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by chexmix222 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:39 pm EST
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A black theme with a black silk sheet background If you like my work please donate.

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Now this is the theme I will have on my Pre for a very, very long time. I love the black look. Great job on this.

monkey crap is holy? WOW i did not know that haha...

Holy monkey crap!!! I love this theme and once I'm able to download and install it on my 1.2 it will probably be the only one I use for a very long time.

Can you make a Lions Theme please i know not many ppl like the lions but i do (NFL)

i am with you...i would like a lions theme also...

Great app

when will we be able to download themes again... I def want this, it has cool written all over it

I glad everyone likes it this was my longest theme to make; you can download this at only thing is it's not 1.2 ready another words everything works it's just the dialer pad is default i'll have to go back and make the changes but make sure to check out my new theme 1.2 compatible with working customized dialer oooooo lol

working great on 1.2..
like the all blacked out.. easyer to use at night!!!
good work..

Hey whats up man you need to make some magic and bring this black theme back , i think its one of the best theme for the pre.

Dude! nice an sleak looking. New to the theme an app world but good job on this!

So is it 1.2.1 ready? Because I'm ready to DL this theme!!!!

This is one of the best themes so far. Great job! I'd love to see more themes like this and less themes based on movies, comics, or games.

Does this work for 1.2.1? I'm getting a lot of errors when trying to apply this theme with WebOS Quick Install.

hey man. its not working, it wont show up in the quickinstall preview. and then when you click set theme. it says something like its not available in the directory or its not there. idk. is it not capable with 1.2.1??

@chexmix222 I try to load this and get~
"error: unable to read xml file
missing end tag near line 371, column 114"
any suggestions?

hmm I just downloaded to my phone via preware and it works with 1.2.1 only thing is the dialer is back to default (not as pictured) but everything works try installing through preware or at

Great theme, enjoy this the most out of all the ones I've tried so far.

how can i delet the bootscreen i dont like it and my default theme is lost

**please help** where do you AND how do you install the themes once you download it??

you have to install WebOS Quick Install and then load anything you want through that. Its fairly simple. Once you have Quick Install. Just go to the folder where you downloaded the theme. Copy it and paste it in the Quick Install window and hit load. And there you have it.. Hope this helps.

how do you download Quick Install?

I have quick install but cant find a way to download the theme peazz hellp