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Bloomberg: Palm putting itself up for sale 223

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Apr 2010 1:20 pm EDT

Palm for sale?

While we can’t say we’re completely surprised, we are still surprised. Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has long advocated that Palm’s plan is to go it alone and that they had a path to return to profitability, but Bloomberg is now reporting Palm is putting itself up for sale. According to “three people familiar with the situation,” Palm is working with Goldman Sachs and Qatalyst Partners to find a proper suitor. Bids are expected to come in as early as this week. According to those sources, both HTC and Lenovo are keenly interested in acquiring Palm, and Dell had expressed interest, but has since decided against making an offer. As we would expect, all parties rumored to be involved have declined to comment, but if Bloomberg’s sources are to be believed, Palm’s days as an independent company might be over very soon.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


This could be really bad..

...or really good.

Go HTC!!!!!

great HTC... I just love overweight phones with their own "spin" on the OS....

Well this is thoroughly depressing. I was really hoping Palm would fight the good fight for at least the next year or two before going this direction.

Having said that, I've used an HTC in the last. The hardware seems relatively solid...though like you's large and bulky. Their interface is definitely proprietary, but I think they improved on the Windows Mobile 6 interface.

I just hope whoever buys out Palm keeps the great WebOS interface. I've tried out the new Android OS and I just wasn't impressed. It's pretty responsive, but it didn't feel as natural to me as WebOS.

Now I really have to wonder whether I should stick beside the Palm/WebOS devices when I upgrade my phone in a few months...or should I just look for the next best alternative? I was hoping to upgrade to whatever new devices Palm would release this I'll pass.

You should just go with the HTC EVO 4G. If Palm is still around by the time you have another upgrade, then you can hop onboard again, no hard feelings.

well either palm fight die trying and we might as well lose WebOS all together or some else buys the company. Jus hoping for the best that they keep the WebOS and make it better and not f*** it all up into barely useable os.

not that I am not absolute in love with WebOS... but HTC's Evo is going to be the BE ALL END ALL!

I don't understand the attention on the EVO when there are phones like the Imagine and Desire coming out as well, easily beating the EVO in terms of specs. In fact, the only thing the EVO would have up on these phones would be 4G, but the processors are on par with each other and the EVO's LCD is easily outclassed by the two phones' AMOLED screens.
What's the big deal?

The mouth-breathers of the room determine quality by speed. Aka, 'biggest penis' syndrome. The Evo makes up for short weenies and baldspots. Apparently, despite the lack of complaints, 3G speed is a bigger problem than any o/s's shortcomings. Oddly, 4G is so limited and more expensive, that people can overlook those shortcomings just to say their Camaro has a Corvette engine, even though they live in Speedbump Township and never get out of 2nd gear.

Don't spoil their glory. Any time someone thinks HTC's flavor of the week is hot stuff, it's nice to see them leave.

Rubinstein may have something to say about all this For Sale talk:

I feel the same way too. I think HTC will bring webOS much further than Lenovo. Imagine webOS in the HTC Incredible!

I do not know why so many are thinking that HTC will scrap webOS, if they purchase it. That would be an even dumber move than all that Palm has committed to date so far. If you have IP to a new, revolutionary OS, why ditch it? They can continue to offer Android and Windoze Mobile alongside their webOS flagship (if they choose, but likely may not). They now have all the inside workings of an OS that they can tweak to perform better than any other phone. Think Oracle and Sun, Apple and Apple OS. Hardware runs best when you have your own OS. This is why Apple succeeded for so long. Now HTC can be a direct competitor to Apple and personally, webOS on HTC hardware, to me, seems like a VERY compelling argument. I can't see why they wouldn't do this.

Look at how fast webOS was running on the 800Mhz. Imagine now on a 1Ghz snapdragon. Why is everyone dishing this as bad news?

omg omg omg!! This makes me super excited... if HTC buys Palm they will be unstoppable! I sure hope it's HTC... Lenovo would be a disappointment.

WOW!!! Sorry to hear this :( :( :(
However, having heard this ... I hope that Palm may be acquired by GOOGLE ...

Just my thoughts

It was fun while it lasted. WebOS rocks.

if this move means palm will be disburdened of it's awful management and the build quality for future webOS devices increases, welcome whoever buys palm. Dumping webOS would be worst thing to happen, like it actually more than the company inventing and almost burying it again

Yeah, it was fun, no matter what platform I jump to, WebOS is the best. I think the fact Sprint will be launching several Wimax handsets this year, has a lot to do with Palm putting itself up for sale. Also, the face that Apple is trying to stop/delay the HTC EVO, is a pretty good indication of how earth shattering the EVO is. Palm cannot compete with that. That along with the Android machine that is growing. I do not believe that anyone who buys Palm, will continue with WebOS, they will more than likely, take elements from WebOS, UI, swiping, etc.

