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CDMA+GSM Pre 3 stops by FCC on way to world tour 77

by Derek Kessler Tue, 10 May 2011 6:04 pm EDT

It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that we watched the GSM-only Pre 3 waltz through the FCC like it owned the place, and now today we’re getting to see the results of it’s more worldly brother’s stop by the testing bench. While the FCC never quite outs the name “HP Pre 3” in all the dozens of pages of the testing documents that certify this phone isn’t going to boil your brains, the Palm-style FCC label/battery pull tab gives it away as the Pre 3.

It’s the “Description of Equipment Under Testing” that tells us what phone this is: it’s the CDMA+GSM world phone edition of the Pre 3 that’s destined for Verizon or Sprint (or both?). The phone packs the requisite CDMA/EvDO radio for getting on with Big Red and Pin Drop, plus a GSM and UMTS radio for working on not-CDMA not-USA networks. The UMTS frequencies are 900 MHz and 2100 MHz, which are the bands supported by pretty much every GSM network in the world, save AT&T. Not that you’d want to roam onto AT&T when you’ve got Sprint or Verizon at your back (though the 3G speeds would be nice).

With the Pre 3 possibly due for a June arrival, this stop by the FCC is just one more required step along the path to availability.

Source: FCC; Via: Wireless Goodness; Thanks to Teney for the tip!


So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you.....

Like an oasis in the desert. It better not be a mirage.

An in the meantime... we watch all the Honeycombs, Ice Cream sandwich, etc... rejoice with their actual devices..... come one HP/Palm time to market is key in any industry!!!

The worst part is that they admitted they have done a terrible job with this very thing in the past...and then did it again. It's like they want WebOS to fail.

Funny. I've been saying the same thing. You look at virtually every decision they've made and from the outside looking in, it surely seems like they are trying their darndest for WebOS to fail.

If they wanted it to fail, they would have just cancelled it.

True. lol.

I think HP is doing their best to make it survive. It takes over a year to develop these products even with HP's money. Even companies with experience in the mobile market take over a year to develop a smartphone(i.e. Apple, HTC, Samsung).

HP took over a company that was hanging by a thread, but with a huge potential. Most likely the Veer and Pre 3 were already being developed when HP took over. Possibly even the TouchPad.

HP sees the potential in webOS and wants to promote it as much as possible, which is why they had the February 9th event. They want to create hype for their new platform. Unfortunately the event was a couple months pre-mature. If the Think Beyond event was last month, people would have been a little more excited because they could look forward to hardware closer to announcement.

People are just getting frustrated now because it's been three months and HP has only the Veer to show for it. Not the best way to get people excited.

I agree that all these products were developed or started to be developed before HP came in. Until I see an HP Envy Type Phone or Tablet then I will know when HP really started to develop hardware. Unless they do a Pavillion type phone or tablet.

there go the dreams for 4g and any hope of success with main stream consumers.

Mainstream consumers don't buy based on specs. They don't visit web sites to worry about this frequency or that CPU model.

They buy based on look and feel. And/or a known brand they are familiar with.

Something that looks appealing and seems to do what they want it to do.

Nobody with an account on this website is a typical mainstream user.

While I agree most mainstream users don't obsess over specs, most smartphone buyers will at least pop open a browser and hit a couple of their favorite websites to check out the usability.

At which point, a 3G phone doesn’t hold a candle to say, an LTE phone. At least that was my experience when checking out the Thunderbolt compared to the Droid X sitting right next to it and otherwise pretty much similar in specs. The speed difference was obvious to tell on data heavy webpages. You don’t have to be a nerd to notice.


Here's hoping for a Sprint release. Although, I've been so enticed by the Pre 3, I might jump the Sprint ship if necessary. Who knows. Great news regardless.

Here is hoping this is just a start and even better hardware will follow soon in footsteps.

I want Pre3 on Sprint :)

Sounds encouraging. Should we expect this world phone to be pricier than the GSM only device?
Also, does a phone with these Network capabilities suffer from increased battery load? Do you think Batt-life will be shorter than GSM only device?
And.... How long has history shown a product to debut after receiving FCC Scrutiny?

About a month, give or take. I suspect it may be due to the need to get FCC clearance before Customs will clear the paperwork required to import from the factories in Asia.

The extra GSM radios don't effect battery life unless you have it on GSM roaming all the time, which you shouldn't if you're in the States. You would only want to have it on roaming if you left the States.
I doubt they will price it different than the GSM version.

ugh dont tell me ur only going to verizon pre3 :( say it ain't so

OMG! HP, take my money! I want this world phone on Sprint NOW!

Specially for Sprint that would be a big help specially for customers that want to use their phones outside of the country... support that at the moment is pretty pathetic

Fingers, toes and everything else is crossed that it comes to sprint. I really want a new phone and I want it to have webOS on Sprint.

