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BYU Football Theme 13

by pogeypre Tue, 09 Feb 2010 11:41 pm EST
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BYU Football Theme - Work in progress

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not too shabby, not to shabby at all,

now can you do a stripling warriors one, or just a Book of Mormon one. j/k

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! Rise and Shout! Go Cougs!

:) This one was fun. Working on adding some other stuff... Also working on a BYU vs. Utah one.


Might be asking a lot but I have a buddy that saw how happy I was with this BYU one and he is a Boise St. Alumn and was wondering if you could do one for Boise State Football. Thanks

hmmm... smurf turf? I will try. :)

Thanks, been waiting for this one. Really appreciate all the work you have done. The Palm community and PreCentral have taken the Pre from good to better, now best! ;)

download preware there are over a 400 themes after you see those you will notice that this theme cant compare to all the other cool ones

@ Seahawk - How old are you? Five? Really.

My guess is that you don't like BYU, so you take it out on a perfectly good theme. Also, why compare unrelated themes? Go make a better BYU theme and then compare. Sheesh.

I don't even watch football, but I'm giving this 5 starts... mostly to counteract seahawk, who is clearly an idiot.

I don't even own a pre yet (lousy sprint coverage in my town) but if I did this would be my theme!


What about palm pixi ?