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by Adam Marks Wed, 10 Aug 2011 5:57 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 2.x

When you activate a webOS 2.0 device, the first thing the phone does is search for a cellular signal or SIM card (for GSM phones). Even if you have an active Wi-Fi connection, if it is not an active device on your cellular account you will not be able to do much more than just turn the phone on. If your device is a GSM device and you have a friend with an active SIM card you can borrow, you should see if you could borrow it to activate your device and then take the SIM card out. If not, the good news is that unlike in webOS 1.x, you no longer need to download a program and connect your device to a computer to bypass activation in webOS 2.x. HP/Palm added in functionality so all you need to do is type in a code into the dialpad using the keyboard from the Device Activation Screen. For GSM devices, type #*DEVMODE# (#*3386633#) into the dialpad and then press the "call" button. For CDMA devices, type ##DEVMODE# (there is no need to press the silver/Option key to access the symbols, and once you type #* or ## into the physical keyboard, the dialpad will automatically appear). The Developer Mode app will load up. Just turn it on and your phone will reboot into a bypassed activation mode.

Unfortunately, the limitations described in our Bypass Activation for webOS 1.x phones still applies for webOS 2.x phones. But we do have a few ways to get around this issue, although the end result will differ slightly if you have a GSM or CDMA device. Once again, you are better off borrowing a SIM card to activate your GSM device if that is available to you.

Just like in our 1.x tip, once your device reboots, you will need to plug your device into a computer, select "Just Charge" and load up webOS Quick Install. Then follow the following steps after the break.

  • Log on to a Wi-Fi network
  • Install Impostah from the app feeds in webOS Quick Install
  • Open Impostah, and select the "Activation" button.
  • Choose your country and language, and then either enter your existing Profile email address and Password and select "Log in To Profile" or provide a new address and password and "Create Profile"
  • You should get a confirmation of success that your profile has been activated on that device.
  • You are now logged in to your profile and have full access to the App catalog.

However, just as when you log in to a bypassed device on webOS 1.x, your apps and Profile-related data will not automatically redownload. If you have a CDMA device (this won't for for GSM devices) you can get around this using Impostah one more time.

  • Go back to the main Impostah screen and select "Palm Profile"
  • From within the "Palm Profile" section, choose "Reset Palm Profile". Accept all the warnings and proceed with the deletion.
  • This will perform the equivalent of "Erase Apps and Data", except that it will maintain your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your device will reboot back to the Profile Activation screen. However, you should still be connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Log in to your profile, just as you normally would. If you get an error saying that it can not access the profile, try a few times (I had to try 3 times before my phone worked)

Once you complete the activation steps and enter your synergy account passwords, your device will load up as if it was activated with a cellular account. Apps will be redownloaded, profile data will be restored, and the App Catalog will be available to you

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I'm expecting some tricks to come out of this process to all devices ("legacy" devices running 2.x and frankenpre2s.. And more?) to be able to use the full AC, all cloud services, etc. Not sure what those'll be yet, but they need to happen on initial device activation is all I'm sure of.

Is there any way to get to the App Catalog on a deactivated Pixi-? My DH went into a pool with his Pixi- in his pocket, then got a different phone. I'd like to be able to access the App Catalog to download some apps, but since it doesn't have wifi, I'm not sure that it can be done. I do have a Pre-, but my kids want to play with the Pixi- and would like to add some games to it.

I'm going to need this, and the 1.x one, for my replacement Sprint Pre(-). Thanks for posting this!

This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks!!!!!

Crazy! I just got a Pre 2 and was trying the devicetool method. Didn't work. I'm going to try this when I get home. Oh yeah, is there a different novacom or SDK I have to download for WOSQI to recognize the Pre 2? Thanks.

The best way to install the driver is to download the doctor for the Pre 2. Don't wipe, but just get to the point where it detects the phone, at least you know the driver is working.

Thanks. After I did the activation bypass WOSQI worked. :-)

i must be doing something wrong somewhere cause after i did the dev mode command it just sat there saying you are in devmode i had to initiate the reboot which brings me to the profile logon screen still
..will need to try the impostah section later

I'm too dumb to understand how i will benefit from bypassing the activation on my future GSM-device... Could someone please explain it to me? :)

if you have a working SIM card, no need to bypass anything since you can just pop in the card. But if you don't have a SIM card, how would you activate the device?

So the article didn't really explain why you would WANT do an activation by-pass. The only real reason you would want to do an activation by-pass is if you aren't planning on using your Pre as an activated phone on a carrier. You would basically use it as an iPod touch. I've done this on many Pres.

Oh, okay... Thanks for the answers... Thought it was about getting access to geo-restricted apps or something... Guess theres no reason for me to worry about this then :)

Dr. Skipped Firstuse, really?
really, dudes,rreallyyy?

some sense of humor, just brought up my pre 3, "el tercero" and after i put in the DevMode code it let me straight on the phone. so much easier than my verizon pixi. (thanks for the help, guys.)


one small detail; if you pick the same account as your active pre phone,


I know this is an old article, but found it wanting to make my old pre2 a stand alone device before the HP App catalog went away.