+1000 Sprint please. My launch day Pre is dying quickly. I need new hardware NOW!!

here here. just bought myself a new battery because the original wont take me past 8hours of normal usage.

8 Hours? I just replace my day one pre battery a month ago and was only getting 3 hours, even after using the doctor. Mine is dying a slooooow death. I NEED a FIX. Come on HP

Does anyone know the time frame between FCC doc posting for the Veer and the release date on AT&T?

2/22 to 5/15.

If the CDMA Pre3 sees the same time line, that would give it a July 31 release date.

Will that support the Verizon's 4G? I would love a world phone, if only I could use voice and data at the same time on Verizon.

No. EvDO is 3G. Verizon 4G is LTE.

So the Pre 3 really isn't going to be 4G? And I mean real 4G not fake 4G

Really. It's been like that since announcement.

Users don't read.


Users dont wha?... :p

No phone is real 4G. No one has deployed LTE-Advanced or WiMAX-Advanced yet. They exist only in test stages and are still at least a couple of years from deployment anywhere.

They are all fake 4G.

4G is a marketing label.

It means "possibly faster than your old phone - your local cell tower allowing".

Please bring the Pre 3 to Sprint! I'm on my 2nd Pre and I don't know how much longer its gonna last.

And Android just keeps calling my name...LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I'M NOT GONNA TURN ON MY PRE!!!

Verizon 6 month exclusive. On Sprint in December.



better not be!!!!!!!

Yeah. Source please.

So does that means sprint gets the pre 3 plus this time?

Wow I called sprint today to ask about my upgrade because I've been thinking about getting the Nexus S 4G. Something told me to really think about it and hung up the phone. Then I read this.

I'm sorry HP, but I moved on to the Nexus S. Awesome phone, Awesome Apps. I cannot wait for your slow development cycles. I'll probably come back after 2 years if you are still in business.

HP will be in business, webOS is a different story.

webOS will be everywhere... on... printers, everywhere.

Well, on printers and my phone - because I won't let them pry it from my cold dead hands until the day it no longer works. If HP lets the phone business die off after this I will be left alone holding my Pre3 or Stingray device (why don't they just give it a name already?) until if finally croaks several years from now.

This one is meant for a CDMA carrier with international roaming options. So which CDMA carrier has international plans?

Update: Just verified with Sprint that they do have international plans with hybrid phones so this is something to get some hope, still thinking VZW is getting this though :(

Praise God!... I mean... sweet!

It better come out on Sprint or I see an Android phone in my near future. Upgrade due in June and I am not changing carriers.

I'M quite sure this (the pre3 & TP) will come to sprint because the companies have a good relationship. Or, you will be able to buy a pre3 and use it on the sprint network and just buy a WiFi TP. please see the link.

i AGREE! ive had upgrade ready since december 2010, and im being patient for pre3. i will be going with android depending on how soon the pre3 is released & what the competition is like at the time.

Sprint plans aren't much cheaper than Verizon now, and in rural midwest, my Verizon Pre2 has way better reception. So, for me, Sprint became... Irrelevant.

WHEN Pre3 comes out on Verizon, then I will close my Sprint account for good, and my wife gets the 2 and I will have a real 'superphone' instead of the Android Epic gathering dust on my shelf.

I DID make the switch, and the USABILITY of WebOS phones is what brought me back. That fact was drove home last night as I tried to move apps to SD and upgrade my wife's phone to android 2.2. 2 hours to do something that is automatic on a Pre!

Oh boy, you really need to cross reference those plans again. Sprints are substantially cheaper than Verizon. AT&T on the other hand, is not *too* far off from sprint

Did you do exact comparison between same plan ? Verizon is expensive than Sprint by a $ 1000 dollars.

I think both Pre 3 and TouchPad will be available to the retail stores within a week after HP's DISCOVERY event which is scheduled on 9/10th June.

I honestly NEVER want to even own any other type of device. That's right NEVER. I've seen what they're all capable of and I am good on all that.. Although, if my Pre dies I won't have much of a choice now will I ??? Please send me a Pre3 soon HP. The OG Pre is barely holding on. ~~~ >-I-).:P

If your Pre dies you have a lot of choices. It's called ebay. haha.
If you want a Pre Plus or Pre 2 on Sprint, here is what you can do. Buy a Verizon Pre plus with a bad esn, so you can get it cheap. You can also buy a Pre 2 but those aren't cheap yet. Next, get a phone you can use while doing this hack. Google Sprint Pre Plus hack or Sprint Pre 2 hack. That should bring up PreCentral's link on how to do it. Just follow the directions and enjoy.

See, options...

Largely out of curiosity, how common or uncommon is it for a device to make it to the FCC stage without a known carrier?

