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Building Palm 2.0: Assemble your webOS hardware dream team [from the forums] 16

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Dec 2012 5:26 pm EST

Building Palm 2.0: Assemble your webOS hardware dream team [from the forums]

Let's say you have a few billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket (HP certainly doesn't). Being a good and loyal webOS fan, you decide that the best way to spend this money is to finance a brand-new company to purpose-build new webOS hardware. Really, what better way is there to spend billions of dollars? Okay, there might be better things to do with a billion dollars, but that's not the purpose of this thought exercise. We're venturing into the Twilight Zone here...

mattmers in the webOS Nation Forums proposes an interesting question: "If you could pick employee to be part of a dream webOS 'company' who would you pick?" Obvious names, like Jon Rubinstein (currently retired) and Matias Duarte (now at Google), are floated out there, along with a few more outlandish ones, like this guy named Derek Kessler (seriously, who would want that ass in their company?).

But it's an interesting question to ask, if you were building a new webOS hardware company, who would you be trying to woo to build your dream team? There are a lot of former Palm employees scattered throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, a good majority of which we expect likely have strong sentiments towards their old operating system, even if in spite of their feelings towards their former employer. And there are plenty of other non-webOSers out there that are looking for the next great opportunity.

HP and Gram aren't likely to be building new webOS hardware in anything resembling the new near future, so it's up to somebody else to do it. What better than a reconstituted Palm 2.0 (we've always had a soft spot for that name) to take up the Open webOS hardware mantle? And who better to lead it than… well, that's the question mattmers is asking.


Derek for Communities Manager!

Josh Palmer. At least.

Matias Duarte for UI design is obvious. I would hire Tim Cook for hardware production. I'm sure there are a lot of talented people out there that could make webOS a success.

Leo Apotheker ..... Oh wait .... You said build, not dismantle. :-O

Palm should be the name - it's only fitting. If that name is unavailable (no eh usea - says HP - ba$tards), then some variation. Psalm could be it, as webOS does have a religious following (and would bring all the faithful together).

The key besides decent hardware - would HP sell some Pre(3) patents? - is a good marketing strategy. Apple's level of success had been driven by their top notch marketing. As well, this "Palm" company needs a futurist on board, to help give insight to what people want next.

And they need a few souls like me - the users who can help give a "Commoners" perspective.

And last, but not least ..... MARK HURD ...


No, Leo's not a bad idea. He'd make a good facility manager. You know, blocked drainages and stuff like that...

rwitby, thanks for showing us how to do frankenpre. Sconix, jason.. Many more I can't name them all. And me, I will be the official feels good in the hands and ease of use tester

Hmmmm, my heart choice to head up such an endeavor would be Jeff Hawkins, but I think he's too busy figuring out how the human brain works.

After that, I think I'd like to see Oracle buy HP and then bring on an all-out, full-guns blazing foray into the mobile space. If Larry Ellison is interested in making a top-to-bottom hardware play, he'd but sufficient resources and energy into making it successful.



I followed Jon Rubinstein down the Palm – webOS – Pre – Pre Plus – TouchPad – HP road before and look where he took us. A team of Mark Hurd, Dieter Bohn, Derek Kessler and Matias Duarte might be a good place to start a new mobile hardware venture.

For some reason I really like this article.

If we are saying "dream team", I take it that it means living or dead. So I'm actually kind of surprised that no one said Steve Jobs yet. Say what you will... he was one hell of a marketing genius.

Then, my vote would go for Jay Miner!

I'm surprised no one's said either Tony Fadell (creator of the iPod) or Sir Jony Ive.

Yeah, man!!
I got $100.00 on it :-O

Dave Balmer, Kevin Hague, just two mention 2 :)

Dear Derek, it may seem incredible, but in one of my moments of sadness with the situation of Palm and anger with HP ( I know that you or any of the other writers on the site, wrote that it is time to stop the hate HP, but I I think it'll still take about 20 years), crossed my mind exactly this thought ... I wish I had a super billion to rebuild the Palm ... (Incidentally pressed by the need for applications and the dream of porting some excellent software that I still use on my Palm Centro, I am investigating how to start learning programming ... to do it with webOS ... all freeware of course ...).
But back to the point of these wanderings, I would suggest a name that caught my attention in emotional terms ... Lisa Brewster ( ...
Perhaps as a public relations ...
The page of her translated much of my feelings about it all ...
Waiting for the resurrection of Palm,
Long life for webOS ...
Brazilian hugs to all
P.S. Sorry for the long post

Daww... <3

(Yes, I still lurk :)