Yes!!! WEB OS IS the best! Lets just hope that whomever acquires PALM ... understand this ...

Long time before we know if Evo will ever be known for anthing other than the "first" 4G. But just the presence of a 4G handset is sand in the face of Apple as it's sole carrier was late to the party with 3G and still struggles to keep satisfactory signals for their customers.

Having any handset at 4G will make the Apples look like a tired 3+ year old form factor. So if they have an ace to play to hold Evo back even a month or two, they're gonna play it now.

:-( i hope this doesn't mean the death of the pre :-( or webos

Rubinstein may have something to say about all this For Sale talk:

It might be for the best, ultimately. Still, I'm sad.

This would b good. HTC gets Palm they would make a nice piece. Touch Pro 3 Anriod n WebOS OMG!!!

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Comon Palm, go get VC funding to get into the tablet market. WebOS on a tablet would be a killer. All you have to do is take something like the ipad and install WebOS on it. I'd pay for that!

I'm of 2 minds here. This is sad, really truly sad, but then again, the buyer (hopefully HTC) could completely change the course of events for this company.

Here's hoping everything works out for the best.

Yup, it was only a matter of time. I think HTC needs to be the one to get after these guys.

Definitely bittersweet. As much as I like Palm, they just couldn't do it. From a marketing standpoint alone, they blew it. This operating system is something else (in a good way), and no one else out there knows why it outperforms all of the other competitors and that equals failure. I would be happy to see some changes (better hardware!!).

Very sad reading this. My only hope is HTC buying them out and hopefully seeing an EVO spec webOS type phone in the future.

I think if HTC buys Palm, they would use the Palm branding. Same with Lenovo, I think these companies really like the Palm brand, it is a strong brand name, and WebOS won't die right away, but we might see updates disappear within a year. If Lenovo buys Palm, we will have updates for a while. I think Lenovo wants to make a tablet pc to compete against the iPad. I doubt HTC will complete their sale, they are currently too happy with their brand, they might only buy Palm to protect themselves from Apple.

Why do you think updates will go away?

If someone wants to compete with Apple, they are going to need updates like the iPhone.

If this is true, then my thanks to the entire Palm team for giving it their best shot. WebOS made quite a few heads turn - unfortunately, not enough dug into their wallets.

Hopefully, Palm will be bought by a company that sees a future in it and not one that buys it just to kill it.

Godspeed Palm.

If Web OS dies, then i will have to go with the Iphone...
Sad day being uncertain ...

I'll go with two tin cans tied together by string before I go with an iPhone :)

@Samizdat2003... +1!!

I couldn't agree more. But, realistically, I'll stick to my Pre until it crumbles to dust in my hands. After that, I'll evaluate other options, including the First ELSE:

That looks pretty sweet... :)

Couldn't agree more. While I don't truly think WebOS will disappear, I'll find some other platform if worse comes to worse. iPhone will not be it, however. Even if I have to go without a phone completely, I will not buy an iPhone.

My wife just looked at me and said, "Oh, God, we're not going to have to get iPhone's, are we."

My response: "No, life will never be that bad."


here here

+1, best comment!

Hear hear!

n9000? winmo7 before iphone!

Why does "everything Palm", happen on Sunday?

Because all the Apple fanatics are praying to their god to smite their foes?

noooooooooooooo :( im sad i love webos

Hold on everyone - Palm going up for sale doesn't necessarily equate to the death of WebOS.

Indeed, this may be the start of something really good.

Positive thoughts! :-)

Agreed. More perspective like this.

If true, I'm heartbroken for Palm, all the time and effort they put into getting independent again and in control of their own destiny once more, and the time in the desert they took to re-emerge with webOS and out-engineer everyone else in the game last year.

However, the mere thought of HTC hardware running webOS has me giddy. TouchPro3, HD3, all running webOS? Yes please.

Either way, best wishes to all the men and women working at Palm.

Just because Palm's being sold, if it is, doesn't mean it's the end of Palm altogether.
WebOS is a great operating system whoever buys it would surely develop it, that's what counts here.

As already said HTC would would be great. They way they can spit out phones WebOS would take off.
I think the major problem with Palm, besides all the other problems, is that the flagship Pre was competing with the iPhone. While comparable to a 3G the hardware just has no staying power compared with the new hardware coming out, (HTC Incredible, HTC Evo, Nexus One, notice a trend?). WebOS and the community behind it is it's only saving grace.

If HTC does buy hopefully we'd see a killer WebOS phone before my next Sprint upgrade in Dec. it's totally possible from them.

Palm would have placed a strong third if android did not exist. But it does. And there is no room for a fourth in the mobile space.