This is a huge bummer. I was under the impression that the GSM radio would also support AT&T. Guess I'm not getting a Pre 3. If it were the 'Stringray' though I'd gladly change carriers. It's cool I guess.. think I'd rather have the Stingray anyway. Any other bummed out AT&T fans?

AT&T gets the GSM version.

See the first link for the AT&T band GSM only Pre 3.

Ironically, its AT&T who will probably get the Pre3 first (FCC approval was a while back on the GSM only version), then one of the CDMA carriers about a month later. Just my opinion but it makes sense based on how they are spreading out these FCC approvals.

HP phones/tablets will never survive against the Apple and Android juggernaughts!

If Apple keeps causing things like this: maybe.

Sounds like there is still no Wimax and as much as I like WebOS, there is
little reason to pay an extra $10.00 a month (or $240.00 over two years) for a phone that by design wasn't even in the running to be Sprint's top of the line or even a me-too. Getting an HP tramp stamp because of a phone is simply most are not going to do.

its funny, a week ago I was just as desperate as most of you. Today, I type this with my awesome sprintified pre2, and I am loving life. I have an upgrade waiting for me when I wish to use it, and I'm in no rush now. I highly recommend the sprint pre 2, as long as you are capable of reading directions, carefully, before doing something stupid or asking stupid questions.

also, in regards to 4g. My wife and a lot of my friends have the evo. Guess how often they switch on the battery-killing 4G? That's right, practically never. I can wait on that.

I'm really thinking of going this route too.

Pros: 1) webos2.x at Sprint plan pricing 2) no additional "premium data" charge 3) I keep my upgrade date of Aug 2011 and contract expiration of 2012, but I get a "new" phone.

Cons: 1) $250+ acquisition cost of a pre2 2) IF HP's promise to "make things right", involves some sort of trade in program, my pre- would be obviously tampered with. 3) I want the bigger screen and horsepower of the pre3.

So if there is a way to unlock this, it should work on T-Mobile's 3G then, right?

@Demodocus: You'll be using 2G only.

I looked through those documents and it looks like it will be a Verizon Pre 3.

Company: Palm

EUT Description: Nemo Verizon WP

Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

Try This link

Then go to the middle and click Test Report and go to Page 21.

You are not wrong. This is a Verizon device. Engadget and Boy Genius Report agree. Sprint is not in the cards for the foreseeable future.

CMDA+GSM Pre 3 version? That's a really sweet thing =D

Pre 3 for sprint: June, Pre 3 for Verizon/AT&T: Summer/Fall

Pre 3 for Preorder in germany: at pricetag 380-450Eur

Not that Sprint people are at all reliable but every Sprint person (store/phone rep) I've asked have said the Pre 3 is not going to Sprint.

Man, I hope they're wrong.

i love my Sprint Pre.

overclocked, patched, a little laggy and weird sometimes but at the end of the day, webOS makes it all worth it. by far my defining interaction with the phone is through navigating the OS than poring through reams & stacks & dumps of useless, or lousy, apps. I have a few key apps that I need, or want, and the rest is the pleasure of using the best OS around.

even with the more advanced features of droid and iPhone, I don't actually care. from a Veer review: "However it isn't only the hardware that makes HP's Veer shine, it's the splendid WebOS that makes the device worth considering. The unit we tested had WebOS 2.1.1 loaded and without doubt it was the best mobile operating system we encountered at Mobile World Congress, even surpassing Google's Android 3.0. It isn't the impressive visuals that make WebOS a delight, rather the intuitive way that users can navigate throughout the operating system, almost waltzing their fingers on the screen and gesture pad. It's so easy to use it's as if the user's mind and not their fingers are directing the operating system."

so long as my Sprint Pre keeps on trucking, I will wait for any new Sprint device. my upgrade isn't til October anyway.

if by then still nothing, then I'll consider Droid Pro or BB Bold touchscreen, but only consider. probably I will stick with webOS til my 'legacy' device DIES and then revert to pen & paper and carrier pigeons.

i love my Sprint Pre.

My sprint pre- is dying. It has cracks across the digitizer. a chunk has broken off the corner. I see cracks coming up from the USB port. Heck, even my puppy mouthed on it some last winter. Also, it's taken to rebooting if I open the slider too hard.

But with WebOS Internals, patches, overclocking, etc, it still has the best interface for a mobile device. My wife has an iPhone 4 and it's not nearly as good, except for the application support and availability. I've been toying with getting an Android, but those soft buttons scare me.

I want a new device and WebOS is great, but the lack of devices and support is forcing me away. Sigh.

With Sprint's 30 day return policy, maybe I'll get a Nexus S and see about the 30 day return policy. My upgrade is available....

Come on VZW... Can you say, "Expedite?"

I keep getting messages from them that I'm eligible for an upgrade. Unfortunately, no link to reply, "As soon as you can provide a Pre 3, ideally with LTE."