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Bing Maps made available for all webOS phones 66

by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Oct 2011 7:56 pm EDT

If you thought your old Palm Pre wasn’t ever going to get another update, well, think again. HP’s still looking out for you, in a way. Tonight saw the surprise release of an updated Maps app for all webOS devices, from the original Sprint Pre to the Verizon Pixi Plus to the AT&T Veer. The update brings Bing Maps to your smartphone, and for the most part it’s the Enyo app from the TouchPad and Pre3 (Update: it's Enyo! though is it Enyo? We don't know, but we do know that support for the framework is not built into versions of webOS older than 2.2)

Even if it’s not Enyo, the new Bing-sourced Maps app comes with all of the same features, including location bookmarks and recent locations. Installation requires a restart of your devices and appears to completely override (overwrite?) the default Google Maps app. So if you’re a fan of Google Maps over Bing, you’ll want to avoid this update. If you don’t care where your mapping data comes from, just so long as it can tell you how to get from A to B, then go right ahead and download. The new Maps app can be downloaded from the App Catalog – just search Maps. It's worth noting that Google will be deprecating the API used to create the webOS Google Maps apps, so it would stop working eventually anyway.

A note of caution for those of you running unofficial systems (e.g. Pre with webOS 2.1, Pre 2 on Sprint, etc), it's possible this update could end poorly for you. Our own Sprint Pre 2 has been booting for fifteen minutes after this update (and that's after two frustrated battery pulls due in an attempt to alleviate the situation). So hang tight for now. It's worth noting that others have had success, so ours could be an isolated incident. Can't say that we're pleased to have our Sprint line out of commission, though.



Cannot see it in the Catalog. (Pre 2 unlocked, Canada). Anyone have a link?

just search "maps' and not Bing, its the only one there free from HP

Strange, I did the update and it looks like it did absolutely nothing on my Pre 3. It looks like the same app I originally had installed.

the article does say its the same app from the TouchPad and Pre3, perhaps you won't see a difference.

It is the Bing maps. Not the Google maps. Bing came pre installed on Pre3 instead of Google maps, so Pre3 owners have nothing new here.

The update worked fine on my Frankenpre with 2.1. I'm fine with the update if it loads faster than Google maps, although I do miss Google Latitude functionality, hopefully the homebrew community can figure out a way to install gmaps as well to at least have that.

My bone stock Sprint pre has been booting for 20 minutes. It is no longer activated so doctoring isn't an option. :-(

You don't have to be activated to run the webOS Doctor.

Whew, crisis averted. It booted after 5 more minutes.

I thought it had to be activated to sign into a profile since you can't turn on wifi from the login screen.


Worked just fine on my Sprintified Pre 2.

However, I didn't realize it would overwrite the Google Maps app. The App description in the catalog should make that clear!

I didn't love Google Maps, but I DID love my patch that turned GPS on only when that app was opened! Hopefully that patch can be adapted :)

Note, your phone needs to be restarted after installing the new app. I almost missed that notification.

Worked fine on my Sprint Pre 2 as well.

You could use the "Mode Switcher" app to turn on GPS whenever Bing Maps is opened and turn off GPS when Bing Maps is closed.

It's a lot faster than google maps, but just isn't quite as functional... I don't know about other folks here, but I use maps to find my away around by public transit and whatnot... For some reason, there are suddenly a lot of non-existent bus routes in San Francisco and San Diego... Ughhh, wish I saw the pre central note "will overwrite the google maps app" before updating...

A few other bells and whistles missing, but overall just a largely less functional (but slightly faster) version of google.

Edit: Running on an unlocked pre 2 on AT&T.

Agreed re: warning of overwriting.

Derek, would you mind bolding that little point? I was so excited to see this I didn't even read the article before jumping to download it.

Try BFG maps

Am I right that the Bing version doesn't give you departure times for Transit like Google? I was actually looking for a way to get the Google Maps on my TouchPad. I currently use the web version which works OK.

i thought the patch was for any "map" app, not specifically google.

and i do agree w/ you about it getting rid of google maps

Figures, HP can't ever do anything half-right.

Hey HP, Bing maps are nice and all, but why not try and optimize webOS 2.1/2.2 a little more so it runs fine on "legacy" hardware?

Well, so far I'll give it one major point: GMaps would hang/freeze/never load if it couldn't immediately get its painfully slow GPS lock.

That used to irritate the **** out of me when all I wanted to do was see a Maps link from the browser (doesn't matter where I am!) or when I would be happy doing a quick search manually.

Still takes a little while to load. BUT, even from a cold boot with no GPS lock, this still came up. Showed a dummy location of the entire continental US. Eventually showed my location based on tower before narrowing down to GPS. This is a win. Don't slow me down just because GPS isn't ready!

Also, I like the little swipe-through list of locations that come up at the bottom after typing a search. Nice use of the usual UI.

Some stuff is probably missing, but for a quick web search of a local map this is what I want! Something that 1) works, and 2) quickly.

