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Bluetooth keyboard: Close an application card [webOS 3.0.5] 6

by Adam Marks Fri, 03 Feb 2012 2:38 pm EST

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0.5 or higher

With the webOS 3.0.5 update, the ability to utilize a Bluetooth Keyboard with your TouchPad was greatly improved with the addition of keyboard shortcuts to allow copy, cut and paste, as well as the ability to navigate through your open cards with the arrows keys while in card mode. It seems like one of the only reasons left to need to touch the screen would be to close an apps as well. Actually, webOS 3.0.5 took care of that as well.

As long as you are in card view (if not, just press the key to minimize your application), you first need to use the right and left arrow key to bring the app you want to close in focus. Then, just press the Control and Delete keys together and the card will fly off the top of the screen. If you need a way to remember this, just think of the Windows Control-Alt-Delete combo, just without the Alt key!

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Nice, good to see them add more functions to the BT keyboard. Even thou I dont use it that much.

Awesome tip, I need to get my BT KB out and use it more often.

Awesome! Love the tips that I never knew and are really useful. Thanks webOSnation!

Good to know. The keyboard is getting more useful and with that content creation. Here is another wish for 3.06, if we get to assign some keyboard shortcuts for opening a new email or new office document or an instant message. For instance ctrl-e for launching email app and opening new email, ctrl-w for opening smartoffice with a new Word document. Also nice would be the ability to scroll through a menu structure or touch areas in the app with e.g. ctrl and the cursor keys. Just my 2 cents.

I love the keyboard and this just makes it even easier to use - Thanks!