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Carbon finally updated to fix broken mentions and search 13

by Derek Kessler Thu, 05 Apr 2012 11:34 am EDT

Carbon finally updated to fix broken mentions and search

At long last the single most popular Twitter app for webOS smartphones has seen an update. Long overdue, the folks at dots & lines pushed out an update to Carbon that has fixed a number of bugs and improved support for the HP Pre3. It's a minor update, but it fixes major problems.

As far as bug fixes are concerned, you can expect version 1.2.4 of Carbon to mark the return of functional feeds for Trends and Mentions, as well a working Twitter search function (in as far as Twitter search itself is working well, which often it seems to not). As for the Pre3, Carbon's graphics library has been updated to support the big-screened higher-resolution webOS smartphone, and tweaks have been applied to get rid of that damned black bar at the bottom of the screen. The end result is a crisper-looking app that fits the full 3.6-inches of the Pre3's 800x480 screen. To be honestly, we're just totally pleased to be able to see our Mentions again.

That's just the bug fixes and improvements that Carbon has seen. While we still love the webOS version, we can't help but look at the Graphite-inspired features like inline image previews that have been worked into the newer Windows Phone and Android versions of Carbon. Then again, given what we would expect the current sales rate for Carbon webOS to be, we wouldn't expect dots & lines to exert the effort it would take to rewrite Carbon to support the new features. We'll take this update and call it a happy.

Carbon 1.2.4 is available now in the App Catalog. It's a free update to current Carbon webOS users, or $1.99 to new purchasers. If you're a webOS smartphone owner and Twitter user and haven't downloaded Carbon yet... well, you might be wrong.



I thought the Pre3's screen was 3.6-inches, not 3.7?

Typo. You are correct.

While 'Graphite' still remains abandoned, still stuck with major bugs.

anyone else have an issue with the notification icon being too big on the palm pre after the update?

I've been bitching to their twitter feed since August about most of those issues. Glad they finally fixed it. Now I'll just wait for an updated version of Graphite to roll out.

Derek, you should look into being a hand model.

that's funny and true.....could also be the pre3 he's holding adds to the effect

I'm confused because for me the search function in phnx is what isn't working for me. I actually open Carbon on my Pre 2 when I want to do a Twitter search.

If they are rewriting for WP and updating android, and it would be too much to rewrite it for webOS, then I would suggest: grab open source ENYO and make ONE app for almost any platform! That way you won't have to do as much work as you're probably doing now.

Love this app. Glad to have it working again.

seems to load faster and more crisp on my pre2

thanks Carbon

@sanjay - agreed! I'm hoping that Dots and Lines will have also made some effort with Graphite.

Dots and Lines - if you're reading this please do the right thing by the TouchPad users who paid you good money for Graphite, and fix some of those bugs.

I can not find Carbon in the app catalogue, and it still says version 1,2 in the Software Manager on my (EU) Pre 3 - whats up (or down)?