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Best webOS apps for Cooking and Grilling 9

by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 23 May 2012 4:53 pm EDT


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As the temperature gets warmer and the pavement hotter, it is apparent that summer is here. So whether you are at the beach, at the park, or in your own backyard it’s a time for a get together with family and friends. The one thing that brings people together (other than music) is food. So we here at webOS Nation wanted to bring you the best cooking and grilling apps to get your foodie groove on. Some you have no doubt heard about before, some that might be brand new to you.


4.99. by pilapps (for the TouchPad)

WP Central

Need a little help in the kitchen preparing those fresh foods and meats? Need something done in 10 minutes, or do you need a meal for a romantic evening for two? With iCookbook, you can get that meal shopped, prepped and done in no time. You have an array of dishes to try out and you can search by ingredient, occasion and by theme. If the high resolution picture won’t help you make up your mind, just tap on brand and it will help you pick out your meal according to brand. Choose from brands like Campbell’s or Hershey’s; really anything that would be the main ingredient in your edible creation. Once you tap on your desired recipe, the picture unfolds to show you how long it would take, price per serving and difficulty. 

As you read on the recipe directions are basically foolproof. The directions take you thru each step so don’t feel afraid. You even have a little note pad to jot down notes which we found quite adorable. When you have selected any recipe, in the upper right hand corner you have icons to select favorites, build a meal by selecting different dishes; add ingredients to your shopping list and of course email or print your recipe for family and friends.

You can also go to their store and make in app purchase. Grab even more recipes for .99 or try the monthly selections. So put down that hamburger helper and try something new. Give iCookbook recipes a try in your kitchen; all of them delicious, all on your TouchPad.

Epicurious, the cook’s companion

Free, by Conde Nast Digital (for the TouchPad)

epicurious for touchpad

Epicurious is another stunning cooking and grilling app on webOS. Armed with stunning photos, dozens of recipes that look like a virtual cookbook. It's made by the literary powerhouse, Conde Nast who is behind magazines like: Vogue, GQ and of course Gourmet. So you know this app is going to be fantastic right?

The difference between this and the iCookbook app is the navigation. While it does take a while for it to boot up and run, it gives you time to assemble the pots and pans. Everything you need is just a few clicks away. And it is very simple to add favorites, just click the star next to the photo. To make a shopping list, just click list icon. Tap directly on the recipe and... tah-dah! You have all the ingredients in front of you to shop for. You can search for certain gourmet recipes by just tapping the folder tabs to your right. You are able to search by relevance, rating and alphabetically.

You really couldn’t ask more from this stylish cooking app. Like webOS multitasking, it does everything with ease and beauty. Another plus there are no extra books to buy -- everything is here compiled by the chefs and best cooks in the world; and the price is right, it’s free! So put out your prettiest plates, crystal stemware, and enjoy what Epicurious has cooked up for you.

What’s for Dinner? Lite Version

Free, by (for webOS smartphones)

WP Central

Want to keep it really simple with recipes that you can keep in your pocket and take shopping? What’s for dinner is that app. It searches the web for recipes by utilizing the just type technology. Just type in something simple as salmon or any ingredient and BOOM! Tons of recipes pop as if by magic. And you have the option to add family favorites as well.

Tap on the recipe and six icons appear. The pencil icon gives a great description of the recipe along with servings, how long it takes to make; and ingredients and a link to the site where it was lifted. Tapping on your shopping basket makes a shopping list for you.Tapping on the shopping tag lets you upgrade from the lite version of the app. By tapping on the camera icon would let you have seen how the food is supposed to look. It’s only available via the upgraded version which is 4.99. The premium version is available for the TouchPad, but it is not up to TouchPad standards when you have Epicurious and iCookbook with great resolution photos with a large screen presence. But what it offers that the others don’t is nutritional information which now a days is very important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So if you can do without the photos, this is an awesome app for your pocket.

Sweet N' Spicy

Free, by (for webOS smartphones and the TouchPad)

sweet n spicy

If you are looking something vegetarian with a little bit of spice, Sweet N Spicy delivers with a the kick of flavor you need while trying a vegan diet. With a total of over 4000 recipes, every night can be an exciting journey in eating foods from different countries. Like with the past apps mentioned, you can search with using main ingredients and through various categories.

The app is bright and colorful; and even though it’s made for webOS phones, it looks better on the TouchPad. Even the slide show looks better on it. Just start by tapping on a recipe, it gives you all the information, like how spicy it is. If you see the fire icon, be careful it may not be for you (hint: its hot). Sweet N Spicy has luscious desserts and sauces perfect for kids as well for people on special diets. This app was very well made and a joy to use; and yes they do have a couple hundred apps for non-vegans.  We here at webOS central think you'll absolutely love Sweet N Spicy. It’s red, hot and yummy!

