra third party applications... And it support at least "multiple todo lists" as categories, so it work slightly better than some simple Nokia smartphones anyhow.

Okay, the third party "Taskr" does show priority - but have an even bigger check box and even more empty space, so it show still only 6 tasks (or possible 8 in standing position) on the 7.7 times bigger (in square inch) TouchPad screen, compared to 11 very easy to read tasks on my tiny Treo 680 screen!!

You should have started writing your own task app instead of typing that long post.

Hi, I'm the developer of Taskr and thanks for your comments.

Just so you know, Taskr was the first app I developed and was more of an experiment with Enyo than a business venture - thus why it is free - if I had wished to make a reasonable replacement for the built-in todo list in previous webOS versions, I would have done so :-)

While I have the time to provide support and bug fixes for Taskr, I don't have the time to add new features. However, I'm releasing the source code under a royalty-free licence soon so when it's available feel free to add any features that you desire and distribute it however you like.

Thanks for your comment. Sometimes its too easy to rip devs who work for very little gain. To do, notes and calendar apps are the hardest to develop, because peoples needs are so different. A very thankless "task"!

Any task application is naturally dramatically better then NONE at all, so you are really a hero in that way... But I was personally hoping that HP would fix the missing functionality (that made palm OS great) for the smartphones and Im flabbergasted (almost in shock) that they didn't include any kind of ToDo application in webOS for TouchPad!!

awesome, awesome awesome!!! retweeting and sharing right now!!!! great job :)

I just started playing with the sdk for a week or so and I'm out of ideas for apps for practice :|

If anybody needs me to make a simple app , just email your idea to me ( ).Nothing too complex through


Robotek - fun free game. It's a slot machine/strategy game with giant robots!

My favorites so far are definitely the TED app and Paratrooper HD (which we developed). The "BeatBox" app also scales up beautifully on the TouchPad and is still a lot of fun.


What's up with on Touchpad? Weird...I'm logged in, but can't post comments.

Thankfully I have my Pre as backup and wanted to post my Thumbs Up on the article and Suggestions!

Moodagent is Free and very interesting for those who like music and want a different way of listening and finding mood specific tracks.

Love it, Touchpad interface Rocks, takes a few minutes to sync all music, and Moodagent is certainly worth a look or listen! Sorli...

How is audiophile? Or what is the best music app?

I made a drawing app for the TouchPad called Mr FingerPad, but for some reason, the My Apps portal says it has an average rating of 1 star :( Sadly, I can't see the reviews without a real TouchPad (and Canada doesn't get them until July 15th), so would any of you guys be willing to help me out to see what's so bad about it?

Thanks webOS community!

If you really want somebody to do a free assessment of your app, which only has one star, you'd probably be well served to offer a promo code.

Good luck!

Done: efe63ed4-8bfa-4e70-9a7a-8bc0b241b8cd

I couldn't make it effective today, so the promo starts tomorrow, good for 8 uses.

Thanks everyone in advance!

Really, QVC? That's a MUST HAVE? And you didn't even mention Preware? I realize you're probably just skimming over easy stuff to install right now, but at the bottom you could have at least said "Check out Preware in the forums if you'd like to get started on homebrew!"

QVC? *sigh*

lol. I don't think i've stopped on qvc in like 8 years. And then it was only if some guy was selling sword in hopes they'd lop off an arm.

Gotta keep watching QVC so you can see the next Mike Rowe!

Hawking tchotchke to people that can't afford them... definitely a dirty job!

wow WebOS has a Khan Academy app?? Awesome! but noooo I have a Samsung Replenish now. :-( I can't wait to get back to WebOS. I LOVE Khan Academy!

I do love my touchpad. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of touchpad specific apps available over the weekend. And the quality of those apps is inpressive. But why was it released without a calculator and clock/alarm clock app?????

I am the community manager for MightyMeeting! We are thrilled to be named one of the best HP touchpad apps! All of these apps are phenomenal! Thanks again Precentral!