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by johncc Sun, 22 Aug 2010 7:00 am EDT
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John Carragher
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This update 0.24.0

Another change to orientation with webOS 3.0.5.  DO NOT update unless you have updated webOS to 3.0.5

0.22.0 Corrects orientation problem introduced on the TP by 3.0.4

This is a development of Calc12C, and is a financial/statistical/scientific/programmable calculator.

Works on Pixi Pre 1,2,3 & TouchPad

I have decided to make it a different program because of the need to move away from the way that the 12C did some things. This will give those that want to stick with the old format the way of doing that. The 12C used all of the [f] options of the numeric keys to select the number of decimal points. In order to recover all of those to use for other things I have implemented [f][FIX] 0..9, as the decimal point selection.

The Javascript engine is copyright Elvis Pfützenreuter (website - and is used with permission.

You can find a manual for the HP12C here.

Current scientific additions. ( f key prefix )

SCI - Set the display to scientific exponential notation, where the numeric value is adjusted to be less than 10 and exponent adjusted accordingly and the number of decimal places is set to entered digit. [f][SCI] 0..9

ENG - Set the display to engineering exponential notation, where the numeric value is adjusted to be less than 1,000 and exponent adjusted to the required multiple of three and the number of decimal places is set to entered digit. [f][ENG] 0..9

FIX - set number of decimal places to entered digit. [f][FIX] 0..9

10^x - 10 to the power of x.

LOG - Log (base 10) of x.

D/R/G - set the units of angles successively to degrees, radians and grads. DEG/RAD/GRD shown in status line.

SIN, COS ,TAN - trig. functions sine, cosine and tangent

SIN-1, COS-1, TAN-1 - inverse trig. functions arcsine, arccosine and arctangent.

PI - returns the constant Pi

->R - convert the vector defined by an angle in the y-register and magnitude in the x-register to the corresponding X and Y coordinates.

->P - convert the X and Y coordinates in the corresponding registers to the corresponding polar coordinates. (angle in the y-register and magnitude in the x-register)

->H.MS - The value in the x-register is interpretted as a number of hours and is converted to hours minutes and seconds, where the whole number is hours, the next 2 digits are minutes, the next 2 digits are seconds and the remaining digits are decimal parts of a second.

->HRS - The value in the x-register is interpretted as H.MMSSsss, where the whole number is hours, next 2 digits minutes, next two digits seconds and the remainder of the digits are decimal parts of a seconds, and the x value is converted to decimal hours. Note: ->HRS & ->H.MS can obviously be applied to angular degrees. eg Latitude and Longitude.

Feedback is selectable between 'vibrate', 'click', 'both' and 'none' by a tap on the display area. Icons corresponding to the selection are shown just to the right of the display.  Vibrate not available on TouchPad.

Works in Exhibition Mode.

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where can we download this app? This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

See links above. Use WOSQI or Preware to install.

tried to download and get "can not open
MIME type" error on my to. Ideas?


I have the same issue on my TP. What do I need to do to fix it?


This app crashes my TouchPad every time I launch it.

3.0.0 or 3.0.2 ?

Crashes my touchpad running 3.0.2 any time I press a key. Awesome app though. Was super stoked when I saw it.

Figured out the problem. It crashes my touchpad when the feedback is set to vibrate. Seems to work when feedback is set to click. Awesome still checking it out.

Exhibition mode seems a little weird. App seems to be opposite from screen orientation and not centered. Ie screen in portrait, app in landscape. No biggie. Coolest looking and functioning app out there.

Congrats to the dev - you have some serious skills.

I haven't got a touchstone for my TouchPad. But it looks like the correction that HP introduced to the TP orientation handling in 3.0.4 almost sorted it out. (correct orientation but offset from the centre of the screen a bit)

The compliments should mainly go to Elvis Pfützenreuter, the original author of the webapp. He did a great job of the Javascipt engine.

crashes my TP. Both the 12c and 12cs.

Deselect vibrate (fixed version 0.22.0)

I love this app. Could you please update it to HP Pre 3, please?

Should work now on the Pre 3. Does on mine.

hurray! It works in 3.0.4 going to try the 12c now. Just need away to make it larger now.

The enlargement is x 1.5 which is convenient for the Pre 3 screen. I don't think that the current images could be successfully enlarged without losing too much sharpness.

Somehow the version being made available regressed to 0.2.0. You should find that 0.21.0 basically behaves itself on all hardware, unless vibrate is selected on TP.

12C version only works on Pre & Pixi at the moment.

Oops, I just posted my comment on the 12C post, and should of been here on the 12CS post.

Anyway I installed 0.21 on my TP and the rotation is wrong, and if I rotate my TP the calc changes the other way and is still wrong :(

Yes. HP finally woke up that they had implemented a different set of orientation parameters with webOS 3.0 and corrected it with 3.0.4.

version 0.22.0 fixes that as well as disabling vibrate. Should appear in the feeds shortly. In the meantime get it from the Calc12CS thread.

are you disabling vibrate completely on the TP or just in the 12cs app?

hopefully the later.

Just within 12cs.

wow! Just did the update. Beautiful. Any 12c user will love it.

Thank you so much! Now I can use my 12C on my Pre3, thanks again!

there is now a new rotation problem with 3.0.5 on the touchpad.
in landscape mode the calculator is always upside down. Can you please fix it? I use the 12cs all the time.

Coming up.

In the meantime use the orientation lock in landscape. (after turning upside down :))

New version 0.24.0 posted to fix webOS 3.0.5 orientation. Only update if running 3.0.5 on your Touchpad.

TO HP: You had orientation on the TP right with 3.0.4!!!

The forum thread is a much better place to communicate about the software. I am subscribed to the thread and will get an email.

Thanks for prompt 3.0.5 update. Rotation now happy again. HP needs to set and keep it constant. Thanks again. I love my 12cs.

MIME errors on download. If downloading on a webOS device the methods on this page will give a MIME error.

Download and install using Preware or WOSQI.

can you please elaborate? What is WOSQI? I get same mime error message

WOSQI is webOS Quick Install, a desktop program which can install .ipk's on your device.
Please describe what you have tried so far?