So open up your virtual cookbook and explore and try something new. There is also a French cooking app on the TouchPad called Marmition. We couldn't understand it, but it sure looks delicious. The Gluten Free Cookbook we wanted desperately wanted to review, but it never opened for us. 

Need something to do while the food is cooling? Our favorite cooking game...

Kitchen Panic

Free, by (For webOS smartphones)

Kitchen Panic for the Pre 3

This is a great app for all ages, reminiscence of Jump O’ Clock but involves a restuarant chef. Your little chef hasto catch all of the food before it hits the floor. It’s really addictive and fun. Kitchen Panic has great graphics with beautiful backgrounds; and the little chef vibrates when he’s caught an entrée. If it gets in his way, the game is over. We really couldn’t hear anything, but the visuals were great! So while you have the dinner in the oven, you can play Kitchen Panic and have a giggle. You can have fun; just don’t burn your food.



iCookbook is alright, but for all the product placement and lack of support, I can't recommend paying $4.99 for it.

I asked about support a while ago when their store page was trying to redirect to the iTunes store, and it seemed like they've pretty much written off webOS, and don't plan to do anything else with the app, barring catastrophic failures.

another nice write-up.. I have all these apps.

icookbook has a purdy UI, but like 'ikimaskokie' says' not a lot of support. Early on, in-app purchases wouldnt always work. Request for suuport was answered but it seems the devs apparently reverted to a prior version a few months back; thus, the months no longer jive with current months (recent month in-app is Sep '11). Still useful' tho'.

Happy eatings!

I will have to give some of these a try. I love to cook. But I hadn't thought to use the TouchPad for recipes. Unless you count going to the Internet to search for some.

Hi, its a nice idea to post "best WebOS apps" in specific categories.
I count 3 by now: Cooking and Grilling (this) (23/03), Movie and Video (20/03), and for Kids(18/03).
Id like to see more of this. May be on each category best free and best paid app.
Eg: Best Game shot, Game strategy, Game Cars, Game Puzzle, Task, Feed Reader, weather, Gps, Utilitie, Stocks, list manager, Currencies =)

Agreed!  These reviews have been great and presenting apps that are tucked away in the catalog. 
Keep up the great content!

My most-used webOS cooking app? Box. I have all of my frequently used recipes in a folder on Box and when I need to I just prop the TouchPad up on a cookbook stand and go to it. It also helps when I'm shopping--I can pull up a recipe quickly on my phone and make sure I have all the ingredients.

I looked at iCookbook but any recipe collection that calls out brand names and relies on processed out-of-a-box or -a-can products as much as that one does is no good to me. Epicurious is great in that they stay up to date with seasonal dishes and I use it for inspiration when menu planning.

As a dedicated user of the What's For Dinner? app, if I may I'd like to add some things.

There is a patch in the forums by WackWare (Todd Wackford) that brings the original app up to Touchpad size. It works really well and he's made adjustments where he could to make up for the lack of a gesture area. It still needs a bluetooth keyboard to use the type-to-search functions, but I use it all the time and really appreciate the work he did on it.

Like the article mentions, one of the major differences between WFD? and Epicurious is that this is YOUR cookbook--digitized. Epicurious is like a cookbook you buy from the store with preloaded recipes, but you can't add your own favorites. WFD? also searches popular recipe sites, but it also lets you add your own recipes, and they become completely searchable. It's really a fantastic tool for someone who entertains regularly.

The BEST part of all for Pre and Touchpad owners is that if you have WFD on your Pre, you can transfer your entire recipe collection to the Touchpad, including all the tags. So you can go shopping with the shopping list on your Pre, then you can cook from the Touchpad's bigger screen. Very handy.

The only corrections I have are the buttons: The pencil brings you to the edit view where you can make changes to the recipe; the "shopping" tag is actually where you can add tags to the recipe; the camera icon allows you to add a photo to the recipe (new or preloaded).

It's definitely not as pretty as Epicurious or iCookbook, but it is great for someone who already has a recipe collection they'd like to add to their digital life. I love it for the work I do.

I've pulled some pretty good dishes out of Epicurious. Only thing about that app though, is you really have to watch what it tells you your ingredients are, sometimes it gets a "little" jumbled, and I've had to sit there and refresh it a few times to get the proper list.

Also very large compilations, sometimes there's just too many choices....and good ones at that.

pretty dumb for a website that is so knowledgeable about webOS etc NOT to have known that icookbook stopped supporting their app like 6 months ago. They even posted it on their website. I would suggest you remove that entirely from your 'suggestions' because it won't ever get updated again.