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Hulu makes it back to the TouchPad with a homebrew patch 52

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 07 Sep 2011 5:53 am EDT

Were you saddened by the recent news that Hulu was no longer available on the TouchPad? Concerned with the inability to watch your favorite web shows as soon as they were made available online? Or maybe jealous of your iPad-toting friends who could launch their Hulu app at any time to get a peek at what was on? Put your woes away, weary worryer; Homebrew developer PuffTheMagic has released a Linux Application into the Preware catalog that will fix all of your problems, and you can get it right now with only a few minutes of work. No more long coding and file management processes either - just a simple tap of a button.

Launch Preware by WebOS Internals if you have it installed (and if you don't, get Preware Homebrew Documentation from the app catalog or go to the WebOS Internals website to learn how) and head to the "List of Everything" that is currently available. If you do a search for "Hulu Fix", you should see a single item available for installation by PuffTheMagic (it shows as a patch in the catalog but will be organized as a Linux App after install). Hit that install button to get the process going, once it's finished the entirety of the Hulu TV and Movie library will be made available right on your device through your web browser of choice. What was once a familiar process of typing into the JustType search bar and heading to the website will become all too familiar once again.

Long live webOS. Long live homebrew.



This isnt really new news had it for at least a week now works like it says. Also have hulu on my evo3d they cant block us ha ha

For some people this is news.

The point is that it is a rather old development as the patch has been around for about a week now.

I don't blame people for not knowing it, but if PreCentral is going to report it, they should have looked in their forums at some point over the last week and realized it was one of the top threads and reported it then.

Seriously, would've liked actual news instead of more webOSOS nonsense.

Misfits rules!

Don't save the cheerleader!

+ 100 for the misfits
+ a billion for the "fix"

iphone is a panty-sniffer...hah!

android has a baby on its bladder, and thus will piss itself unknowingly ...LOL!!

did @bigferret mention that Misfits rules!!

Yea, Misfits is awesome

I'm curious to see if the Hulu folks are going to bother devoting resources to blocking a device which they most certainly have no intention of releasing a dedicated app for.

They did before, didnt they?

Everybody On!!!!

Would love to see a patch (app) for Netflix now.

no patch for netflix. netflix is not based on flash.

I was able to stream Netflix to my Touchpad using PlayOn. You get two weeks free, but it's $4.99 after that. I worked well. Would like a dedicated app, but don't see that happening.

PlayOn transcodes the stream into Flash before sending it to your mobile device.

Netflix streams in Silverlight.

Can someone please explain to me how it's perfectly legal to selectively deny free online service to certain devices?

Hulu via flash is not meant for mobile devices. Mobile video is separate from regular web as far as the video industry is concerned. That is why they block it on all mobile devices and require an app.

Thanks for the knowledge. I personally think that's **** but what do I know? If I have a fully functioning web browser able to access the free content that's already free, it seems pointless to spend resources blocking it.

How is the touchpad any different from a netbook? That argument is weak.

It will get really twisted as soon as Windows 8 is available and as soon as they can't say any more if a device is a "mobile device" or a normal PC.

This is just some manner to create a barrier so that they can charge money on it.

Maybe you should explain why it should be illegal. It's their content and their service.

It's their service, not yours?

Need a similar patch for SlingPlayer.

+1 for that indeed.

Does this work with Hulu Plus too? I know even when Hulu wasn't blocked Hulu Plus content wouldn't work.

I don't understand why hulu blocked webOS browser to begin with.....

sorry about that. The auto correct put that for some reason. I don't understand how this any different than a regular computer....

Who is July?

They did it because they have a deal with the content producers to work with certain devices.

does anybody know for those who actually did apply the other patch through terminal of webosqi, should we remove that, and install this instead?

I would guess yes, because you have already modified the file, most likely this patch will not apply properly.

I am not familiar enough with what exactly this patch modifies vs the other one. So there is always a possibility it would work. But for AUPT and other items to function properly I would remove the other workaround first.

Thanks for reporting this so hulu can break it again...

P|C was like the LAST website to report this. If they didn't hear it from the big sites yet, this isn't going to change that..

It's like iTunes all over again

this might b a silly ?, but will this patch work for non-US users.

Homebrew rocks.

This is why webOS is awesome.

Why post this? Now hulu is going to change it again so we can't watch it again.

I'm surprised by how negative on average the response to this clearly good news has been. This is a pretty nice entertainment option that's free that someone brought back to our Touchpads based on volunteer effort, being reported by a fellow enthusiast. This is great! Thanks for the word.

Hulu is only available in the US. Still thanks this finally got me to install homebrew.

Can't watch from Canada, dang it. HULU still blocks Canadian IP as always. Wish there is a way to bypass it on touchpad.

Use a VPN... there are a few free ones out there.

How long before they block this as well?

yeah I found it a habit for me to check preware every couple of days.....Homebrew doesn't sleep....

these guys are superhuman

Kudos to the Homebrew team. Too bad Hulu has gone downhill since Hulu+ came online. I don't even bother anymore. Now, if Homebrew could get Netflix working... I'd be a happy camper, but only until February of next year. Who knows what selection Netflix streaming will have when they lose Starz.

Hulu may have blocked it again. Can't seem to get content to play

Blocked for me also last night

Hulu was working on my Touchpad. I had used the earlier procedure and tried the patch when it stopped working. No luck.

worked great until today. I have a Hulu plus account and am still locked out

confirmed. blocked as well. I am not using the patch, but the command line mod. well, this saves me from thinking about trying the patch then.

stupid hulu.

I contacted HULU support and asked why they were blocking our usage and here is the reply:
XXXXX, Sep-18 08:40 am (PDT):


Thanks for writing in about Hulu on the HP TouchPad. Unfortunately, due to the contractual agreements with our content providers, we have to have a certain set of agreements set up with a device manufacturer before we can provide support for that device. We have no partnership with HP at this time, so we can't currently stream through their device.

We get a lot of requests for webOS support, so it's definitely something that's on our radar. Though we can't support it right now, we are continually evaluating new technologies, and we'll be adding more devices based on user demand. Stay tuned!

We have plans to bring Hulu Plus to as many devices as possible. For up to date info on which devices are currently supported or have been announced, you can go to ( ). On this page, you can even sign up to be notified of availability on upcoming devices.

If there's anything else I can address for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

Hulu Support

I don't find the Hulu argument credible. While their contracts with content providers might and probably do prohibit them on unilaterely developing support for new platforms, I seriously doubt there are contracts in place that make them ACTIVELY work on blocking so-called unauthorized devices. It's more likely they want to lisense their support to HP, or/and there are some bandwidth issues.

Is Hulu working for anyone using the Hulu Fix patch?

I tried removing the patch and reloading it.
I haven't tried the Webosqi line code fix yet.
Are we locked outta Hulu?