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Can't wait: NaNplayer Coming Soon and Looks Great 47

by Derek Kessler Tue, 01 Sep 2009 4:33 pm EDT

[link for Pre users]

So, the stock webOS Music app is functional and all, but it’s got some shortcomings. You can't save your place in a song, you can't make playlists on the device, you can’t even scrub a song to find that one part you really like. But PreCentral forum member Blubble is out to fix that with his own homebrew music player. He recently put together a large update for the app, now named NaNplayer, and we’ve got to admit, it’s rather impressive.

In addition to impressive on-device playlist creation and management, NaNplayer also adds in a very unique location-based playlist feature. With the location playlist you can assign GPS coordinates to a playlist, and when you’re in the area you can easily pull it up and listen to the music (fun surfer music for when you visit the beach, relaxing tunes to sooth your nerves at the office, etc). NaNplayer also loads markedly faster than the stock app (it doesn’t bother with counting the number of songs on the phone or displaying album artwork just for effect). Users will even be able to select from different skins and eventually even sideload their own apps.

NaNplayer is actually a very impressive app for having been built from the ground-up. Heck, it’d be impressive even if it wasn’t.

We’ve got two more videos after the break, exploring playlists and location playlists.

Blubble of NaNapps looks to release NaNplayer in the official App Catalog when the time comes.

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[link for Pre users]



It would be cool if the playlist feature with filters supported both literal and smartlists. That is choosing DJ Tiesto - the default offering would be to capture all my current DJ Tiesto tracks. But you could offer to include any DJ Tiesto tracks added to my library in the future too - so the playlist would be like an iTunes smart playlist.

The app looks very snappy. It shows how powerful this OS is.


I will be adding support for auto filter playlists. It will basically allow you to define criteria for a dynamic playlist including artist, album, genre or song name and possibly some other criteria such as track length.

From then on, the app will do a query for the songs that match your criteria every time you play it.

I have not included all of the features in the demo videos. There are a lot more things such as bookmarks, shake to shuffle, keyboard controls and other features that are already in the app, but not shown in the videos.

There are other features, such as the dynamic playlists and crossfade playback that are still being developed.

looks sweet although I hope that "looks to release NaNplayer in the official App Catalog when the time comes" means sooner rather than later. Thanks for the hard work app dev's you are amazing.

Nicely done!

That confused me at first too, it's gotta be a typo.

I don't get it... The default Palm music app CAN make playlists and save your place in a song??

No, it can't. Unless you've unlocked some secret feature that all the rest of us have missed.

The wording in your article says it can do those things. That's why he asked that.

He's actually refering to the mistakes you made in your above article where you state that, and I quote, "You can save your place in a song, you can make playlists on the device..."

I think most of us understood where you were going and coming from though.
Thanks for the info! Thanks NaN for the player! I can't wait either!

That's what I thought... but your first paragraph is wrong ... see below:

So, the stock webOS Music app is functional and all, but it



very sweet looking app. i can't wait to get my ears on it. thanks much man.

and poryphyron....good taste in music u got there, me likes him too. it available or will it be available on homebrew before it hits the app store (hopefully)?

Yes please do that.



Now this...this is embarrasing for Palm...
I mean no srub? really??

I like you Derek, you're always humble about fixing things.

@VickMackey - Don't worry, Palm is soon to get it all together, I just hope that when they do, you won't be one of those that just look for anything to complain about, and rather jump up to applaud them when they're doing well.

I would much rather have a beta device with beta software than no device and thus no software.

Ordering my Pre on 9/19/09 so I can get my Pre on like the rest of you guys (and gals). NanPlayer will be one of my first purchases along with Classic.

Thanks, devs for working so hard and so quickly to bring more apps to our beloved Pre and WebOs.

This app looks awesome. That location play will be very ground breaking and I can only hope to see many other app's use this!

That is just awesome!!! I only thought I couldn't wait for the Eos, but now, I'm chompin' at the bit. Great job with the app, and also with the video showing the ease-of-use, Blubble!

Just the idea of a non laggy media player excites me.. i really don't need to load up all of my album artwork when i decide to listen to one song. Good work!

Thanks to all for the nice comments and to PreCentral for the article.

