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by johncc Tue, 29 Jun 2010 12:09 am EDT
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John Carragher
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0.7.0  Another change to orientation with webOS 3.0.5.  DO NOT update unless you have updated webOS to 3.0.5

Runs on all devices including Touchpad outside the Mojo emulator at 1.5x

Calc12c is a port of a web app emulator of HP's very popular programable financial/statistical calculator, the HP12c Platinum. It has both RPN and algebraic modes and specific functions addressing loan, bond, depreciation and statistical calculations. Operates on both Pre and Pixi. The Pixi mode uses a swapable top row of keys to accomodate all of the keys/functions. (see other screenshots) The Javascript engine is copyright Elvis Pfützenreuter (website - and is used with permission.

You can find a manual here. The old ON key is backspace and removes the last entered digit.

Feedback is selectable between 'vibrate', 'click', 'both' and 'none' by a tap on the display area. Icons corresponding to the selection are shown just to the right of the display.

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Even logged in is no longer possible to download?

No problem with downloading for me.

Thanks for the great app. Oh how I have missed my 12C.

Would love an update for the Touchpad. The 12c calculator emulator has been on my PC since windows 95.

version 0.2.0 Crashes the TP. Use Calc12CS until I fix it.

12c and 12cs both crash my touchpad when I touch the first key.

12c and 12cs both crash my touchpad when I touch the first key.

Deselect vibrate on the TouchPad before doing anything else. Will try and get to fixing it soon. Sorry.

how do i install this on my HP touchpad? Downloaded it and get message that I can't open MIME type

Downloaded from where and with what software?

Crashes my TP too. Vibrate is off. I tried 12cs and it did the same thing.

I hope that it gets figured out. I would really like to use this.

Installed update on my TP but it's rotation is the wrong way round :(

New update 19th November.

Thanks for your work. The size is great on a TP, just a bit larger than a 12C. What does toggling on and off the lock symbol to the left of the display area do?

The lock symbol indicates the state of the orientation lock.

The 12c and 12cs are having orientation problems after the TP 3.0.5 update. Are you fixing this?


MIME file problem here, also. Solution, please.

How are you attempting to download and with which software?

New version 0.7.0 posted to fix webOS 3.0.5 orientation. Only update if running 3.0.5 on your Touchpad.

The forum thread is a much better place to communicate about the software. I am subscribed to the thread and will get an email.

re mime error. How are you trying to download it?

MIME errors on download. If downloading on a webOS device the methods on this page will give a MIME error.

Download and install using Preware or WOSQI.

This app never disappointed me. It works great, just what I expected. - Rich Von Alvensleben