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Canada to get TouchPad on July 15, Rogers expects to have Pre3 on July 19? 65

by Derek Kessler Sun, 12 Jun 2011 10:14 pm EDT

Technically, with 31 days the 16th is the middle day of July, but the 15th is close enough for us, and certainly our Canadian friends. According to the Financial Post of Canada, the HP TouchPad is due to make good on HP’s mid-July promise for Canadians, with a more solid date of the 15th. Pricing for Canada has been set at CA$519.99 for the 16GB tablet, and CA$619.99 for 32GB. Like in the US, pre-orders will be open on June 19th. Retailers for Canada include HP’s own online store, electronics retailers Best Buy, Future Shop, and The Source, as well as general merchandise stores like Costco, Staples, and London Drugs. Living in Canada and don’t want to wait for the middle of next month? You can hop on down to the US of A for the TouchPad on July 1st, and maybe stay a day or three for some celebratory hot dogs and fireworks (they’re for the TouchPad, we swear...)

Additionally, MobileSyrup is today confirming that date and pricing and another retail outlet: Rogers Wireless. The Canadian carrier has already carried the Palm Pre 2, though initially will only have the Wi-Fi TouchPad in stock (both 16GB and 32GB). Additionally, a hand-written note on their stock sheet indicates that they also expect to be getting the HP Pre3, possibly as soon as July 19th.

Source: Financial Post, MobileSyrup; Thanks to kjb86 and Dave for the tips!


Pre 3 July 19?? No way!

Dear US of A... I will stay the three days, as long as you promise to have fireworks to celebrate not only the Touchpad release, but Canada Day as well. Oh, my birthday also falls on the next day as well.

Pre3 and Sprint just isn't happening is it? It would have been announced by now... right?

pre 3 on sprint isnt happening anytime soon, if at all.

in fact the only rumor about sprint is that they will get a yet unannounced phone.

If this is true then my next phone will be the EVO 3D on Sprint 4G.

My sister-in-law (who works at Sprint here in KC) tells me that they, "will be getting the new Pre in August..."

Which I expect to be that unannounced new webOS slab-phone.

I doubt Pre3 will ever be in Sprint stores however my thinking is that HP will sell a cdma version compatible with Sprint that can be purchased through HP's website.

Of course they could, but I doubt that Sprint would activate such a phone on their network

Well, you'd have to be daring enough to create another FrankenPre. Which I may be willing to try once the Pre2's drop in price (after a Pre3 release), but not sure I'd be willing to risk it on a $500-$600 phone.

Agreed, even if the CDMA was available from HP there isn't a guarantee that Sprint would even allow activation.

I am quite annoyed at the lack of support from Sprint's side when it comes to this. if it wasn't for my FrankenPre2 I am not sure what I would have done.

even though I been with the pre since launch, I still have a contract for another year and half or so. I am hoping I do not need to leave Sprint just to be able to have a modern webOS phone...

It's time to seriously consider going to Verizon. Sprint's decisions lately are baffling me. In their search for a hero phone they are alienating a lot of their customers.

On top of that they have just invested billions in an LTE project that will mostly likely get canned by FCC for the GPS interference.

I'm looking forward to this very much and I will be getting a touchpad but, I have a Pre- on Bell and I live in St. John's Newfoundland. Rogers coverage in Newfoundland is pis@ poor all over town and even worse on the rest of the Island.

Will I be able to get the Pre 3 through rogers and activate on Bell? Anybody? Thanks.

I'm sure once the device is released there will be an unlock available.

Hopefully HP offers the device unlocked as well just like the Pre 2 which would suit your needs.

I am guessing they will be selling the GSM unlocked version as well. Hopefully soon after launch...

I'm in the same boat here.. I don't want to leave Bell, and I certainly don't want to leave webos!

I know, seriously, what is with Roger's exclusives. I want to see it on Bell this summer for sure, as I dont want to move to Rogers, and I dont want to pay $600 for an unlocked Pre3 from the HP site...

Nice, now the touchpad is only one cycle behind

Above it says: Pricing for Canada has been set at CA$519.99 for the 16GB tablet, and CA$619.99 for 64GB. Think 64 should say 32?

yes, should be 32

Gotta cover the cost of importing it all the way to Canadia[sic] from USA. You know since it shipped all the way from China where it was manufactured, you can't expect HP to just deliver it to your door now can you? J/K!

Correct. Imma typo king.


sprint please?

This is just getting more and more depressing with respect to HP's positioning in the tablet market with the TP's specs. This is looking more and more like a DOA release. I'm a legacy Sprint user and had high hopes for a continued partnership with HP, but this looks like I'm being forced to go to another platform. Yeah another gripe, but I'm certainly not feeling as pumped or confident about my fave provider as I'm sure Applelites felt before the iPad release. This seems an unorganized mess.

Yes, especially that it only has 512 of memory and only a 1 GHz dual-core processor which is even only clocked ad 900 MHz. And then this **** 0,3 mega-pixel camera on the front side. Really, how could HP release something like this now in 2011...

Oh wait, that's the iPad 2.



pre 3 on sprint pretty please?

