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Bookmark apps in the TouchPad App Catalog 8

by Adam Marks Mon, 23 Jul 2012 4:25 pm EDT

App BookmarksSo you are browsing the App Catalog on your TouchPad and you come across an app that you think you might be interested in that you don't necessarily want to purchase or download right then, but you also don’t want to forget about it or have to search for it again in the future. Instead of emailing yourself the link or writing down a list of apps to go back to, you can simply bookmark it in the catalog. For any app that is not installed on your device, you will see a Bookmark not set icon next to the price, in either the app detail screen or the scrollable listing of apps. Tapping on that icon will turn it into Bookmark set, indicating that it has now been saved. Want to remove the bookmark, just tap it again.

To quickly access those bookmarked apps in the future, just tap on the "Bookmarks" tab on the bottom the screen. Every time you add or remove a bookmark, the total number of apps will be updated in the tab name

As Colonel Kernel noted in the comments below, you can only save up to 50 bookmarks at once. If you try to save a 51st bookmark, your first one will be removed from the list,

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The same bookmarking functionality should also work in onTap when it's released next month too (a sample bookmark is present for WebOS Internals Documentation on the Homebrew Pivot issue).

Only bad thing is that the App Cat only saves the last 50 bookmarks. When you add the 51st, the 1st drops off the list.

good to know... never got that far.  time to update the tip!

Time to buy some apps? :)

looks great! I may buy if I don't win.

Time to request this for phones, well to be fair no more app are really released for 2.x that aren't bought instantly, or are worth to consider for a later buy :(

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