As someone said above, the only reason why HTC would by them would be to obtain their patent portfolio. to help them in the apple lawsuit.

Have you see how gung ho HTC is about Android (and remember they are making win 7 phones later this year)???

It was all about the patents for them.

nothing more...

Sure Patents may be nice but HTC has expressed an interest in their own OS. Did you forget about the dumbphone OS they created? Owning WebOS also means revenue from the app catalog.
There's a number of reasons they'd want more than the patents, you think Apple is going to say "oh, HTC now own Palm and it's patents maybe we should stop this law suit"?

Android is dominating right now, probably because of HTCs push. A free operating system, what's not to like? They could push WebOS just as easily if they owned it.

I don't think WM7 is going to be the hit it's portrayed as.
They've locked down what the manufacturer can do with the phone, broke compatibility with older apps and the UI, which can't be skinned, sucks IMO.

It's going to get interesting.

I'm betting Win7 will have double the impact of the Zune. Not that we will be able to quantify that either.

This isn't some sort of hostile take over or anything. Why on earth would Palm sell to a company that was going to mothball one of the best mobile OS's available? Palm is going to be looking for a buyer who is going to want to continue developing WebOS.

Because WebOS is, ultimately, a failure on every level and there's a free alternative out there that HTC has just as much control over with much wider developer support.

At best, we might see some sort of adoption of the card UI but nobody is buying Palm just so they can have an OS with like 1% marketshare.

Wow, you don't get it. WebOS IS the best UI. they could fix a few things in the background but I work with all the major OS's and chose webOS cause it the best IMO. with a backer like HTC to pump out quality units and the cash to up the engineering and programming teams... look out iphone.

Unfortunately, Android (you were implying this was it) has a poorly designed UI with some confusing design choices and some really, really quirky things to get out of its system. Android is a baby platform. webOS is the mature platform.


Where was Palm finishing?

please please please don't dissolve into oblivion... I'm hooked on WebOS and I don't think there's a cure except more WebOS! MAOR!!!!


I don't think its the end by any means. The end would have been if they didn't get bought. Now by being bought, they ca license webos the same way PalmOS was....HTC WebOS I think will rock!

I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm sure of one thing:

Nothing is going to change for end-users for a while.

Even if they are bought out, and even if the buyer has no plans of continuing WebOS development or production of the Pre or Pixi (proper or Plus), nothing is going to happen tomorrow.

These mergers/buyouts take time. Very-high-ups will have their hands full hashing out the details of what's going to happen and when, but the lower level employees will keep doing what they've been doing, at least for a while. The in-development version of WebOS (1.4.2? 1.5? whatever it is) isn't going to be immediately deleted from Palm's servers, the production line isn't going to grind to a halt, and the stock of already produced devices isn't going to magically disappear.

There's good reason for concern, but no need to hit the panic button just yet.

The big thing is that development of apps will screech to a halt.

Exactly. This is the best post of the thread. Palm going up for sale might as well be seen as a "Going out of business" sale for Palm developers. They have families to take care of and if any of them were making money they really need to go buy some iPhone dev books and start converting their apps over.

Of course iPhone development uses a real programming language, not this HTML+ javascript baloney so it will be a tougher translation.

Haha, when I had my iPhone I had an app that allowed me to create apps. I know nothing of programming but could create more of the nonsense apps that infest Apple's app store.

Of course the problem with that is the fact that the iPhone's developers are starting to get a bit more restricted as time goes on. We'll end up going back to the days of one or two software camps and be forced to choose between Apple's proprietary and Google's open source standards.

This is of course until Apple and Google decide to become one and take over the world in a couple of years...

I don't know about "screech".

DISCLAIMER: I know this isn't 100% applicable. Bear with me:

Remember the Dreamcast? January-ish of 2001, Sega came out and said they were packing up shop and getting out of the hardware business. The last game (NHL 2k2, if I'm not mistaken) came out mid-February of 2002, with plenty of games in between.

Yeah, I know, video game development of that type is a much longer process than smartphone app development (or at least I hope so). And yeah, there was that whole "Half-Life" and "Shenmue 2" thing along the way. But the thing is this: if a buyer is announced tomorrow, and the following day they say "Palm is being dissolved and WebOS is getting shelved", the day after that won't be the last day of new WebOS apps.

The other thing is: that won't happen! Palm isn't broke. They may be hurting and doubtful of long-term survival (and that's nothing new, unfortunately), but they have money. It's not like they need a buyer by the end of the week or their staff won't have dinner on Friday. Unless someone comes out and offers a ridiculously high number for them right off the bat, I can see the purchasing process taking a while with a bit of back-and-forth going on. And let's not forget that a buyer could have to deal with regulatory approval.