Hmm... though I'm also noticing a little more stutter than usual scrolling through these fancy lists. Ah well. Can't be too much of a beggar with this ole Sprint 1.4.5.

Installed without incident on my Print Pre 2.

Nice to see updates, but bing is pretty much useless outside of the US (well, at least here in New Zealand it is) so that along with the fact that I use Google Latitude means I'm gonna skip this update!

Why do you find Bing useless in NZ? Are the road maps that much less reliable, or is the walking and public transport options?

I've always preferred google maps, but I'm curious about bing (I'm in Wellington).

There is no street view for bing in NZ, no traffic info, no bus info (for Auckland at least) and when you zoom in you can't see the house sections like you can in google maps. But the worst thing is it is simply frustrating to search with. I live on Roberton Rd in Auckland, when I type that into bing maps it says "Results are for robertson rd, auckland. Get results for roberton rd, auckland." Why?? If I wanted Robertson Rd I would have typed that!

Also once it finally knows where you are and you type, say, "kebab" or "pizza" because you're hungry it either asks "did you mean Kebal Pl, Nelson?" or it shows you a lovely map of Pisa, Italy. No where near as useful as google maps imho.

EDIT: Actually scrolling around etc is better than the old google maps app and it does open quicker but the lack of being able to search what's around me is a deal breaker (I hear it works in the US, but here in NZ it is useless) - thinking of doctoring back again (unless someone figures out how to install google maps from the doctor?)

Probably not much consolation, but if you search for "Roberton Rd, Avondale, NZ", it should get your address correct.

Most awesome update I've done to my FrankenPre 2 to date!

Love how it booted tired old slow Google Maps App out!

Much needed replacement for the (god awful) Google Maps. Bing Maps came on my Pre 3 and it's absolutely brilliant.

I do miss the Places locations on the map though.

wow - it works on my Verizon Pre2 WITHOUT Verizon's goofy Nav app having to be on. I have never gotten such a quick fix as this. Will have to try it driving.

ok stupid question time... how do i get this on my vz pre 2? i checked the system update app and the software manager and nada. any suggestions?

"The new Maps app can be downloaded from the App Catalog – just search Maps."

ahhhh duhhhhh thanks man/lady.....

Why not just use BFG Maps? It's better than the google map app. Download this new bing map app too and have the best of both worlds!

I tried BFG--not a fan. Not a fan at all. Perhaps I am missing something? (PS: I use my maps primarily for simply finding my way around--much the same way as you would use a paper map--and for looking at traffic patterns so that I can decide the best route, as I live in the #1 worst traffic area in the country.)

So far, I find it way better than the Google Maps app...

ummm... so it that it? google maps is gone from my phone never to return? that doesn't quite seem necessary.

I don't mind Google Maps being gone. It would take forever to load on my Sprint Pre. Bing Maps loads in less than 10 seconds. Not exactly instant, but a helluva lot better than Google.

probably some type of licensing issue with google vs. bing (i.e. google is the competition less so that MS).

or is this a hint towards some MSFT partnership?

or is this a hint that webOS continues to be supported adn developed by HP?

I wonder if HP just found what some ppl found on the forums here:

I've read of successful installs of more than just bing maps on a pre2 or veer including amazon kindle apps with some patches. So at some point I was thinking about playing with bing maps and have both words (3 if you count navit, which is my main way of navigation). Another note gmaps seems to be linked to the palm account. I'm sharing mine on the TP and pre2 and at some point switched to full web site on the TP, which next time when I tried to load it on my pre kind of make it not usable. Don't remember if that was before I franken pre2 or it was on my old 1.4.5 pre-. Might play around with it and see if I'll get it to work with the full web site on the pre2.

Installed on my Verizon Pixi Plus!


I might add that you can now choose the Bing maps as your default map locator. Google is gone. Oh BTW I'm on Sprint Pre-.

installed fine on my Sprint Pre- rebooted in 5 mins. I did mine over WiFi, not sure if that made a difference why it didn't take as long as the rest of you guys. In fact it was a Lil faster than my typical reboot lol

On my Sprint Pre, it loads faster than Google Maps, it updates the map faster than Google Maps, it scrolls faster than Google Maps, and it has traffic.

Looks great to me.

BFG Maps still works if you want your Google fix.

I miss my pre if it were not for google music I would activate my sprint pre over my evo. Its ****ing up all the time

Installed fine on At&t Pre running WebOS 1.4.5. Took about 3 min to reboot. Bing Maps loaded in 20 seconds...showed location as US map...location unavailable. Ran GPS-Keep Alive V2.0.01..Bing Maps loaded in 15 seconds location was accurate with 50 feet. While I agree with some other posts in terms of better notification that Google maps would be removed...I was having poor performance with Google to the point it wasn't really usable anyway. So bring on Bing and I will hope for the best.

So need to choose between Gmaps & Bing? Can't have both? Can I re-load Google maps if I don't like Bing? Seems I need to go Bing if I want Enyo framework on my Pre 2... decisions, decisions...

