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webOS Nation Best of 2011 Awards Winners 8

by Derek Kessler Wed, 28 Dec 2011 8:22 pm EST

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the webOS Nation Best of 2011 Awards. We received nine thousand votes for this year’s awards, and the wide array of winners reflects the variety and ingenuity of the webOS developer community, both official and homebrew. Dozens of apps to choose from, made by dozens of skilled developers, but in the end, there can be only one Best of 2011.

So, without further ado, the winners are... listed after the break. Yeah, such a tease.

Overall Awards

Best webOS Tablet App of 2011

Winner: Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, by Splashtop Inc.

Splashtop is honored to be voted by webOS Nation fans the Best webOS Tablet App and Best webOS Business/Finance App of 2011. We would like to give special thanks to HP and Qualcomm who worked closely with us on optimizing Splashtop Remote Desktop to deliver the best possible experience to delight webOS users
- Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and cofounder

Runner Up: Glimpse, by Inglorious Apps

Other Nominees: FlashCards, Graphite, incredible!, KalemSoft Media Player, Paper Mache, Picsel Smart Office, ReadOnTouch Pro, USA Today


Best webOS Smartphone App of 2011

Winner: Internalz Pro, by Jason Robitaille

Runner Up: phnx, by David Strack

Other Nominees: Carbon, Paper Mache, Picsel Smart Office, Pix, ReadOnTouch Pro, Reciva, Squeeze Control Player, Voogle 3.0


Best webOS Developer of 2011

Winner: Jason Robitaille

I'm incredibly grateful and honored. The past year has been a time of highs and lows, but in the end it's the community that has been the driving force behind my developments. webOSnation has become like an extended family to me. I look forward to the upcoming release of Internalz HD; it's got quite the legacy to live upto.
- Jason Robitaille

Runner Up: Inglorious Apps

Other Nominees: Angry Goat, dots & lines, James Harris, Picsel, Ryan Watkins, Splashtop Inc, Sven Ziegler, Zhephree


App Catalog Apps

Best webOS Game of 2011

Winner: Angry Birds HD, by Rovio Mobile

We're honored to have been selected. Thanks so much to all of our fans for their support.
- Rovio Mobile

Runner Up: Quell HD, by Fallen Tree Games

Other Nominees: Asphalt 6 HD, Big Boss, Supersonic HD


Best webOS Music App of 2011

Winner: Music Player (Remix), by HedamiSoft

Thanks to everyone that voted for Music Player (Remix) as the best webOS music app of the year. I'm very happy that so many people are enjoying the app. I'm greatly honored that I received this award considering all of the other great music apps that were released this year. It's truly an honor that the webOS community voted for Music Player (Remix). I'd also like to thank my wife who put up with me working crazy hours on this app (and my other apps).
- Dan Perlberger

Runner Up: TuneIn Radio, by TuneIn

Other Nominees: AudiophileHDPro, Koto Player, Reciva


Best webOS Location/Mapping App of 2011

Winner: Maps, by HP

Runner Up: MapTool Pro, by MetaViewSoft

Other Nominees: GC-gogo, nDrive, WhitePages


Best webOS Social Networking App of 2011

Winner: Facebook (Tablet), by HP

Runner Up: phnx, by David Strack

Other Nominees: Graphite, incredible!, Spaz HD


Best webOS News App of 2011

Winner: USA Today, by USA Today

Runner Up: Newsroom, by Trileet

Other Nominees: News Republic, NomNomNom, Paper Mache


Best webOS Productivity App of 2011

Winner: Picsel Smart Office, by Picsel

Runner Up: Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, by Splashtop Inc

Other Nominees: Glimpse, QuickOffice, toodleTasks HD


Best webOS Education App of 2011

Winner: FlashCards, by James Harris

Thanks goes to all the FlashCards users. Without you guiding me, this app would not be what it is today. I look forward to improving it even more!
- James Harris

Runner Up: Preware Homebrew Documentation, by WebOS Internals

Other Nominees: BrainPOP Featured Movie, Khan Academy, Study Buddy HD


Best webOS Health App of 2011

Winner: Epicurious, by Epicurious

Runner Up: FitTrack, by Miller Technologies

Other Nominees: Diet Control HD, Lexicomp On-Hand, intervalGym


Best webOS Business/Finance App of 2011

Winner: Splashtop Remote Desktop HD, by Splashtop Inc

Runner Up: Picsel Smart Office, by Picsel

Other Nominees: Fidelity Market Monitor, Loan Analyzer, Market Pulse HD


Best webOS Sports App of 2011

Winner: Sports Live! HD, by More Solutions

It's truly amazing to have Sports Live! HD honored by the webOS Nation community. It has been great to please the faithful webOS fans for the past two years. Without all of you, this app would not exist, so stay tuned, since there's more to come in 2012. Thanks to everyone for all the support!
- Tony Arous, More Solutions

Runner Up: ESPN ScoreCenter

Other Nominees: At Bat 11, CBS Sports, FitTrack


Best webOS Utility App of 2011

Winner: Internalz, by Jason Robitaille

Runner Up: Gemini File Manager, by Oma Studios

Other Nominees: Dashboard Utilities, SecuStore 2, Wallpaper Switcharoo







Best webOS Homebrew/Beta App of 2011

Winner: Tweaks, by WebOS Internals

WebOS Internals is honoured to receive this award for Tweaks, and would like to share that honour with the many webOS homebrew developers who create the patches and tweaks which allow us all to customise the operation of our individual devices.
- Rod Whitby, WebOS Internals

