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BFGMaps beta proves that Google Maps can indeed be more functional in webOS 30

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 20 Jul 2010 9:19 am EDT


There’s little debate that the native Google Maps application that ships with webOS is somewhat… lackluster.   It’s missing several key features such as layers and street view that have been available in competing operating systems for quite some time now, and the app continues to be plagued with performance issues. But fret not, webOS faithful, it’s beginning to look like you won’t have to resign yourself to living with a subpar Maps app for much longer: Palm has made it possible (as demoed in its latest Ares themed Developer Podcast)  for third party developers to take the very same Google Maps widget used in the native application and use it in their own applications, and those devs are finally starting to take notice.

One such app that’s caught our eye in recent times is BFGMaps. While very much in beta (it can currently be downloaded from Palm’s beta feed by way of this link or through Preware), this Google Maps based mapping app brings some much needed functionality, such as (somewhat) working street view, layers for buzz and foursquare and the ability to view bike lanes.  More importantly, it opens and acquires a signal fast.  It tends towards the sluggish side to be sure, there are features missing (search) and the ones that are there aren’t all 100%, but it shows a lot of promise even in this early stage of development as the developer has been iterating quite rapidly. If anything, it should inspire developers to look into making a mapping app of their own - a full-blown Maps app would do very well in the Catalog.

Source: PreCentral Forums; Thanks to Ryley for the tip!



(Are you listening Google?!)

the dev has been very responsive. Street view has been painfully overdue. Yay.

..So why is there no gdial?

Is it possible to implement the GoogleVoice features this way?

.. Anyways, this app is very nice take. Quite afew updates lately too. Nice stuff!

Now that Google has their own platform, we can't expect them to continue giving their full support to others.

Yeah i remember back in the Treo days when google showed Palm soooo much love .

Now google is acting brand new and keeping other OS platforms one step behind while they give their OS full support to android (which i believe i smell antitrust ) sniff sniff im sure they could do to WEBOS what they have done to android but hey why would they?

Business is business.

I'm sure that if HP-Palm really wanted Google apps for their platform, they could call them up and work out a deal.

Neither of them apparently want to talk to each other now, so why just fault Google?

I downloaded BFGMaps yesterday and it has replaced Google Maps as my GPS app of choice. While it is not completely functional, it has similar GM features and loads quicker. This GPS app shows great promise and the developers should be proud of their accomplishments.

nice! Google seems to have shortchanged us webOS users, devs fight back! I wanna pin stuff on my maps and use gps files to do it

Gave up on google maps a long time ago. YP Mobile which uses Bing maps gets a signal much faster and is so much easier to use.
Google doesn't care about WebOS and that is why we haven't seen any kind of updates in a long time.

FINALLY bike routes on WebOS. That should of been a no-brainer for GMaps...

I am SO happy so see something like this!

ha google maps :P it's all about Sprint Nav baby! That's what gets me where I need to go with precision :)

I feel the same. It is able to do everything I need. I wouldn't even mind if Palm removed Google maps from the phone on the next update.

Not everyone has Sprint or Verizon Nav...

This is why i don't understand why people would go to AT&T. A company that has a reputation of high dropped calls and bad customer service but also charges their customers for something other service providers offer for free.

yea....sprint is the best!!!!

ha my google maps hasn't worked on my phone in months says I have no internet connection or something retarded... Yet I'm posting this from my Palm Pre... Whatever I have Sprint Nav and I find that more reliable for what I need anyways.

I've been using BFGmaps instead of Google maps since it was first released, if only for one reason: It's local.
Google maps takes such a long time to fetch its code, especially on a slow connection, that it really hurts to use it.

(I would prefer OpenStreetMap based programs though, but most of them are not really good, and the map data is still not as good.)

If this shows bike routes I'm DEFINITELY gonna check it out!

Is there a call to patch the OS functionality that opens BFGMaps instead of Google Maps by default?

I'm very happy with it. Could have a feature or two added and I think it could have given a run for Top app if it would be allowed

It is a shame to Google. One developer's beta app is much better to an app from Google.
It loads much much faster than Google map. That alone is reason enough to use it.


bfgoogle maps = big fcking google maps?

Great App. All It Needs Is A Search Feature And It Will Practically Be Perfect.

exactly! Nice work! In less than a week, you've surpassed the mighty google's dead fish app! Keep up the great work.

google owns androids. So therefore it'll be less effort for them to implement anything extra to there competition.

It is a shame to Google. One developer's beta app is much better to an app from Google.
It loads much much faster than Google map. That alone is reason enough to use it.


awsome! Finally streetvieuw on webos Yeah cooooool

Hey there fellow webos users I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind words so far, If you want to see what I am up to as far as upcoming changes, known bugs, and discussion you will find a google group I threw up at

Thanks again,
Tim G.

P.S. it's going to be a slow day for BGFMaps development, need to get real work done, so maybe an update late this evening or tomorrow.

Only one update per day is slow?

Awesome. :)