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Best webOS apps to sync your music, documents, contacts, and calendar 25

by Sharon L Copeland Wed, 06 Jun 2012 5:53 pm EDT

best webOS syncing apps

Life is hard when you are a Pre. When it first came out in the late summer of 2009, there was a bit of a debacle about iTunes syncing with the phone. One week it would work, the next it wouldn’t; a lot of unnecessary back n’ forth. All that battling was just over syncing music, and really there's more than that. Thankfully, we have plenty of third party developers that want to make things work. We at webOS Nation want to hook you up with the best syncing apps for your webOS smartphone and TouchPad.

Wifi Media Sync

$1.99, by 8-bit Development LLC (webOS smartphones and TouchPad)

WP Central

So you want to sync you files between a Mac and your webOS device? No problem, Wifi Media Sync has got you covered, and as that name would seem to indicate - it does it without wires. It requires a desktop client, but that the setup between the two is relatively simple (though several steps). And you can pick specific folders you want synced between them. And because this all goes over your local Wifi network, so it's quick. Easy, wireless, and speedy. We like that.

CompanionLink USB Sync

$14.99, by CompanionLink Software (webOS smartphones and TouchPad)

CompanionLink USB Sync

If you want something less fussy with straight forward instructions, try CompanionLink USB Sync. CompanionLink goes beyond media files, providing local synchronization for your contacts, tasks and memos from desktop to your mobile phone. It's great for the business traveler using Outlook, ACT, and Google as a way to sync important files between their phones and desktops. The app requires a desktop client and is free to try, though after that the desktop app requires a license that starts at $14.99 (a three-computer license is available for $49.99).

File Sync

$3.49, by Victory Link USA (webOS smartphones and TouchPad)

File Sync

Wifi Media Sync does your media files, CompanionLink handles your PIM data, but what about everything else? That's where File Sync by Victory Link USA comes in. It makes it easy to get your files onto your webOS device and take them wherever you need. Again, there's a desktop client needed, but since it works over USB there's no need to mess with IP addresses or the like. You can send entire folders with their files back and forth with ease - and your files are even color-coded.

We also have some other suggestions for files sharing, some you know very well like: Dropbox,, The Missing Sync and DoubleTwist for music.


Does FILE SYNC still work? I tried to use it and it didn't work at all. I figured it was discontinued. Guess I will try again

Why not simply use rsync? Does it work under WebOS?

Of course it does. Just install ssh. Add sftp and you can then mount your WebOS device wirelessly using a VFS. I never have to connect my phone or touchpad to wires. Ever.

This would be too difficult for the majority of consumers, i mean users, here. But i do appreciate this (very valid) questions of yours, because it shows that at least some people here have a friggin' clue besides "apps".

The pre came out on 6/6/2009, technically spring in the

Definitely on a Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure that's Spring everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere too. Late Summer is September.

What about WiFi File Sharing by Shifty Axel? It's free, but through Preware...! :-O
It let you share wirelessly your files (being .doc, .jpg, .mp3, .avi, .everything!) from PC or Mac to your webOS devices! I love it!

Yep, WiFi File Sharing is the absolute bomb-digity. Not really a syncing software, but it's hard to beat wireless "Drag & Drop" for ease and simplicity.

Or you could, I dunno, just use ssh/sftp/rsync without the need for weird clients on a desktop.

Sad that there are only three apps to recommend. On the "other" platforms, there would be dozens.

Not sure that there are always "dozens" of alternative apps on other platforms, but your point is well-taken.

As i have a Synology NAS at home my solution is based on my own personal cloud:

* Files, Media, Music, Downloads via Syno-Apps by homebrew dev panel
* Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, (E-Mail) via Zarafa which is installed on the Synology and syncs great via exchange active sync protocol.
Will write a thread about it soon in the forums which will be about the switch from Chapura Echo (Palm Desktop) to Zarafa.

Best of it, it's all free (well i donated to panel) and i have control over my own data.

Btw a synergy service to sync photos with the synology nas would be nice panel :)

Hummm... very, very interesting!!

I'll gonna see this with more care!! :-)

Best Regards... B)

Is it still syncing with EAS? Being that MS has chosen to change it's servers and basically has decided NOT to support WebOS, are you still able to sync?
Would like to know.

Pls Do, particularly using zarafa .

I have been looking forward to see something like that


Finally some love for Wifi Media Sync. Wifi Media Sync also works with Windows systems, I run it on a WHS. A little know fact is Wifi Media Sync also has two Android version for Phones and Tablets. Great app.

WiFi File Sharing is the best

I have been using Wifi Media Sync for a few weeks and omg its so nice not having to use the USB cable any more and by the way how many more sync apps do we really need!

I am trying to give positive about WIFI Media Synch, but I've yet to get my devices to synch to my PC. Files from the computer, no problem, but uploading from my Pre2 or Touchpad to my computer... I've tried everything. I've been in touch with their support but nothing has worked so far and haven't heard back from them in a few days.

I'm not sure how much difference there is between them now, but Chapura's PocketMirror does a fine job at the same things as CompanionLink. Including multiple calendars (not sure if CL does that?) Early on, when I picked PocketMirror, there was a lot less overlap.

what happened to HP Play? I didn't use it much, but it seemed to work ok. Now the website says it's "Temporarily Unavailble".

I am developing a SyncML client. Currently it works with calendar only. But it can sync to many server, including local solutions like syncevolution, funambol or egroupware, if somebody wants to give it a try:

Contact sync is planned to be added later, automatic sync is also still missing, but in the works.

FIX for CompanionLink Software for PC with CL USB for webOS device

I use it to sync my TouchPad calendar, contacts and tasks with my Palm Desktop Address Book, Datebook, and To-Do list and it works great. If you have tried and could not get it to sync I have a possible solution for you to try.

When I installed and followed the publisher’s directions to setup and sync I could not get it to work. There is a step missing in the directions. You need to “dismiss” the CL USB app on the TouchPad prior to connecting to your PC with the USB cable otherwise the TouchPad will not connect as a “USB Drive” to your PC and CompanionLink will not access the data.

Briefly the steps are as follows

Start CL USB on TouchPad, touch the sync button, the app will prepare the data on your TouchPad to be able to sync, when sync process completes “Dismiss” the CL USB app (the missing step).

Make sure CompanionLink software is running on your PC and you have configured it (setup) as appropriate for your situation. If you want to automatically sync when you connect your device make sure that you have checked the box “Automatically synchronize when device connects” under “direct USB sync” settings.

Connect the TouchPad to the PC using the HP USB cable, when the “connected” dialogue box appears, touch “USB Drive” to complete connection

CompanionLink will automatically perform sync or you can click on the “Sync” button to start the sync.

When the sync is completed, use Windows Explorer to “Eject” the HP TouchPad USB Drive to close the connection so you can “safely remove hardware,” disconnect the TouchPad USB cable.

Start the CL USB app again on the TouchPad, touch the sync button again, the data transferred by CompanionLink will be synched with your TouchPad database files (calendar, contacts, memos, tasks). Keep the CL USB app running if you want to access the memos and tasks. Use the Calendar and Contacts apps that came with the HP webOS TouchPad to access your calendar and contact info.

Good luck and enjoy the app