And, like I said before, even after the buyout/merger changes won't be immediate. I would be absolutely shocked if, the day the purchase was official, the buyer said "all Palm products are now officially shelved." Not only will there be a period of the new owner evaluating the minutia of what they just bought, but it takes time to implement restructures anyway.

Hell, I work for an auto parts store. Around 1.5 years back, we merged (forget who bought who) with a competing chain. 1.5 years later, we're very poorly integrated, and, as far as customers are concerned, we're effectively still two discrete companies.

tl;dr calm down. You're not going to wake up tomorrow to an empty app catalog.

Palm's name will stay. It's just too well recognized to dump. Wouldn't be smart business.

The thing is webOS is still a good 2-3 years ahead of Android and the iphone. Palm is doing the right thing to seek a willing buyer while it still can. But the Palm experiment with webOS and the events that shaped webOS from its inception won't provide that same "necessity is the mother of invention" attitude that brought us the platform we know and love.

Looks like webOS may live to see another day in improved hardware but its difficult to believe that the innovative Palm atmosphere won't be jeopardized in the process.

+1 While layman moops and trolls will sit around and argue about which O/S is best, the engineers at HTC or any other suitors will be able to review the systems on their own merrits and decide if WebOS is a functional gain for their devices. Technical reviews across the board list WebOS as highly advanced with great potential, while universally, Palm management was cited as having dropped the ball in their attempt to promote it.

So, I see this as a likely beginning, rather than an end to WebOS as a market player. Probably a headache for competitors as WebOS may soon be backed with better hardware, real marketing and development budgets and a much improved marketing team.

Ever since VZ reduced their initial order, I've been hoping a merger/acquistion would come around very soon. I'm glad its happening before Palm starts an ernest circling above the drain.

Of course it could end up like at the beginning. Palm bought up into a larger company, makes a great killer product again, and is spun off again. Kinda like a start sucking mass from another start to refuel itself.

Question: Let's say HTC does buy Palm. Will HTC lose rights to produce hardware for Microsoft, Android, and anyone else?

Google is an advertising company, so they're happy to be on any phone that comes out, thus, they give Android away for Free. So I doubt they'd block HTC from using it. They're in it for the user eyeballs.

Win7 is still a ways from being ready. If HTC is willing to buy the license, I don't see MS getting in the way of a growing manufacturer at a time where they'll be desperate for any market share they can get. They're in the same boat as Palm was coming off Garnet. Market share diminishing, old OS antiquated, poor carry over between the two generations, they'll be happy to have HTC as a partner.

How about if every PreCentral member pony up some money and WE buy Palm? Heck, the home brew developers have all the smarts anyway...

That would put a whole new meaning to "community source".

I'm in, who is with me?

I'm in. But if we have to go it alone, it could be @ $250m each. Can you handle that? :-)

im in i got 10k on it :) lets save palm come on elevation partners step it up

I'm in. I don't have much money, but I would give every spare cent to see WebOS stay afloat.

Oh and imagine HTC throwing their Sense power on top of WebOS with some killer hardware!! I think it would be amazing what they could do.

sorry i wouldn't want a skin on top of webOS. the beauty of webOS is that it works well without a skin. Maybe if they could make Palm (or whatever part of the company is developing webOS) include widget support then ok. but I don't need the entire OS skinned.

Wow! If HTC buys Palm ... we could see a Pixi running WM6.5 w/ Sense UI.

That would make me vomit the whole of my internal organs....

.....and I JUST got my Pre+ on Friday. Figures.....

Oh and my mom just got hers too. Guess we both have 30 days to figure out whats going on. Meh....

man, this stinks!! I keep thinking of all these great plans for WebOS, and I'm scared to think those plans may be altered. Would that mean a complete take over? Or just financial coverage? Less updates? What's going to happen??

HTC s-$ks donkey b*lls. More hardware & software issues with their devices than with my Pre. Maybe that is why I am so patient with the issues I have had. Will say that I have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) my Pre more than any other smartphone I have used.

oh hmm :(

Sadly I think anyone looking to purchase Palm at this point is more interested in the patents Palm holds then their hardware, WebOS or even the Palm name. If this was 5 years ago then yeah I could see them wanting Palm even just for the name. Lenovo might be interested in WebOS but I honestly have serious doubts about that and I'm almost 100% sure HTC just wants the patents to force Apple to back off. Unless someone steps in and purchases Palm for the sole reason of keeping it an independent company I think we're seeing the end of Palm and WebOS as a whole. I pray that I'm wrong but I think the writing on the wall is clear this time.

@goodrightturn It's Ok, I'll keep on using my Pre. Palm can go under and you can keep throwing the dirt on top, but at least I pay $66 a month for a phone that can do everything you're phone can do and more. Maybe I'll go to the mall where all the 'cool' retarded emo kids using their iPads are, and i'll let them use my free Mobile Hotspot app to surf the net.