Strange, now the Maps app doesn't show up under Built-in applications in the SysInfo.

You can still use Google Services for Location Services.

Update: You HAVE to enable Google Services within the Location Services app so that Bing Maps can lock on your location quickly (which it does) otherwise, it will take awhile.

Loaded just fine on my Sprint Pre. As others have said, I believe it works so much better than Google Maps. And Google Maps is going to stop working soon anyway.

I think its wrong to infer the same functionality is in place with the new map update. Bing Maps has the nice Bird's Eye view as well as travel mapping for transit, walking, etc. But like some have mentioned -- doesn't have the functionality of Google Maps -- especially the links to reviews and websites. I think that is huge and more valuable than Bird's Eye. And, it should be pointed out that both map apps interpret search entries different. So for instance, I sometimes have a hard time finding stuff on Bing that comes up on Google (and vice versa). Any idea if we know if an update will come to emulate the full version of Bing Maps?

WTF!... I added this free app from the app catalog before reading this post. When has adding ANY app automatically removed another app? This is complete and total horseshite.

I'm not debating the pro's and con's of Google Maps vs. Bing Maps. That's not the point. The point is I can no longer use Google Maps and it said NOTHING about this in the app catalog. I'm pissed. Now I have no choice and can't use the app that I used most often on my phone (yes, it was the top left icon on the first page of my launcher). WTF...

Only problem I have with Bing Maps, is whenever I lookup things in Detroit, it drops the map somewhere in Mexico. Detroit is NOT in Mexico.

Anything that reduces my need for anything google is good.

and it doesnt support special non english characters like Ö Ä Ü and ß. Which kinda sucks if you want to search for german locations containing them... also it has no support for routes to walk. Which i used mainly. :(

Sad, that google maps is gone now that i have installed bing maps.

I have the Pre3 which came preloaded with Bing, but went ahead and installed Google maps (which "almost" works on the Pre). Bing does not show the traffic info (at least in the UK), and in fact although it loads quickly, I found that Google maps locates me much faster. Google also has better search than Bing. In fact I have found Bing to be fairly useless compared with Google. Bing looks more modern though, granted.

I just hope either BFG maps gets improved to work faster, or someone would write a quality quality map app based on Google APIs.

I am on a Pre- and can't figure out how to get satellite view. Any help? Thanks

Wow. Probably the most exciting news to hit this site for non-touchpad owners for quite some time! Although I might regret it & miss my Google Maps app ... I plan to install soon.

Weird... Typing "" into the browser still opens Bing maps. :P

I just assumed it would have traffic for surface streets. It doesn't. I live in Los Angeles. This is a total fail compared to Google Maps, which I now cannot get back apparently.

That's what I use to most on my phone. This could cause me to switch to Windows.

Pre Plus (AT&T) - downloaded, installed and re-boot in under 4 minutes. I am not crazy about Bing (for anything) and this map app doesn't persuade me to like them any better. Here I am in New Orleans and it cannot find drug store or grocery store or even results. IT sometimes tells me I need a wireless connection; then it said I needed an internet connection. It couldn't find my house when I entered the address....For me this thing is less than useless.

Hmm, it is odd that randomly there is an app that not only just removes one of your previous apps, but also installs system support for another framework without really detailing this at all.

Should the support for Enyo apps have come as a webOS update, i.e. maybe 1.4.6 even?

Despite the greatness of this support being developed and made available it yet again looks like it was poorly managed by HP.

Nevertheless, I will enjoy the support for Enyo on my Sprint Pre while I can. Not a big deal about the maps, I tend to just use the Sprint Navigation app for anywhere I need to go anyway.

This totally useless for me! It's impossible to create accented characters - the sym-key doesn't bring up the list at all.

Second, I am trying to search for addresses using characters outside the standard English - and no results are found! I tried searching for a street in Warsaw, which has the letter L-with-a-dash in the name. It wasn't found, neither when I pasted in the correct character from notes, nor if I replaced that character with the letter L (both worked on Gmaps). You should add in the description that you can't use maps outside English-only countries... Pretty poor I must say!

How can I get Gmaps BACK???

How do I get Google Maps back?
Bing totally fails for me. I live in Panama, and they barely show a road around the city. Google maps had the complete set of roads throughout the country.

Good bye Gmaps! Your embarrassingly slow/never load times are gone! Ok, any one care to explain why my Pre+ now runs faster since updating to Bing Map? I'm not complaining, but my pre+ always seemed to lag a bit unless Govnah was running 1 Ghz... Its running default 500 mhz now. Regardless - Yay!

This patch (in testing stage) that lets you keep Google Maps. Must be installed before installing HP Maps app however.

I didn't discover this update until today when I went to use Google Maps for the first time since 10/31/11. And just like that, GMaps is gone and replaced by Bing Maps. I admit that Bing Maps is tons faster on my Pre- than GMaps was. That's a welcome change. Hoping that while traveling, Bing Maps will be just as detailed and have a similar blue dot that follows me around when I drive.

Hello, where is the street view option please?