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Bing Maps update brings Enyo support to the webOS masses, Troy impressed by giant wooden horse 73

by Derek Kessler Wed, 12 Oct 2011 8:56 pm EDT

Before tonight, if you wanted to run Enyo apps on a webOS device, you had to have an HP TouchPad or Pre3. With the just-updated Bing Maps released for all webOS devices, that changes. If you installed the update, you likely noticed the part where you had to reboot your phone. That’s because this app had to do something special to work at all on devices running webOS 1.4.5 or webOS 2.1: it had to install support for the Enyo framework.

What that means is something really awesome: everything from the original Palm Pre to the barely-released HP Pre3 can now run Enyo apps. HP hasn’t announced any changes to their app submission guidelines, as of right now Enyo apps can only be submitted for the TouchPad and Pre3, but that could all change in short order now that the webOS development team has figured out how to add Enyo support to every webOS device.

Right now, the catalog of Enyo apps available for webOS smartphones can be counted on one hand. But that’s almost entirely because the developers were limited to the Pre3, which has a most minuscule userbase. But with the Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2, Pixi, Pixi Plus, and Veer all now capable of Enyo apps (so long as you've downloaded the requisite maps update) there’s a wide world of users to which developers can market their Enyo wares. It’s not going to save webOS, but it’s certainly not a bad thing for anybody that owns an older webOS device.

We’ve gotta give them credit – with no new devices to work on, the webOS team has kept themselves busy adding new functionality to devices we’d long considered abandoned. Great work on the Trojan Horse, guys!


Awesome! Installed maps on my pixi plus!

ahh the pixi.. i loved that little phone. had 2 of them. recently upgraded to the pre 2. not a huge fan of the slider but definitely a fan of the spec bump.

Brilliant! Maps loads magnitudes quicker on my Pre2...wonder if they can also fix the Southern Hemisphere GPS bug ;)

Wow it works really well. So much better than Google Maps as far as options and performance goes. Never thought I'd see some enyo on my 1.4.5 Pre.

That was a sneaky and wickedly clever move on the part of the webOS development team. Mad respect to that crew. Wouldn't it be sick if they had another sweet magic trick up their sleeves... Like an official optimized webOS 2.x OTA for legacy hardware..... Wouldn't that be something! -Hip hip to the webOS development team.

The timing is weird though.

Bringing Enyo to Pre/Pixi devices should at the very least been announced at the Think Beyond even in February.
Even if they couldn't make it available right away they needed to tell devs that there will be a unified platform over all devices.

The fragmentation between all those 1.4 devices with Mojo and (not even existing at the time) 2.x devices was no doubt one of the reasons we didn't get more dev activity. It's tough to develop for a platform where one api is on all existing devices - but already obsolete and the shiny new platform is only available for future devices.

I'm glad they did it eventually of course. And it is a hopeful sign. This is what they would have to do if the platform is to continue. Perhaps there is an interested buyer for webos.

A freakish possibility is HP doing a 180 and going back on track with webos. If they keep the consumer business it would make sense. The whole point of aquiring Palm was to get into mobile gadgets. Which is a necessity if they want to improve value by going after better margin products. Sure - they could licence Android or WP7/W8 for that. But owning your on platform has huge long term advantages (though obviously short term costs to get it off the ground *again*).
And as a webos user I take HP over nothing. But HP hasn't shown much competence recently. A sell to - say - HTC - might be better for us.

They did announce that Enyo was going to come to all devices. They announced that it was going to go to the Touchpad first and then the phones will get it later, and later came today. I guess since they dumped support for the "legacy" devices we assumed they won't be getting Enyo either.

I hope you are right. I still have my overclocked, Pre minus in excellent condition with webOS 1.45.

Moving up to webOS 2+ would make it compete with any phone out there. Great news all around, and hope HP will do the right thing with webOS for us all. Cheers.

If you already have the enyo framework installed on your legacy device, you'll want to remove it before installing Bing Maps. At least this is the case on the Veer, with enyo copied from the touchpad(or was it the pre3?).

And yes, there's a enyo dir under "/usr/palm/frameworks/" after successful Bing install. Just version 1.0 of the framework (touchpad has both 1.0 and 0.9).

But the app I've been testing across devices does work as expected with the version of enyo BingMaps provides, so that's nifty.

Slow and (un)steady progress? I for one will keep telling myself.. yes.

+1 on the Aeneid reference. Actually +1000.

Enyo is loaded in the standard frameworks location, so you can side load Enyo apps even if they are not yet available in the App Catalog.

Paper Mache is free and the IPK is available for download, so you can use the SDK, or tools like WOSQI or Preware to load it manually - outside the app store process.

Download IPK of release and beta versions at

There appear to be some issues with webkit rendering transparencies and some other display issues but things seem to work ok at first glance on a Pre2.

So the way I see it, HP decided to offer a 15MB update for Enyo support, and threw in Bing Maps for 'free' but decided to call it a Maps update (upgrade more like it).

