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by elyon Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:38 pm EST
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Bible Reader makes it simple to listen to 11 audio Bibles or read more than 100 translations. The intuitive navigation makes it easy to access new chapters, recent chapters, favorite verses or to share verses on Facebook, email, or messaging.

Bible Reader Plus adds many useful features. It includes Easton's Bible Dictionary, Nave's Topical Bible (Concordance), daily reading reminders, an integrated journal, keyword search, Just Type integration and reading plans.

The reading plan feature adds a verse of the day, Proverb of the day and your choice of five Bible in a Year reading plans. As you check-off chapters that you read, entries in your yearly reading plan will show as completed. The reading plan is flexible so you can read as quickly or slowly as you wish, ensuring that you never get left behind.

The reports feature allows you to see the number of chapters you have read in the current day, week, or month, and shows how much you have been reading from the Old Testament or the New Testament. If you make goals to read your Bible more each day, reports will help you stay on track and see how much you're really reading.

The dictionary provides definitions for many words in the Bible, and the concordance provides many ways to search for verses by topic, or to see how concepts and characters connect across many books of the Bible. The search feature lets you look for phrases in the Bible, even in Bible versions that have not been downloaded to your phone.

The journal makes it easy to mix-and-match verses with your own commentary. Use it to take notes during a message or during your personal devotions.

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It's NOT free, it's $1.50 - which isn't bad if they gave more information such which version of the Bible.

I won't rate because it's not as advertized.

We apologize if the application description seemed deceptive to you -- it wasn't intended to appear that way.

We have two similar applications in the Palm App Catalog -- Bible Reader and Bible Reader Plus. Bible Reader is completely free.

We always wanted to give the Bible away for free. In a metaphorical sense, Bible Reader is intended to represent a traditional paper-bound Bible. Bible Reader Plus adds "companion" features, which might represent a notebook or a reading plan. As we continue to develop and improve Bible Reader, reading, highlighting, bookmarking and sharing will continue to be present in Bible Reader for free. Bible Reader Plus may continue to develop with additional "helps" to accompany the Bible.

I agree with you

Looks like the English version is ASV. Does it download the text as you request it or is the whole Bible loaded at install? Can you add or change versions?

There are many different English versions. It downloads each chapter as you request it. If it is an online-only version, it cannot be cached to the device, but the other translations cache each chapter you request. You can then go to Preferences and forcefully download all of the chapters you are missing from your cache, if you like. Downloading additional chapters like this occurs in a dashboard stage, so it can occur while you are reading, or in the background while the rest of the application is closed. If the download fails or stops for some reason, you can resume later and it will pick up where it left off. You can completely customize which versions you read, and which show up on the version drop-down list, so your favorites are quick to access

Will NIV ever be added?

We have contacted Zondervan regarding permission to host or distribute the NIV, but we have not received any response so far. We have been able to confirm permissions through BibleGateway, however, to display licensed translations such as the NIV. We have been doing everything we can to provide a quality reading experience while also holding to the restrictions and permissions offered us by various publishers and copyrights.

I have most of the bible apps available and am very pleased with this one. Some early bugs have been addressed and fixed. The developer is very responsive. Some may complain that it just "packages" BibleGateway, but it also allows caching/downloading of some versions (likely limited due to copyright). Even if it all it did was "package" BibleGateway, it does it so well, it would still be well worth the $1.50.

it cost a 1.50 not bad but until you open it up and see the screen size thinking it was to view on my HP Touchpad ,I won't use it just to small