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Happy one year birthday, Pre Plus 32

by Riz Parvez Tue, 25 Jan 2011 5:54 pm EST

With all of the blockbuster hardware and software leaks we've uncovered this week, it was easy to not notice the 1 year anniversary of release of the first successor the original Pre, the Pre Plus. 

Announced at CES 2010 in flurry of activity including the Pixi Plus, PDK gaming, video recording and expansion in North America to Verizon Wireless, the Pre Plus represented the first hardware revision to Palm's flagship smartphone. Beyond the cosmetic change of losing the Pre's iconic "ball-bearing" home button in the gesture area, the Pre Plus also sported improvements to hardware durability,  twice the RAM at 512MB as well as double the storage capacity for better multitasking. In fact, the Pre Plus demonstrated it's prowess as a multitasking monster by handily opening over 50 apps at once in Pre|Central's initial review of the device.The Pre Plus was more than just a powerful multitasking machine, though. In it's exclusive introduction on Verizon Wireless, it came bundled with the incredibly useful ability to be used as mobile hotspot for up to 5 devices at no extra charge, a rare commodity for the time.

Demonstrating the ability to move much more swiftly the second time around, the Pre Plus became available for sale on Big Red less than twenty days after the CES announcement, much to the joy of the webOS community. From there, Palm helped to expand webOS's reach on the Pre Plus to AT&T, and across multiple carriers in Europe and Canada. No small feat for Palm, then still a tiny company in the face of behemoths like Google and Apple.

In the rapidly dwindling days before webOS's next big event, it's easy to disregard the Pre Plus as nothing more signficant than a footnote in the history of the platform. I would argue that but compared to the devices of it's day, it was a more than formidable competitor, cursed by bad marketing and bad timing. Let's hope this time around, Palm and HP can keep the launch timetable close to the bar that the Pre Plus set, and have the marketing support to do it justice.

So Happy Birthday, Palm Pre Plus! Even though you're riding off into the sunset now, you'll always have a place in our hearts.


1st, happy birthday...now go away.

You too, OP!

We need a Pre Plus Doodle of it blowing out its 1st candle.

I would like to wish my Launch Day Verizon Pre Plus a Happy Birthday!

The phone has performed flawlessly for a year now and has been my faithful companion 24-7 since I purchased it on January 25, 2010. It is amazing when you think about it, as to how much time you spend with your cell phone. I keep my Pre Plus on my person at all times or on one of several touchstones that I have scattered throughout my life. It is on my desk, in my car or at my bedside at all times. I use it to communicate, entertain, organize and inform. It is patched to suite my taste and has always been a dependable servant when called upon to do my bidding.

On the eve of the introduction of the Pre plus – let us not forget that HP and Palm still has a viable smartphone market with the best available Operating System (webOS) on a great form factor that could be as influential as the iPhone or Android if we embrace the equipment and quit asking for what everyone else has with webOS on it.


@ not-yet-pre

AMEN to that!!

Pre(-) here but I feel the same way. So many options with patches it seems as if although there are alot of the same form factor out there, NO 2 people have the same WebOs rockin around in that awesome portrait slider.
CAN'T lie though... I want some new HardWare HPalm!! Please????

"the Pre Plus became available for sale on Big Red less than twenty days after the CES announcement" ... "Let's hope this time around, Palm and HP can keep the launch timetable close to the bar that the Pre Plus set"

Huh? It's already been more than 3 months since Palm announced the Pre 2 was "coming soon" on Verizon Wireless.

I'm still loving my Launch Day VZW Pre+. I remember it well, myself and two others from my office went down there together that morning. We were the first 3 Pre+'s they sold here in Knoxville, TN. We were helping the sales person with how to use the phone!

Happy Birthday! I still enjoy my Pre+ I upgraded from a Blackberry Curve, never looked back. We get a lot of stick from Android/iOS but I still think its best for me, and love using it everyday. Plus I was given a great gift in December when the headphone jack exploded, I got a refurbished unit with 1 day (thank you Verizon) under warranty, and the new Pre+ is.. brand new!! I got lucky. All my scratches on my screen instantly gone, looking forward to upgrading to the new HP Superphone in September when I can upgrade.

congrats to all of you pre + owners try to say that to and android fan boy haha . We may not have the same carrier but we are united by the same webOS long live webOS

Still love mine !!