I pay $77 a month for my phone. And the maker of my phone will be around this time next year...

so... uh... snap?

Swell, you pay $11 more, and get less for your money. Take a bow.

WOW guess that mean no new devices from palm this year...o well EVO I'm waiting for you baby to ease my pain

lol. So you can tether your internet connection for free? uh, I think not. Once again, better features, less money, not controlled and blinded by Jobs. Life is good.

WOW guess that mean no new devices from palm this year...o well EVO I'm waiting for you baby to ease my pain

I will not believe any such 'assumption' until I hear a statement straight from JR himself. If this is true it will be a sad day for all Palm loyalists. If whomever take over changes webOS in any way (stop updates, etc) it will be a tragic day in mobile history.

This is truly sad. My first smartphone was a palm treo. And I've been juggling between phones until the palm pre came out.. I love webos and palm.. I can't believe this.. I finallu get something that's great and it goes up in smoke.. Lets hope whoever buys palm will keep webos alive!! Thank you palm I will be with you til the end...

This sucks. Guess we're all going to get sucked into one of the big corporate conglomerate empires. Thanks, Palm for at least trying to give us a product that wasn't part of a scheme to read our email, sell us all our books and music, or run our home computers.

It was fun while it lasted.

what if all this is not true and palm comes out and reveals an awesome device to shut everyones mouth god i wish that would happen

I don't really care who buys them, as long as they continue on with development. I will NEVER go back to an iPhone again. WebOS is far superior in everything but apps. It even turned my wife off of the iPhone as well.

I just don't want to have to go to Android because it just doesn't feel polished enough.

HTC s-$ks donkey b*lls. More hardware & software issues with their devices than with my Pre. Maybe that is why I am so patient with the issues I have had. Will say that I have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) my Pre more than any other smartphone I have used.

When I was a child my father once told me "the masses are asses" and masses flocking to the iPhone are truly that. WebOS is FAR superior than anything out of 1 Infinity Loop...let me repeat..the masses are asses!

Porque lo mejor nunca es bien aceptado?? bandas indie son lo mejor, webos es lo mejor!!

es culpa de las masas, deciden que es bueno y que no, no necesariamente siendolo :/

siempre ha sido asi...

Like a swedish movie critic said once about star trek (first contact i think, and he got fired)
"50 billion flies like shit, it doesnt make it good!"

PS! I like star trek alot, so him getting fired was the right thing, but applied to Iphone the comments makes sense!

WEBOS is, like every thinking man knows, far better than Iphone OS(X), Android to is better than iphone, but methinks they blew it with their fragmentation of the OS.... =/

I have pretty much every app I want right now. But I am curious as to the apps we have purchased. If we have to get them through the app store, how will we download them again if a new company that buys Palm does not keep supporting WebOS. It would be nice to have a tool to backup apps.

webos will last! and will only get better! no doubt in my mind! apple is for fags and emo's or as i like to call then quemos ;)

This is disheartening news.. I just got my Pre Plus Sat. and I think WebOS is awesome, better than what they use on the iPhone!

I do still have the 30 "trial" period too. Hopefully something more definite will come out; such as a statement as to what what the company will do with WebOS, which was a big selling point for me.

Tough one. Since the iphone OS update was only a half step forward and Android just hit 2.0, WebOS may be the best OS on the market, even without further updating for the next 12-15 months.

I was counting the days until I could swap out to another maker in June, but nobody has shown me anything worth switching to. And I find myself doing gestures on laptops, other phones, iPod Touch and the navscreen of my car. Its really a great OS and it's very cool to have three heavy-lift apps running at one time and transition between them so smoothly.

so what's the elevation group gonna do?

I'm sure they're eager to do a deal at the current stock price or higher, I don't see it going any better down the road. I've seen reports that they're still up, over their investment, though I'm not certain that's true.

Blame it on Modernista!

I don't get it. I like the iPhone well enough and would probably be happy with it, but I like the Pre better. iPhone owners like their phone better. I don't have a problem with that. It's just rather sad to root for a company to fail, as most of the trolls have on this board. People at Palm have families to feed just the same as people at Apple do. The nerdy pissing contest would end pretty quickly if you couldn't afford your plan.

time to buy stock (seriously I just bought some more). It has nowhere to go but UP!

We dont need to blame anyone for anything yet...except for people who are getting tricked into getting assraxxd by apple! =)

What really kills me is that webOS has only developed to 1.4 (.1.1) and it is already this good! Imagine how superior webOS 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0 would have been.