I can live with that!

That's called, "Start the Fire", say yes to webOS.

Nice of them to do this 2 days before iphones come to sprint so I can feel regretful about moving on.

I didn't see Bing Maps in App Catalog. Maps was there--is that the same thing or the one the article is talking about?

It's the same thing; It's called Maps in the Catalog and the developer is HP.


Well, I pulled the trigger. Seems good so-far, but you may want to be aware, that not only does it replace the google maps app, but attempts to go to either the mobile or regular google maps site are re-directed to Bing!?

Wow, talk about intrusive, HP!

Yeah, I just noticed that too. Unfortunately, it's not well integrated. It just launches the Maps App, but doesn't pre-load the address/data, so you'll need to manually input that info. :-(

It runs enyo, but there are some limitations we have (yet) to figure out. In one of the enyo apps I am writing, it doesn't like the 3 pane sliding view layout (think email-like views) I have on the touchpad on my pre 2. It always shows just the leftmost pane in full width view. The devs will have to learn the limitations and code for the smaller screen in enyo. But hey, I don't have to learn mojo now to have my app work on phones too. Pretty cool!

Well played, HP... well played...

Time to write more single pane Enyo apps to support the phones

Actually, I've tried my app on my Pre 2 and it works great. It's a three-paned app, but on the phones you can only see one pane at a time. My app already had a way to automatically focus different panes, though, so it works pretty well on my Pre 2.

Also, you can view multiple panes in landscape mode.

something's clearly up. not sure what. maybe this is what the new "buyer" wants for webos? or they want enyo completed before "they" take over (amazon?).

why is HP wasting their time if the OS is dead. Something is up.

Wow that responds SUPERFAST in comparison the Google powered one we had before...Enyo-FACE Google!

enyo= sliding touchpad panes..holla

First of all: My O2 DE Pre- did not, as mentioned, needed 15min to boot after the update. It took the usual, almost unacceptable 2 minutes.

And it's working REALLY fast. Great work Palm/Microsoft! Thanks a million :)

Great thing, but what about payed apps in the App Catalog for countries like Switzerland?

We all have this wonderful WebOS devices but are not able to buy one single app from the App Catalog!

Is this going to change with an OTA update soon?

Installed without problems on my O2 Pre- with 2.1 and UberKernel. Works like a charm. Hope we will be able to use more enyo apps on legacy devices!

...yep, all three of them available.

Hmm, installing the update on my Pre3 has removed the Maps icon. I still get a space where it should be and tapping there opens Bing Maps but still, it is not great.

Is noone else getting this?

Had the blank icon on my Pre 3 after a maps update I received on or before the 27th of September. Todays update actually reverted it back to normal.

hopefully there is soon a way the have both google maps and bing maps on legacy devices:

google search for: "google maps durch hp maps"
don't link to there directly please

BFG Maps

Great News!
Im on Pre3 but I love the Enyo on legacy devices!

Installed on my Verizon Pre 2 last night. Seemed to install OK, and seems to work fine.

So its an app update, not a system update. But sounds like it's adding Enyo support. Anyone running Preware patches have an issue? Should we run the EPR first?

I have pretty much all the Sconix advanced system menus and advanced system configurations and frameworks for webOS 2.1 along with several other patches and have not seen any problems.

It doesn't affect the system. Enyo was designed to be system-independent, unlike Mojo which is heavily integrated in the system. You can take Enyo wherever you want, to the browser and even to iOS and Android via mobile browser. Adding Enyo just means adding it to the frameworks directory. It shouldn't touch much more than that.

Installed on my unlocked AT&T Pre 2 and am very impressed with the accuracy, speed, usefulness of this new app. I also love the enyo sliding panels and over all the UI.

This update is purely bad so far.

The map is actually blur? like a badly compressed jpeg? why?

switch to satellite view takes forever with no indication of its working on it?

A developer's question: how do you get this update onto the emulator? I don't have access to the App Catalog with the emulator -- or am I doing it wrong?

BTW, it installed nicely and without any issue on my Pre+ with webOS 2.1.

Wait, this is a trojan horse?!?! Why are you telling me to install it?! ;-)

Trojan horse, as in it delivers something you didn't expect. Most of the time, it's a virus, but this time it's Enyo.

installed fine on my pre minus 1.45. fast, a lot faster than google maps.. directions are nice as well.. do you need street view? actually i never used it on my pre. damn screen was too small for these old eyes.

Man. This is simply amazing, Google maps was horrible.

The best feature is I can save bookmarks..

so now I can use it while driving and not have to type in my most go to places,

I love the Pan views and cant wait for enyo to go all over the UI like this.

It worked well on my already dying pre -

I can't wait for webOS to get back on it's feet.
Unfortunately I ahd to get another phone (I'ts coming soon)...I would have given anythign to get my hands on a pre 3.

so I guess Google is *not* one of the companies bidding for webos! yay!