Runner Up: Xecutah, by WebOS Internals

Other Nominees: Project Macaw, Suborbital, Theme Manager


Best webOS Homebrew Developer of 2011

Winner: Jason Robitaille

Runner Up: Rod Whitby

Other Nominees: Minego, Sconix, uNiXpSyChO


Best webOS Patch of 2011

Winner: Advanced System Patches, by sconix

Wow, thats all I can say :) I am really honored about this award for Advanced System Patches and it certainly motivates me more to continue to work with them. Partly the thanks belongs to you, all the users of these patches, for giving me great ideas for them. As my thanks for this award I can reveal that I have already something planned for 2012 regarding both, my Advanced System Patches and Tweaks.
- sconix

Runner Up: UberCalendar HD, by MetaView

Other Nominees: Make It So, Private Browsing, Sharing Super Mix


Best webOS Theme of 2011

Winner: Glass Effect Suite for TouchPad, by Garret92C

Runner Up: Dark Glass, by michote

Other Nominees: 8-bit, Christmas Theme, Metro Effect Suite






Technical Awards

Best use of webOS Notifications in 2011

Winner: Glimpse, by Inglorious Apps

Runner Up: Graphite, by dots & lines

Other Nominees: Sports Live! HD, Spotify, Weather Dashboard HD


Best webOS Cloud Integration of 2011

Winner: Box for TouchPad, by Box.net

Runner Up: QuickOffice, by QuickOffice

Other Nominees: incredible!, Picsel Smart Office, Reciva


Most Innovative webOS App of 2011

Winner: Glimpse, by Inglorious Apps

I would like to thank every webOS user for the support. I look forward to what the future holds. In the meantime, go buy Glimpse, if you haven't. Now!
- Ruky, Inglorious Apps

Runner Up: Xecutah, by WebOS Interanls

Other Nominees: incredible!, ReadOnTouch Pro, TouchPlayer


Most Beautiful webOS App of 2011

Winner: Graphite, by dots & lines

Runner Up: phnx, by David Strack

Other Nominees: Glimpse, incredible!, Radius






Congratulations to all of this year's winners and nominees. It really was a spectacular selection of apps, and that fills us with hopes for the coming year. Be sure to drop a note of congratulations in the comments - these developers have earned it!



I agree with splashtop being voted #1 tablet app,it made my 32Gb webOS Touchpad into a 1
.5TB windows7 beast,that does everything!!!

Congrats to all WebOS developers, just keep it up with all the goodies.

Congrats to all the winners, tho the real winners are the users. Thanks for all the apps, those that are dedicated to quality apps. And webOS internals! I don't see that I would have stuck around without the intense customization possible because of these guys.

BTW, I don't see Box being the winner. It's terribly slow and buggy compared to dropbox.

There is no Dropbox app on the Touchpad, sorry if you didn't notice that.

Seeing Facebook and Maps as winners let the whole world know we need more apps and that that, is the biggest webOS issue.

Come on! a built-in app cannot win!

I would agree about Splashtop if not for the very annoying fact that it hasn't worked for me since I installed webOS 3.0.4 on my TouchPad. It's a sweet app but if it can't connect to my computer it's useless. If anybody has any ideas about how I could get that problem resolved (aside from all the things I've already done, which are listed at http://forums.webosnation.com/3262614-post707.html) I'd be thrilled to put it back at the top of my list of favorite tablet apps.

I could really use this app

It's telling of the desperation and bandwagoning of webOS users that they even nominated TuneIn instead of Reciva. Talk about rigged.

TuneIn for webOS sucks compared to Reciva considering the developer wouldn't even take the time to make a proper PDK app that included even A QUARTER of the features of the Android app even though webOS was fully capable of it. And then he had the balls to put ads all over it!!!

Where's the WMA support that Reciva has? Where's the rewind/recording capabilities that any developer worth their mettle could have implemented themselves using the PDK?

Oh, wait: The developer of TuneIn won't respond to those questions after two months!

How sad that webOS users ended up with the short end of the stick. The only version of TuneIn even sorrier than the webOS version would be the one for Windows Media Center and that's just Duke Nukem Forever bad.

Oh well. This is why I dual-booted to Android CM7 and await Android 4.0 on my Touchpad. The developer of the Android version of TuneIn did the best of any platform and makes TuneIn for webOS (and all other streaming audio apps on webOS except Reciva) look like an amateur hour application.

Did I mention the developer only comes over here once every few weeks anymore and doesn't respond to questions in his threads? That's AWESOME of a webOS developer to do when the entire platform is sinking like the Titanic! Some devotion!

Viva la Reciva for webOS!! That is when I even bother to use webOS anymore thanks to all the developers leaving the platform! From now on, thanks to developers like this, it's CyanogenMod 7 for me because Android developers actually seem to give a damn!

(Have you even seen "Internet Radio Pro"? It doesn't even work! What the fsck webOS developers?!?! Why can't we have a good streaming audio app outside of Reciva, really, which I had to pay for?!?!)