I will be releasing more videos soon with features that weren't covered in the first three. Check out and my YouTube channel at

i'm thoroughly impressed. I never noticed that the stock app was pretty crappy until i saw the first video of this app. Now i Hate the stock app with a passion, LOL.

good work!

NaN..great app! Can't wait to use it. Any work around adjusting EQ settings?

Looks cool! Any chance this player will support .ogg or other new file formats?

great app work a lot more better than the default app and also the remix homebrew app. when you launch the app dont forget to put in a donate, i will surely donate for this great app.

when will this be available in homebrew? and when do you plan to submit it to the official app catalog?

Can your NANplayer do EQ? Or seamlessly be able to mix your tracks or songs in the playlist? Kind of like a dj mix. Welll good work reagrdless,and can't wait till it's release.Anyway,it will be great if you can implement those advance features,like adding EQ or seamlessly mixing your songs in the playlist.Well,just a thought!

WMA songs? or is it just mp3 songs?

WMA support would certainly be nice... More than likely it couldn't support DRM'ed WMAs, but free/open WMAs would still be useful.

I'll pay $100 for the beta, alpha, or whatever state its in!

You can skip to the part you like in a song. While listening to a song while in the app, on the top right there is an icon with lines on it. Directly to the left of the x/x number in place of the x's. Tap that, then find the song you are listening to and tap where ever in the song you want to skip to.

Brilliant! Having a "Year" option on the home menu would be a great addition.

I would like to see this app be the default music player, maybe a light version for free, included in the next WebOS update.

The location playlist is a great idea and excellent example of using a new capability. That can be a feature that's not in the light or free version.

Anyway, great job!

sweet tiesto!!!

This App is just bad-ass!! I mean really...this OS is allowing talented developers to really showcase themselves and their great potential, when given the right platform.
Just hope Palm is trully taking all this in!!

THANK YOU and Keep up the Outstanding Work!

Do you have any idea how much this app will cost in the future? WIll you have free light and paid full versions?


Great app....i will pay for sure!

Can it play .flac audio files? I'm moving almost all my music over to it. I use Coreplayer for this currently on PalmOS but would like to run in WebOS.


DUDE YOU ROCK! thanks for the great app. Just one ?, do you think its possible to make it like the iphone when you listen to a podcast it lists all the tracks in the podcast, has all album art for the tracks in the podcast and also allows you to choose through the songs in the podcast either by the FF button or touch on the screen. This would make it Perfect. Not like is isnt there already :D Thanks again.

How exactly does one play something that's nothing?

Awesome videos on the awesome app!! Quick question, any plan on viewing a song's other ID3 info, like bitrate, year, lyrics, etc?


Awesome! Someday, this might work just like an iPhone or iPod Touch!

Heyo. This app looks great. I hope to be getting a Pre in the next week or so, and it'd be great if this app had the ability to play online radio stations. I know Net2Streams and SHOUTcast are players that sort of can do this, but the one I listen to needs HTTP Auth, since it's a subscriber stream. If you could add that into a future version, that'd be f-ing great!

I salute you!

I am just amazed to see all the talent the devs have... It's only been a couple months since the Pre was released and people are coming up with very impressive apps.

That location playlist feature is AMAZING.... What a totally original and cool idea!

Keep up the good work Bubble!

My two main feature requests for a Pre music app are

1) EQ (Graphic Equalizer) if possible (The Pre's default sound needs a little tweaking for my tastes, needs some treble-- I wouldn't even mind if they were just basic treble and bass adjustments (such as -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 for each).

2) Gapless playback (for example, on some CDs all the tracks run together without gaps, but most mp3 players actually have very slight pauses between tracks when playing back that album. Apple fixed this a few years ago (and that's all I needed to finally buy one of their iPods and take it seriously). I don't know how hard this is to accomplish with mp3s, but the Pre plays back Apple Lossless files which should have all the right information to pull off gapless playback.

(who knows, maybe you've got gapless already working, I just know the Pre's default app doesn't support it at the moment).

App looks good..
Wondering if you could add a EQ for sound ajustment..
And/or a graphic eq ... for nice visuals while music is playing.
Graphics that will stay on while the pre is charging...
to be toggled on/off of course..