Thank goodness.

I want the Enyo update, but I DO NOT want Bing maps - how do I get just the update? And WHY is it only being offered in this way??

I am not seeing the satellite view or whatever view is in the picture for the article. I feel like I have hit every button, gone to the view page, etc.--what is the secret?

I am on a Pre- running 1.45.

I do like the panels at the bottom for directions or for picking from a group of locations, etc.

You have to hit the Options icon which opens a pane. Once there, it's under view. The default is Road and you'll have to change it to Satellite or Bird's Eye.

Thanks--I was hitting the view and the arrow next to road. Never occurred to me to hit the word road itself. Thanks again.

It's a little strange to experience the panes on a Pre and not the TouchPad. That said, it takes an adjustment but I can see where they were going with Enyo.

I was excited to try out the new update on my Palm pixi. The first thing I tested was to see if it could give me directions from my house to the nearest Walmart. According to this app, the closest store is 1,500 miles away in Benton, AR. Lame... I don't think I'll be using it much.

That's too bad. Because of your comment, I put WalMart in my app--worked great as it showed the 2 closest stores.

I would be so cool if they add voice in Maps. Like Google Navigation on Android devices! Maybe after the App Hack ! :-)

Love it. So much better than (our version of) Gmaps.

ALSO: Gmap links from my calendar DO show up in Bing maps - for me, at least.

For devs whose first app was an Enyo app for the Touchpad, this lowers the barrier of entry for expanding their potential customer base to now include legacy phones. It should be a lot less effort to take an existing Enyo app to run on a phone that supports Enyo than to have to learn Mojo.

There is obviously not enough screen real estate to support displaying more than one sliding pane at a time, unless the content is really narrow. Perhaps sliding a pane can be made to behave like a back-swipe or forward-swipe, i.e., switching between 'scenes' to use Mojo parlance.

For those folks who want Bing and Google maps, there is always the BFG Map App (ad supported is free, or just 99 cents to remove ads).


Is Skype an enyo app ??? Can't wait to have it in veer/pre2.

Its still not finding me exactly, about .3 miles off, same as google was. Oh well.

I decided to try the Touchplayer app from the Preware feeds after installing the Enyo framework on my Sprint FrankenPre 2.

The app installs, runs, and is usable in landscape orientation. The only video I had on hand to try was a .flv. I was able to open and play the file, audio worked fine, but there's no video.

I can't think of any other Enyo apps to try, but I thought I'd post my little experiment, for what it's worth.

I just installed 'Maps' on my Pre - 1.45. First impression is WOW!.
I mean first impression: it loaded and located me in about 1/2 second! Google maps took about 2 minutes.
The different views don't seem to load at all. That didn't come out right...The different views are just THERE. There is no delay time for them to load.
I 'dropped a pin' on my home, but I can't figure out how to save it. Someone earlier said they could save a bookmark, but I haven't found it yet. I guess the next step is to open Help. BTW, who needs to read the thousand page Microsoft and Bing terms of service anyway?
Great improvement and gives me a bit of smug satisfaction about still having a phone that seems doomed to extinction. Well, so am I, now that I think about it.

Installed on a Verizon Pre Plus with WebOS 2.1 & UberKernel with no issues. It gave me a "location unavailable" message once, but I closed it & opened it again, and it found a close approximation of my location pretty quickly.

Enyo on old devices is the only thing even approaching good news that WebOS users have had in a very long time. I'm guessing that it'll turn out to be just a mirage in the end, but still...

OK, now that I am ashamed of reccomending this to family and friends, tell me how to GET THIS OFF MY PHONE!
Cannot search for addresses, cannot 'bookmark', cannot switch to Google!
Another half-baked idea from HP! Sheeesh!

I can bookmark (kind of ) by dropping pins but the phone does not know how to get me directions between two of those bookmarks.

Maybe it is because the roadmap for may region is sh*t!, barely a few mayor avenues. At least Google Maps had all the roads.

They should've fix Google and add Bing as a separate app. As always just thinking about USA.
For what I've read Bing sucks for everywhere else.
I'm in Costa Rica, go to and and search "San José, Costa Rica" and look for yourself, bing doesn't even show the streets.

Pre 2 working great, battery working great.

Installed Maps.

Lost Google Maps.

Got Bing Maps.

Lost good battery performance. Down to 18 hours instead of 48 hours.

Uninstalled Maps.

Now have no Maps at all.

Great going! Enyo/Maps? You can keep em!

were to get Bing Maps update if im not able to use App Catalog?

I didn't want Bing on my Pre. I liked Google Maps. I didn't install the app, a service rep at a Sprint store did when I went in to try to find out what kind of underhanded **** they were trying to pull with that web page that could not be zoomed and had type so small it could not be read.

Over and over again, American companies are demonstrating why they cannot be trusted and do not deserve our business. It is a shame that the alternatives are all in collusion with Sprint.