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California Best Buy trying to sell a 32GB TouchPad at list price 27

by Derek Kessler Tue, 13 Mar 2012 8:17 pm EDT

California Best Buy trying to sell a 32GB TouchPad at list price

Oh, Best Buy, you didn't tell us you had a brand new TouchPad in stock. We left our number and everything. Did we do something wrong? Why don't you ever call anymore?

In all seriousness, we're not surprised that the Best Buy in Santee, California, found a brand-new 32GB HP TouchPad to sell. How it got on their shelves isn't likely to be a harrowing tale of dragons and sword fights and multitasking cards. Like tipster nfrisbie1, we're more interested in how this Best Buy location thinks they can get away with asking full list price - $599.99 - for a long-discontinued product that sells for close to a third of that on eBay, which is itself notably higher than the fire sale pricing that Best Buy previously honored. You so silly.

Thanks to nfrisbie1 for the pic and Best Buy Store #1145 for the laugh!



Some poor misinformed soul is going to buy it and try to sell it on e-bay!

How do they still have stock? Because I would like one.

It probably fell behind a shelf in the supply room or some crap like that.

How do they still have stock? Because I would like one.

Did anybody check to see if that Best Buy had any clearance specials for an Atari 2600 or a Tandy TRS80?

Maybe they'll honor firesale pricing if you buy a Packard Bell 386SX for list at $2000!

The more I work with Best Buy, the more I can see why amazon is taking their milk money. This is a prime example.

Where do these knowledgeable comments come from?

BestBuy,s in NY have New TouchPad's to sell and they are selling at $599. I know cuz I am selling them ever so slowly to those that want ANOTHER Touchpad so badly they are willing to lay out $599 for a new one in an un-opened box with full warranty. Money not the object for those who like the Touchpad and webOS!

Not many in iventory, but they do exist, leftover from last sale program.. If you want one check and locations to see where they are.

I don't know they "come" from anywhere in particular. I do know that some, including my own, are deeply rooted in sarcasm.

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Have them match the price, problem solved and you just got a brand new $150 TP! about someone not getting the memo...

awww man i bought three of them. one for my sis, one for the gf, and a third for a coworker who didn't want it after all. i still have it in the shrink wrap. trying to decide whether to mod it with Android or just sell it.

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It's called Clearance hell. Somebody let a Touchpad fall behind something in high dollar lockup, told their boss they liquidated all of the Touchpad stock, then found it well after the firesale is over.

Having no guidance from HP (who doesn't want it back, yet won't credit Best Buy, since they did make the mistake), Best Buy is responsible for 100% of the cost, with a thin margin on tablets.

Except for the enthusiastic crowd at webOS, it's probably doomed to sit there for $600 with no markdowns or discounts until 3-4 years from now (probably earlier, but certainly not in 2012), when the hardware could never compete with cheaper products. Then Best Buy will finally start reducing the cost 5-10% a month until someone picks it up as a nostalgia buy, or has no idea what it is and realize it too late when there's no return possible.

So, basically, buy buying it at that price you really are doing Best Buy a favor.

I got an email advert from Micro City in Houston with a 32 gb HPTP offered for $149 when purchased along with an HP laptop
I am interested in finding a 64 gb HPTP which I understand has built in GPS


The one and only tablet that runs webOS , Andriod ICS and Ubuntu!!! Worth every penny. :)

The 599 is IMHO a reason why it failed to sell. It should be cheaper then an Apple iPad.

You can get a refurbished one from Best Buy for $239.00

Oh you cannot. But they still have it listed. Touchpad&cp=1&lp=5

LOL! that was funny... list price.

hey but there are people out there that might. hey we had a ton of die hard white knights here yelling how they were proud to buy at full price and worth it even when the fire sale went on. where's HPARSONS or COBRAKON?? let them know... they may jump on this steal of a deal.

I looked at our Best buy in Nampa, Idaho and saw 5 or 6 sitting on the shelf...$599 each!

They have a few touchpads at bestbuy in Lubbock Tx that they are trying to sell for full price.

They have at least three of them at the BB in Hadley, MA. They'll drop the price down to $150 iff you also pick up an HP laptop, otherwise it's priced at, well, that ridiculous number you see in the photo.

Its because the stores have sat on them and not even attempted to sell them. They are from the ''buy a pc and get a touchpad for $149''. Miami stores also have them in stock.

I guess Best Buy don't take their name literally then.

i have use this hp touch pad its very good product.