Using my wife's 1.5 Android Moment makes me want to puke. I can't believe they call that multitasking. And Iphone 3.0 works well but it's UI is ancient and boring - 4.0 adds very little. Honestly -- the iPhone is nothing w/out it's Apps.

I hope there is some company that sees what all of us see in webOS -- I will lose all my passion in smartphones if webOS dies. Andriod / iPhone - Just another device.

Well this makes me sad. webOS was the most beautiful mobile platform i have used. the hardware could of been better of course.. but man.. webOS is amazing. i hope HTC does buy it if its true, and we see webOS on all their phones. or maybe weoOS interface over android framework? who knows.

Regardless. webOS > iPhone OS.

This could be Woot or this could be Moot. I really would like to see Palm survive, but if somebody's gonna buy them, it better by HTC. Hardware plus HTC's talent for making OS's shinier..not that weOS needs any wax. I think HTC will shine if they have both the best Hardware and the best OS*. It's been said many times already: Nothing could be better than an Evo with webOS.

Well, I love the Palm Pre and the way it performs. If these other pda phones would come out with the same OS as the Pre, I guess it wouldn't hurt at all. I personally don't like the new HTC. Looks heavy to tell you the truth. It is virtual keyboard also which I hate. Wassup with
that? HTC trying to be an Iphone? If it was like the Mogul with all of these cool features the new phone has, I would of sold my car for it hehe. This is my first Palm and my last, I guess :(....

So close to owning a Pre Plus on ATT. Guess I'll wait some more and see what happens. Don't want an iPhone or Droid. Dammit!

you guys think this just a tactic to raise stock... ???

Yes... look at what has been sa?d over the last year as for all these takeovers, and ask yourself ?f ?t ?s more true now than back then. There ?s so much money to be made on th?s sh?t (by man?pulat?ng the stock). If Palm was really up for sale, why wouldnt Palm ?ssue a press release or someth?ng l?ke that? Instead we only have an ?nterv?ew w?th the CEO a few days ago contrad?ct?ng all these takeover rumors. What has been ment?oned over and over by Rub?nste?n ?s that ?f a decent buyout proposal was del?vered the board of d?rectors, they had to cons?der ?t. However I really dont th?nk they would accept a takeover b?d for less than maybe 4-5B at th?s po?nt, and then ?t ?s really only an opt?on for Google, Apple or M?crosoft. Google really be?ng to only cand?date to remotely cons?der. No, I do not bel?eve th?s.

Tshirt Hell did something similar. They announced they were going out of business, and people bought a crapload of shirts (including myself), and then after the orders were in they were like, "teehee, just kidding. But thanks for buying shirts :D"

I dont know if anyone has posted this. But I PROTEST anyone taking over palm. I mean it's sad that such a great company has been so terribly mis-managed (CEO Jon Rubinstein)... But FOR SALE? C'mon? your going to fragment and destroy the essence of Palm with a takeover.

Look at HTC, i think it's a terrible company. HTC is a marketing profit whore, who does not care about PALM or PALM's legacy or future. HTC is going to destroy the open-ness of PALM and destroy WEBOS with their gimmicky marketing crap. I dont believe HTC to be a company for the people. HTC is really only interested for Palm's Patent portfolio.

I dont know much about lenovo but I can bet we wont see a Strong mobile phone being developed by Lenovo, and I bet we also wont be seeing large improvements on the WEBOS front. Lenovo has the capability but probably not the drive to make WEBOS what it needs to be to dominate in the mobile market.

The Admin over at Palm are a bunch of idiots for Mucking this one up. Palm had a winning product, just didn't know how to sell it or how to use it.

Personally I see no real reason for HTC to really hold onto WebOS development. At best they'd keep most of the R&D team and gradually integrate it into their lineup while doing their best not to piss off Microsoft and Google. At worst they'll dissolve Palm for its patent portfolio and brand name. Maybe we'll see the Palm name on an Android or Windows Mobile phone? There seems to be some precedent for the latter scenario, though it would be rather regrettable.

I too dislike anyone buying up Palm, but I could see Lenovo possibly doing some good with it. If they treat it like they did the ThinkPad brand acquisition, and kept all the R&D and creative talent on board, it could eventually become quite lucrative. Lenovo would probably add funding and hardware manufacturing to the game, and hopefully use their reputation as a more business oriented company to light a fire under certain productivity app developers.

Furthermore if you'd look at the corporate and consumer culture for both companies they seem to mesh well. Corporate seems rather open and forward thinking, as well as eager to give everyone a peek of their work. Their consumers tend to be quite passionate and loyal to their product, as well as ridiculously critical and vocal about decisions they don't agree with (sound familiar?).

As I said before, I loathe the idea of Palm being sold, but if it had to be sold I'd rather it not go to a company that could possibly gut them and hang their patent portfolio on the wall as a nice trophy.

