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Book Giveaway: Are YOU the Greatest webOS fan? 10 Days To Go! 22

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 22 Mar 2011 3:08 am EDT

It was 10 days ago that we announced the webOS Missing Manual Book Giveaway, and now with 10 days left to go the book is well on its way around the country getting signed by dozens of webOS community members to be given to one person after March 31st. In fact, at this very moment, the book, Palm Pre: The Missing Manual, should be somewhere in Sunnyvale, California with some signatures in it from the big-wigs at Palm.

Entries are still being counted and time is still here for you to join in. Click on this link to read the rules if you haven't already. Of course, if you've already entered to win the prize, then the list below is just for you. Here are some of the people that are getting into the book before it's all over.

Check them out after the break.

Who's Autographing the Book?

Here is a short list of a few of the people that are signing the book. We'll get you a full list once it's all been signed and shipped to the winner.

  • Ed Baig (the book author)
From Palm HQ:
  • Jon Zilber (online communications)
  • Lisa Brewster (dev relations)
  • Ben Combee (dev relations)
  • Chuq Von Rospach (dev relations)
  • Evan Wilbrecht (online communications)
  • Justin Reid (online communications)
Here at P|C:
  • Dieter Bohn
  • Derek Kessler
  • Jonathan Ezor
Great Developers:
  • Roy Sutton
  • Jason Robitaille
  • Inglorious Apps
  • Geoff Gauchet
  • James Harris
And a lot more from the community:
  • Brad Cook
  • Ryan St. Andrie
  • Pamela Hazelton
  • Tony Reese
  • John Stephens
  • MrKal_El
  • and still more to be added to the list!
So if you're the greatest webOS fan, you just have to prove it to the rest of us by leaving a comment below or using the #webOSMissingManual hashtag on twitter. We'll count you in and draw the winner in just 10 days on the 31st of March!



Gee! I missed the start of this, but I definitely fit the Ultimate webOS Fanatic category! I got my Pre Plus on Day-1 of GA @ VZW. (I replaced a Treo 650.) The reps @ the store were more happy about the GA than I was, because they didn't have to keep answering my, "Is it there yet..." questions.

Sounds like the book will answere all of the new questions that I still have about how to use my Pre+. Bring it on! Can't wait to get a Pre3, & maybe even a TouchPad. I may even get a new laptop w/webOS, IF I don't have to use Windoze to use webOS.


"Are YOU the Greatest webOS fan? ... "

I used to be, but .... Not any more.

I think a giveaway asking "WERE you the greatest webos fan?" would be better because after last weeks HP announcements a lot of people have lost any hope...

my webos fanboy days ended last night when my 5th pre's screen separated from the main part of the phone. EVO 3d here i come! in the coming months of course.... hey palm i know how i am going to make it right! i am going to get another phone not made by you! MUHAHAH

OK, I'll sign it. Just ship the damn thing.

Count me in!

Well i'm stuck with a Pre- from Bell Mobility for the next 2.5 YEARS!

Might as well get to know my Pre- more during that time!


huge WebOS fan here. Just wish they could have kept all the great things about PalmOS, too!

I have owned a Pre, a Pre+, a Pixi+, and now a Pre2. I am the greatest webOS fan!

I'm kind of interested, but overall this book has to dumb down the brain a bit. Without bluetooth file sharing and documents-to-go editing I really don't see how much could be missing, Few tips and tricks maybe but 1.4.5 did little in terms of intricate productivity besides set the table for the future. Of course theres some but its all right there from a user perspective again there were just too many disappointing to really have a book on this kind of phone.

I am the greatest fan with no but this or that I love webos. Period!!!!!!

Original Palm Pre on Sprint release day user...on my 11th pre. I'm a fan but starting to lean towards the apples and robots. Stuck on Sprint until June. Probably going to verizon, for better call quality, phones, and coverage.

I was a huge fan loved WebOs But sprint just said the EVO 3D is coming out sorry HP pre 3 is not gonna make it in time

The biggest fan? Must be me - at least when it comes to "Who has more Pre's at home?" :-)

(And no, I'm not running a business that sells them, they're all *mine* :-D)

Want pictures of my Touchstones and my protective cases?

Why not RUBY on the list???

Just give me the damn book so I can sell it on ebay already, man.

Dude. The book is priceless. Dieter is signing this thing. Number 1 palm guy right there.

nah! Two yrs with this fone! I think I kno more about this fone than the people who made it...

I would like Steve Jobs and the current CEO of the Android dept to sign the book...

what do ya think they would say?

personally I think they would be laughing so hard they couldn't hold a writing implement but hey that's just me...


Guess I need to pay closer attention to my feeds, I didn't even see the firs announcement for this.

I was a palm fan with my Treo, switch to palm pre and discover the app programming and user communauty of webos. Fascinating!

nice book