Agree with all the folks who love the phone. Wife has an iphone, and the screen and graphics are very easy on the eyes, but drives me crazy to actually use it!

Love WebOS, love the form factor. I hope HP/Palm offers a similar form factor, with good camera and music player (spoiled by a couple of good Sony Walkman phones).

Won't get a slab phone no matter how great the hardware is.

Looking forward to good days ahead

I sincerely believe I have found out Palms Development issue. Palms platform and application through its entirety means to simplify its applications while producing quality in those applications.

Instead what can be seen as an honest mistake. The basis of which large companies develop their platforms has been implemented to a simplified application platform. In other words, the mobile platforms that Microsoft and Apple use have been implemented to a simplified idea that needs less intricacy. What is worse is the intrcacy needed to develop Windows, Apple and Android have been simplified by their large ability to develop heavily. There for a slight form of what has been concocted reasonably has been dissected to mimic the same developer routine and thus confusing the idea of Palm's WebOS and the correct development platform that which would be need to create such applications.

I believe like most other a simple module with free capability to design with tools often seen for consolidated user development-tools for flash websites while allowing advanced coding and resources for those whom seek to do so would be more competitive and even more so specifically to the WebOS, all the while raising the quality of applications to level some other developers have met.

Currently coding on the WebOS platform is still very raw and does not allow for ideas for applications to develop as they are limited to what they can remember within the SDK and PDK. This has nearly crippled even the most basic applications to this point. With out a doubt we can agree that the platform is structure more square like to allow users to create within the platform where as Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows are more open and nearly produce as needed for the platform.

I know Palm is small and I don't want to get anyones hopes up with the way the company currently stands, but Palm should be a major competitor and be able to release major and innovative application quickly as new trends emerge in the market. This would be the competitive advantage of such a platform, guaranteed quality with easy and quicker way of getting applications on the market. Right now for instance we should have seen a Wordpress 1.0, yet, Palm is the only smartphone provider without a working Wordpress application.

I also drew up a redesign of SmartDrunk. This kind of fundamental application design places a quality standard while maintaining innovation. The post in somewhere in the Palm Dev Forums of this week. I will send this via feedback Palms sight as well. I do hope this helps and I hope some of you will place a fire to the company.

slow, flash-less piece of s***. I can't say am happy with my pre plus. if i had to make a choice today i wouldn't buy another pre.

got my pre plus when my centro face plate broke in May last year. Loved PalmOS. Love webOS. Love my pre plus. Works great for everything I ask of it. Patching makes it even better. Tired of whiners complaining about no new hardware. Pre plus with webOS works better than friends androids and iphones. Don't forget the hotspot.

What a difference a year makes (or does it?). Last year Palm was releasing new harware and delivering an OS upgrade to finally give those quality items we really wanted, like video recording. It was a great time. I remember how it felt like another Christmas when I finally got my update. This site had people getting all giddy like school girls waiting for the Back Street Boys to get on stage. I remember how great I thought it would be to finally use Flash on my phone (cough cough). I really think last year was the turning point for Palm. Business is like war gaming. It isn't always how you strike, but when, and with how much...economy of force. I just think last Spring was the time to have a big OS upgrade or hardware, instead it was a little smoke and mirrors. Honestly, if all that happens this Spring is webOS 2.0 and the Pre2, how is that any different than the little bump last year?

Wish sprint had a pre plus, my pre is more like twitching than kicking. I guess I was just one of those beta testers while u guys got the finished product.

I got my Pre Plus in Feb. It lasted till October when I had to send it back for a refurb due to the keyboard doubling keys (sometimes more) and battery dropping to 0 problem. The refurb has been quite good compared to the first one, no problems. It does have a little oreo but not anymore than my last one did either. When I got the replacement they sent it with an original Pre non-touchstone cover but I just pulled mine off and send mine back with that cover since I needed the touchstone.

