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Camera and Camcorder shortcut keys 8

by Adam Marks Wed, 21 Jul 2010 11:30 pm EDT

Using the touchscreen controls while operating the Camera or Camcorder can be a bit awkward at times or make it tough to take a self-photo.  Good thing that there are a few keyboard shortcuts that you can use:


  • SPACE BAR: Take a picture. Holding the space bar will take a rapid succession of photos. 
  • P - Switch to the Camcorder


  • SPACE BAR: Start or Stop a video. 
  • Q - Switch to the Camera
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I didn't know about the P&Q shortcuts. Lmao!! Haha.

Didn't know that, but why can't the shortcut just be V for video and C for camera? It's still much easier to have the pre keyboard closed and press the button that switches it from video to camera (and vise-versa), but thanks for the tip anyways.

P and Q are in corners of the keyboard so they can be pressed without looking. Makes it easier & faster to switch modes, especially in low light conditions.

never I always have the keyboard out for pics or vids. It's just so much essier hitting the spacebar to take pictures or start and stop videos. You also see the whole screen and no hands or fingers in the way.

"Holding the space bar will take a rapid succession of photos. "

What magical webOS device allows for a 'rapid succession of photos' to be taken? I get probably one photo taken, written to the card and ready to shoot again every 30 or so seconds at best on my Sprint Pre.

The camera will do rapid succession of photos. Sometimes, there's a memory lag after you first run the camera application, where the first couple of photos seem to take forever, but after that you can rapidly fire off photos. Holding the spacebar will shoot approximately 1 photo per second.

Great tip! I didn't know about any of this. I knew I could take a photo with the space bar, but I never thought to hold it down. -Thanks

As for the rapid sucession it is about 1 photo a second for my sprint pre. Maybe your pre needs to be restarted or something.

Oh! I have the preware patch where you can press any button in the photo app to take a pic. I was wondering why every time I pressed the space bar it would just start going on a rampage of photo snapping. I thought it was a bug.