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Bonus PalmCast: HP Buys Palm 10

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:45 pm EDT

A bonus PalmCast: Dieter, Derek, Keith, and Phil Nickinson talk about the big news that HP is buying Palm.

Thanks to everybody for writing and calling in!

Thanks to everybody for writing in as well as everybody that participated live in the chat!


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listening now. oh so jittery.

Dieter. Thanks for quick turn-around. I missed it for work meeting. Gonna be up late listening now

+1 Woke up this morning and psyched that this podcast is already ready to go on Dr. Podder. Thanks for burning the midnight oil!

thanks for posting this quickly. i got of my ass and went jogging and missed it. Glad i don't have to wait days.

wish you would get the regular podcast up this fast

The fastest podcast turnaround ever! Man Dieter you are excited about this :)...

hey guys great palmcast. Uhm I was just thinkin. Would this affect us from gettin adobe for our pre? I mean I've been waitin a while. Somebody please reply. Or email me at

Nice palmcast guys. thanks!

Hi guys

Here just my thoughts on the situation.
While there is a certain risk, that HP might screw up by destroying the Palm culture. I think HP is smart enough not to kill is investments.

Never the less: If I were HP, I would do the following:

1) Send some HP specialists to Palm supporting them in getting better hardware out. Utilizing HPs knowledge and sources.

2) Push the webOS guys a bit in upgrading the PIM apps and other parts of webOS. This to make those devices more appealing to professionals. It is an absolute MUST that webOS covers the organizational needs of professionals. This functionality is actually what made the original Palm PDAs a success.

3) Explore with HP and Palm the range of future devices, where webOS should be targeted at.
Hence set the field and the corner stones for webOS version 3. (webOS version 2 is probably pretty much set.)

THEN give them support and let them run.

4) One more thing: HP will take some 'administrative duties' off Palms shoulders, so Palm could develop and HP makes sure money comes in. ;-)

Those are just my thoughts.

Greetings from Switzerland,

System Menu Today Menu is an awesome patch. It needs to be built into the system. Thanks for recommending it.

I don't think I'd have clicked on it with the title. It sounds like the appts are going to be added to the standard system menu, which is already crowded. Launching the menu with the date is the most natural thing. I'd change the name to something like: Add Today To Do Menu.