Danggg I want me some WebOS!

please please please please please sprint?

yes/yes/yes/yes but they have gone to Android devices after the beating they took with the Pre(-)

They have better pricing and unlimited data but there is a limit to our patience. If they don't bring a new WebOS device soon they will simply lose a lot of their customers.

I have six phones on sprint. After a lenghty cost analysis I've learned that the same plan on Verizon and AT&T are nearly double the cost!

Sprint really is a better plan and it's breaking my heart to think of leaving the WebOS devices and community behind because my carrier isn't going with HP... And really, why on warth would they not? HP is huge, and Sprint is in danger of being left out of something that may be great, or it may not. But I'm counting on WebOS really taking off once it's available on millions of laptops, pc's and printers.

About time we started hearing some Pre3 rumors!

Well, nice to hear things are possibly moving quickly on the Pre3 front. It shouldn't take much to get the thing out considering it's still running webOS 2, so it's not like there is a huge amount of optimization going on, just completing the touch to share and video calling stuff. I haven't really heard of much else different in the Pre3. It still has a hardware keyboard so no software keyboard is going to be on it by default. I really hope HP announces some sort of early upgrade for Palm Pre+ owners since our phones got 'abandoned' one year into their lifecycle, much less if you bought an at&t one. If $500-600 dollars got me a 16GB Touchpad and a 16GB Pre 3 I'd call that a deal.

Rogers can keep the pre3. I am not a fan of Rogers .... All I am hoping for is Bell to hurry up and catch up with Rogers in terms of phone choice and promos..... I.E. PS3 free with contract of 2 smartphones on Rogers this includes the Pre 2.

That is insane (free PS3), but you folks get locked into 3 year contracts right?

we do
it's balls

how long will the touchpad battery last?

review the specs

They said 10 hours

post the link

Google is your friend.

Would have been nice to see HP have Pre 3 out by now and put all the ad energy and money into it and not the DOA Veer, which no one is buying.

Congrats Canada! Maybe some day warm weather will be available in Canada if Rogers decides to carry it.

Veer is actually doing well and they are expecting it to do better than Pixi.

I never knew that the translation for Sprint in Canadian is Rogers.

Rogers is actually AT&T

AT&T/Rogers used to be a duo way back in the 90's

No, the translation for Sprint in Canadian is Bell!!

And, once again, it took all of two posts to transform a POSITIVE article into a Sprint whine-fest! Incredible.

especially since this article has nothing to do with Sprint or anything.

I dont want to jump to Rogers, but I could sure go for some $0 2year action!

Well, I'm guessing it *may have something to do with sprint people being the very first adopters ...and being stuck on least capable hardware while everyone else kept getting upgrades ...and keep being fed "dont go anywhere, it is coming soon" bs for over a year (and a half?)

Because of above mentioned bs many people have wasted an upgrade and a chance to try out something else in the mean time while nothing is happening on the sprint-webos front. Personally I blame complete silence on the part of hp and sprint for this. obviously sprint people are unhappy.

No. Sprint Canada became Rogers Telecom, and in turn Rogers Home Phone.

Rogers Wireless started its life as Cantel, and then Cantel AT&T.

Either way, Rogers sucks. Terrible service, terrible plans. Heck, there is no reception in a basement!

Please come back to Bell!!!

It seems like Leaks are incorrect more than they are correct. I'm sure the next post will be Sept. 19th for pre-order. Delivery by December.

Pre 3 on Sprint, please!

NOOOOOOO! Not Rogers!

Please Bell, PLEASE - offer the Pre3!! What about us poor damn saps who still have the original Pre?!

Ugh - so sick of getting screwed.

I've still got a pre-minus and I don't understand why people like Sprint. Going with Sprint used to save money but it's not much cheaper than Verizon anymore and downloads take forever....

Great news! Thanks Derek -- that just made my day! As much as Rogers' requires insane $$ for what you get, they're still one of the best options in Canada, in my humble opinion.

1. They're GSM vs. Hybrid CDMA/GSM (Bell would likely go the 'CDMA World-phone' route with a Pre3).

2. They don't mess about with 'Carrier-approved' phones as much. Take most unlocked GSM phones & throw a Rogers SIM in it: it should work with no carrier activation required.

3. The Customer Service is half-decent vs. call-centre staff reading scripts.

Toni -- thanks for the reminder: I completely forgot about those old 'Pin drop' commercials.

I'm on Bell too :(, locked on the contract. If they could sell the Pre3 unlocked, it would be awesome news.

My Pre- is getting sluggish and weird. Still working thought !

Sadly, the Pre3 will probably be on Rogers.
I went last week at a Bell store because my Palm Pre broke (Again!) and I ask if he know if they will get the new WebOS devices and the guy told me that they will not because they don't want to deal with HP or Palm again because of all the problems the Pre- had. He was also ready to change my phone for a new android but i said no :P

Sad to say, but I've dealt with the 3 major phone companies in Canada and Rogers was the worst in my opinion. My hardware upgrade is in August and if I don't see a new WebOs device on Bell before then I'm going to have to jump ship to Apple.