Apple should buy Palm just for their patents. It will prevent HTC, Google or other competitors from securing them. And, as we all know, Apple is currently suing HTC for patent infringement as a shot across Google's bow.
I estimated Palm had about a year to live after the Pre was released. Not sure if I hit the over or under on that one, but frankly I don't care. I've had a Handspring Visor, Treo 180, Treo 600, and Treo 680 over the years and WebOS is too little, too late.
The older Palm OS barely changed in 8 years. They all had that same creaky plasticky cheapness. Palm made every single possible management mistake. It was like they were trying to commit suicide after having been the leader in the PDA / smartphone space for many years.
Once I got my iPhone I realized that a handset with a nice OS simply isn't enough. The overall user experience, including the massive Apple infrastructure and ecosystem, are a necessary part of that experience. It's what made iPod great, what is making iPhone great, and what will make iPad great.
Palm could have been where Apple is now. Seriously. Good riddance.

The moment Apple buys Palm is the moment innovation dies. Securing Palm's patents will give Apple a free pass to sit pretty on their laurels and enjoy stagnation. They would be free to bring down the competition easily. However, if you look at all the "tentpoles" from iPhone OS 4, then you will see that all of them are responses to the competition. Apple was forced to play catch up in these areas. Don't get me wrong, they have an awesome product with the iPhone, but Apple has proven time and time again to halt innovation until they absolutely must give in. I make a living using Apple products, and I really like them, but I just can't stand their practices sometimes.

idk how this effects the situation... but i could of sworn there are a lot of gnu-licenses in WEB-OS its in that PDF on our phone... can u even "sell" WEB-OS if its partially open source??? lol

I honestly don't think this is going to happen. Palm never does serious business on sundays, if these guys wanted to exploit Palm secrets, they woulda done it earlier, like saturday... No one is commenting on it either. I smell another scam, its not like its the first time someone's played a scam on Palm's reputation.

The next week will tell the tale...

Good riddance!!! yeppieeee

Whilst HTC and Palm would be a good match, I think Google would be the best suitor!

Think about it ... WebOS is superior to Android. And Google would be unstoppable with Palm's array of patents!

Make WebOS opensource, stop all development of Android, and migrate everyone involved in Android over to WebOS. Instant strong r/ship with carriers (Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and hardware (HTC). It's a win-win for everyone ... and even stronger win-win than HTC and Palm.

*shock and speechless... Palm user since the days of the Palm Pilot...

:0 Palm user since the TX... more than decade difference but still feel your pain :(

Rubinstein may have something to say about all this For Sale talk:

so much for future progress on this platform!!! that was deffinately a good waste of my time and money. let google buy them out and the best two companies in mobile technology battle it out. by moneys on android owning the market

you know what! i think i am gonna get the Samsung galaxy S when my update is ready! that phone is dope! i love my pre but this is bull shit!

I love webos.. but the more i look at android 2.1 the more webos looks like a toy :/

I wake up and see this bad news, I'm truely sad and near to cry :(
Behind that, HTC builds great devices but with bad android or WM.. seeing kind of this great devices with webOS would be awesome :)

But maybe it could be bad for webOS, because of the lot devices HTC would release.

ahhh I'm so saad and confused :(

Well I have a Pre HTC Desire and 2 iPhone 3GS one with OS4 and I am not an Apple fanboy, all of them have there good and bad points, I like them all! and what ever any of the fanboys say (both sides) competition is always a good thing and should be encouraged, it breads innovation and technology that would otherwise not be there.

So I hope Palm is sold to a company that want's to see the ongoing development of webOS for that reason alone, even if I never get another Palm phone.

And please, don't post anti Palm comments on a Palm site, and for goodness sake, don't rise to them if people do, it just makes you look a bit sad.

Well thats my two pence worth, enjoy your phone!

I hope this isn't true, but if it is I'm going to use the pre for as long as I can and then it'll probably be time for a Blackberry. One thing I can say for sure is that I won't be getting an Iphone, it'll be a cold day in you know where before I switch to AT&T. And even if Big Red or Sprint pick it up down the line it still won't happen. As far as amount of people using the iphone honestly most sheeple chase after whatever is shiniest (see the razr craze).

By sad I mean things like the above, really whats the point? you in a PLAM FORUM, why talk about other peoples phone choices, really makes you look, well sorry to say, a bit dim.

Why all the sadness?

WebOS won't disappear all of a sudden, but yes updates... Htc isn't quite that popular when it comes to updates.

well precentral will empower us all with homebrew goodness no matter what.

The poor state of palm's finance was a burden let's face it.

Htc and webOS would make a dreamteam.