I worked as a sales rep for Verizon when the Pre Plus launched and I remember fondly how excited I was to have WebOS on VZW. I owned a BB Tour at the time and got the Pee on lauch day. I actually led the stores training for WebOS! Everyone else cried "dude, its a Palm, it's no good" but I stayed strong and preached the wonders of the OS. Then came the launch. I got mine and sold around 20 of them the first week. When all but one of those Pre Pluses was returned (except mine) due to hardware failure, overheating and complete lack of powering on,my hope in the device began to wane. As I type this comment on my own 7TH replacement Pre, it is hard for me to praise the Pre Plus on this birthday. Give us new birth HP, so your WebOS evangelicals who are seriously pondering going to iOS on Feb. 10th will reconsider that decision. Sincerely,"former Verizon rep with a Pre and his Wife who he bougt a Pixi for".

Had my Pre+ since May and have loved it. The phone has been great for me up to now. The only thing is that I have recently seen dramatic loss in battery life so I'll be buying a replacement battery soon. I also discovered that the phone can be dropped into a dog water bowl and come back to life without a hitch. It took me 2 days in a rice bag and 1 day in a car in the summer heat and everything is right back to normal although maybe the battery is dying because of the swim. This is my first Palm device and love webos and the community that it has behind it. The phone wouldn't be anything special without precentral and all the developers. Thanks for making me a fan!

That's 7 years in "dog years" - HAPPY 7th!. Great OS, but DOG of a phone. Need new hardware - c'mon 2/9/11.

PreMinus Owner since 08/2009

Even though my Pre+ hasn't hit it's 1-year birthday (AT&T GSM version) -- I'll still jump on this bandwagon. Love WebOS and still don't regret going the extra mile (literally: I'm Canadian) and spending $450.00 to get it.

That said: yes, there are lots of areas HP & Palm need to work on in the OS -- BUT -- it's still the best UI smartphone out there in my opinion (ever catch yourself trying to up-swipe on an iPhone?). Not to mention: with the Homebrew/Patching community, there are quite a lot of options which have kept it relevant/interesting a year later.

Although Feb 9 will be the 'proof' -- I'm optimistic HP will have an impressive roadmap for us to see. Personally: I think this was the way to go: better a bit late and right, vs. earlier and half-baked.

That's all good. But here at Sprintland WebOS has not moved foward(devicewise) since the pre minus. I am thankful that I am good with phones so mine is still in very good condition. We will see what is hopefully coming very soon!

Mine has the oreo effect. I've had dreams of it twisting apart. really

My Pre+ was actually purchased one year ago today (1/26/10) and it has not left my side since. I love this device! Happy Birthday!

Kinda bittersweet for me... I'm excited about upgrading my Sprint Pre- to a year old Pre+.

I was late to the party with a Pre+ (from a Centro) and now only half a year in. But overall still think the card metaphor / alerting bar / multi-tasking makes it so much more enjoyable then WebOS / Android. And despite a small crack I caused by dropping it, I have had no issues; Sometimes hard to believe all the h/w issues and nay sayers on here. Maybe those late production runs solved many of these issues? Simply amazed at how the phone is becoming an extension of me, from music to document references to IMs to all those custom patches. It really is an under appreciated tool.

Here's to year 2, WebOS2 and even more mindshare.. Come on HP, no where to go but up. Hit those after burners and let's get going...

w00t! Day 1 Pre Plus owner...waiting on my first replacement to come in.

This is one webOS user that is happy enough to be anxiously waiting for the Topaz pre-order button to pop up

I think Palm needs to read this "In the rapidly dwindling days before webOS's next big event, it's easy to disregard the Pre Plus as nothing more signficant than a footnote in the history of the platform. I would argue that but compared to the devices of it's day, it was a more than formidable competitor, cursed by bad marketing and bad timing. Let's hope this time around, Palm and HP can keep the launch timetable close to the bar that the Pre Plus set, and have the marketing support to do it justice."


The Pre Plus I'm On Now Says 'Thanks For Using Me, Now Can I RETIRE like every other smartphone with a New Version out'.


it's just a phone.


Agreed... Enough Said.. HP/ PalM... We6 OS future is in your hands.. Please do it justice this time around we r all hear.. And r all waitin.. Fe6ruary 9th... Lets go..

Should get an update as a present for my little Pre + :(