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BlackBerry Bold gets a touchscreen [The Competition] 22

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 02 May 2011 9:31 am EDT

Sister-site is live on the ground at BlackBerry world this week, where RIM has dropped a slew of news, including:

The touchscreen BlackBerry Bold is the most interesting bit. It's not BlackBerry's first phone to marry a touchscreen and a physical keyboard (that would be the Pre-alike Torch), but it does mark some kind of historic occassion for longtime Palm fans: It only took RIM 8 years to release a device that matches the core feature set of Handspring's Treo 600. Nailed it!

We kid, we kid. The new Bold has a wicked fast processor and BlackBerry OS 7, which probably could have been called 6.2, but we already got our dig in above so we'll give 'em that.

In any case, keep it locked to CrackBerry for all the news coming out of BlackBerry world this week.


I really hope HP puts out something in this form factor.


All they'd need to is update the Pixi.

Oh my god its so hard to resist!

yeah some nice stuff for sure... i was wondering when RIM was going to come out with some stuff that really competed in the modern phone market. looks like they have some solid contenders now.

This is not competition.

it's nice they still have the touchscreen and the trackpad, just in case you can't decide what you want to do.

choices choices choices

I'm glad they put it there for people who have used BB for centuries.

Its a good spring device but NOT a good summer device.

The PPI is good though.

discuss here=

Great, now how long till HPalm catches up? I can't believe they've thrown this form factor to the dogs.

I really am getting annoyed at the amount of Android and Blackberry and iPhone **** in the blogs here... sorry to post this, but it just burns me to come here and read that **** instead of reading what I want to read about.

Yeah, I know, I know... there isn't that much news. Well - then don't blog until there is. I don't care to hear about the newest Android stuff... I go to AndroidCentral or AndroidGuys for that. ugh!

scroll your mouse wheel up... oh look, the next article appears and your life can go on

And meanwhile we hear crickets from HP. Oh wonderful.

It's interesting, but the competition really begins when RIM puts out QNX-OS phones with cards multitasking. At that point, HP and RIM phones will be nearly indistinguishable from each other except for the far superior build quality and battery life of RIM devices.

The question is...will HP get it together by then?

Pity that I hate the Blackberry look/feel then.

Really? That should be a nice device when in hand knowing prior build of the 9000. It looks every bit as professional as anything else.

Oh, and I just pity the fool.

That's the question we are all wondering about.

So sad that this will probably come out before the pre 3.


BES is getting a touchscreen also:

Research in Motion announced on Monday that it will update its BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to support Apple hardware running the iOS operating system, including the iPhone and iPad, as well as devices that run Google Android.

I would like to point out that the recently announced Nokia E6 also has a similar form factor, same resolution and a touchscreen.

hii there...Wow
i am dying to own one...