Sad day indeed. Even if it's not true, I still feel sad because I want Palm to do well. And if it's true, it's uncertain what the future of webOS will be. And what about this great community that we have here, homebrew and webOS internarlz, it would be a shame to let all of this disappear.
This news really shows how important a marketing campaign is. Everybody has an iPhone not just because i'ts a good device, but because Apple is telling you to get one all the time. Everyday when you open the newspaper, it's there, when you open a magazine, when you turn on your TV, and so on, and so on.

Long live webOS!

I can't believe nobody's mentioned this in all these comments, but Palm, by proactively courting a suitor, gets to name it's dowry.

Palm is not selling themselves to be chopped up for patents, IP or anything. The prognosticators are wrong. Palm is worth more alive than dead.

I have no idea how whatever deal would go down with whatever company, though. Lenovo concerns me mostly because I don't know much about them. An Apple or Google acquisition makes me want to hurl. RIM could be interesting, but I agree with Engadget, HTC makes the most sense.

webOS does not have the devices or apps for HTC to make it their sole platform. Hence, they would continue releasing Android and Windows phones for at least the time being. Sense is maturing, so they don't need to expend much more effort on that and they won't be skinning WP7 at all.

If Elevation Partners money didn't fix the "problem" then neither will HTC's. What, then, would HTC do to right the ship? I don't have a clue. Still, of all the potential suitors, HTC has the best genes, and, yes, we can already see the beautiful babies they would make together.

cant they just move that for sale sign to that bmw there?

palm shot themselves in the foot of this one. they did 6 months exclusive for sprint, 6 months for verizon and now att is coming id expect in june possibly. marketing with that creepy girl, sprint marketing is crappy all together(except for evo), not good apps... the only ones i bought was weatherbug and weatherwindow and i like both of them although weatherbug isnt as great as i hoped it will be. updates werent quick enough to the phone and battery life wasnt great. hate to say it, but they were slow on this one and should have brought webos announcement as soon as the iphone was announced or the CES right after iphone.

market trends over the years:
2000-2002: mobile aim and color screens
2003: real ringtones, texting, PTT
2004: wap, picture mail, emergence of pda's
2005: high speed internet, texting at full popularity, blackberry
2006: windows mobile, palm, iphone, full webpage browsing
2007:windows mobile and iphone,qwerty phones, tv, gps
2008: qwerty phones and pdas, iphone apps, social networking, youtube
2009-2010: android and iphone apps and phones(touch screen pdas), social networking, youtube, mobile shopping
2011: touch screen pdas, 4g, hdtv, video confrencing, voip????

It was a writing on the wall. Someone was deliberately downgrading value of Palm stock, that usually happens when someone is planing a buyout of financial inferior company.

But this rumor of actual sale could go two ways: 1) Palm is really being sold 2) Palm just played the game to jumpstart share value

In my opinion nothing will happen out of this. If buyout really happens it could be some portion of Elevation partners or leftover stocks from Palm Inc. This will be more of a financial boost than actual 100% sale. But once again I expect nothing major.

They better move this quick if it's true. They need a big name, with a big statement or I have a feeling webOS will die. HTC needs to purchase Palm, make a bold statement that they will continue to sell webOS phones and intened to be a BIG BOY in the smart phone market. If this doesn't happen I have a feeling sprint will be selling alot of N1's and EVO's over the next few months, which by the way were made by HTC. I have a feeling were not going to see a new webOS phone for at least 8-12 months.

it was a matter of time it was gonna happen
what a waste of money and time

if there wasnt any iphone i am pretty sure palm would still be selling the same crap they used to sell just with a diferent hardware they made the move too late when they saw iphone and all thos other great phones winnig costumers

i hope this is a good lesson for others companies to not just sit their asses and wait until something bad happens

i really love my pre ,webos is the most amazing thing better then the windows mobile fr better tyhen the iphone if not for the too littlE apps

now i wonder if htc buys palm would they charge an arm or a leg for a phone like they do with the touch pro 2 its been a long time sice it launch and is still 299 w/2year cont

i hope they wont rip us all when selling us webos based phones

rip palm

Oh noes, I can see how this podcast wil be. The return of the DoomCast :(

if I don't get an indication of which way Palm/ WebOS is going in the next 4-6 weeks, hello HTC EVo

I got a better idea. Let's throw money in a hat so that Palm can buy HTC instead...;-)


I love it, according to 3 people that declined to release there information. If 3 people are willing to go out unpublicly and say this why not just bite the bullet and say.

And honestly, if webos gets touched in any manor i'll jump ship to andriod evo.

Palm is dead. I am sorry to see it go. I have had one Palm device or another since their earliest products.
I think the WebOS is a great platform and someone should take that. HTC may do that. Hardware isn't difficult to take care of and many other vendors could do that.
I hope someone continues to support the Pre and the software.